Too much extremism, not enough criticism in the “Truth Movement”

There’s too much jumping to conclusion based on a little evidence in the “Truth Movement” or conspiracy theorist community. Whenever someone says something another person disagrees with they’ve labeled disinfo, controlled opposition or worse. Youtube has dime a dozen videos “exposing” Alex Jones as controlled opposition. I can very well understand why people are suspicious of him, since Infowars seems sometimes more interested in their business revenue and advertising than telling the truth. However, it’s never that simple, is it. Alex Jones and Infowars has also woken up countless people and put out good information. I don’t feel qualified to make any final judgement on Alex Jones whether in his heart he is a good or a bad guy. I can only look at facts available and go from there.

This is why the post includes “not enough criticism” in the title. Alex Jones should be criticized for the dubious stuff he’s done, yet if you see someone doing something suspicious you shouldn’t automatically default to the “he’s controlled opposition NWO Illuminati co-intelpro disinfo” programmed reaction. There is plenty of co-intelpro controlled opposition out there to be sure, and it’s easy to see through some of them, but not all. Even so, it’s rather counterproductive to go accusing others without sufficient evidence. People sometimes make mistakes, they make bad choices, or simply say things you disagree with. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are utterly corrupt.

I see some of the “truthers” exposing Alex Jones as a shill, shills themselves. It’s the easiest way to give you the image of being a bona fide Truth Warrior and act all bad ass by sort of pointing out some obvious flaws in Alex Jones. Others who attack Jones this way may be genuine, people who want to contribute to the community, but don’t have any idea what to do so they can at least get some attention by criticizing Alex Jones.

And here I am saying Alex Jones should be criticized for some things, but keep a balanced view. And show some respect, unless you truly know somehow he is not who he claims to be. I’m not a great Alex Jones fan. I’m not saying this because of any personal sentiment for him or the Infowars. I occasionally watch their videos and visit the Infowars website, but on an average day I don’t.

Last year the scandal about David Icke being at the Groucho club emerged. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, though. There’s also been controversy over the lack of transparency over the People’s Voice channel funding. And Icke did hang around with Russell Brand, at least, whether or not they were together at the Groucho club. All of this makes me suspicious of David Icke to say the least. I think he has sort of lost his way, and I’d like to see more constructive criticism of Icke’s actions. However, I’m not willing to throw out all of the good stuff he’s done over the years just yet. Even though the Moon Matrix… well, it seems like something that popped into his head and he wished it would be correct. At least he put out info about the moon that was new for me, such as it probably being hollow and artificial. This info wasn’t new, I think Jim Marrs had written about it long before Icke. Ingo Swann’s Penetration also talks about the moon. Yet even though Icke wasn’t really at the cutting edge of alternative research on this, he did make information not known to everybody spread further.

Let’s be more critical and more respectful, ‘mmkay.


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