Know your Role!

Over a year ago I wrote the post Reintroduce the Caste System where I discussed the notion that the caste/ class system might be good idea. Now I think it might even a natural development for any large society. A small village does not require any great degree of specialization for individuals, but a larger entity does. However the thing is, I don’t really like hierarchical systems and don’t find strict hierarchies really beneficial to anyone. How to have a class system with as little hierarchy as possible?

Self-discovery. Know thyself is the most important lesson anyone can learn. It may be cliché, but it is true. If you know what your strengths and weaknesses are you can become beneficial to yourself and others. Quite simple. Kids want to be superheroes or rock stars when they grow up, but most of them eventually realize they don’t have what it takes, so they’ll choose a more mundane profession. May not be as glorious a choice, but better be a good baker than lousy superhero. You’ll live longer and happier.

Modern society seems to encourage people to acquire a popular and fashionable profession, because it’s supposed to make them able to support themselves. For example, I’ve met many business students who study it, not because they like business, but because that field is promoted by society. They feel they should study business to be good and successful people. However if they have no natural propensity for that profession they’re wasting their time and getting in the way of the people who do it better.

Should society instead promote people to explore what they are good at and encourage it, I believe it would leave to some sort of class or caste system. We are not equal. I don’t really understand how a combustion engine works, I wouldn’t know how to build a computer, even though I can drive a car and use a computer. There are various engineers who probably find it quite easy to understand such mechanics, whereas us laymen in that department can only rely on the expertise of the engineers to make things work. Then again many engineers and people of other practical professions do not seem to understand the complexities of social issues such as politics or conspiracy theories that well. The engineers have to trust the politicians and social scientists. That is why equality in politics does not work, not everybody has the same understanding or capabilities.

All of the real, practical professions are not democratic. I don’t have any authority to say how a house is built. That is for the architects. I don’t have any say in medical care, since I don’t have any understanding of medicine. That is for doctors to decide. Why then should people who have no grasp of how society works have say in social issues? That too should be left for the experts. And in our world, unfortunately it is, but those experts are not really experts in organizing society in just a manner, rather they are parasites who exploit everybody. That is the failing of modern society. We have great technical ability, but we have little moral capability. There are no saints nor philosophers who are respected in the main stream. Those people exist, but they are still in the alternative media and conspiracy theorist realm.

The challenge then is to dethrone the false rulers and replace them with righteous ones. This might sound archaic, but what a good ruler, be it a king, president or chieftain needs is morals above else. In our time this is reverse; a ruler needs lack of morals to succeed and the results are quite obviously visible in society. We need a powerful class of social scientists or experts with understanding of how society works, and also with morals and courage to do the right thing.

The class system would rather play a more significant part when the false rulers have been replaced. It would ensure how that society remains in good order. I don’t think the system should be enforced strictly; “You are a craftsman, you cannot grow tomatoes in your backyard. You will be punished!” Nothing like that. Rather the classes or castes would probably be quite loose. People would probably gravitate toward the profession they are good at, and might not even think themselves to be part of any particular caste. The classes would be more like a generalization a historian in the future gives to the society when looking at it. It is there, it is something that describes the relationship between people, but it does not force them to do be something they are not.

Each member of each class would have a responsibility to to do a good job. The food industry should of course make good and healthy food. The engineers should make machines that work properly. The social scientists or rulers should make sure society works properly and not lead it into chaos and confusion. And so on. One class is not better than another. They simply have different responsibilities. Nor should a person be chained to one class if they have various abilities. Yet as few of us are like the Renaissance Man we tend to be gifted in only a few things, therefore a class is something that fits us.

This is just my pondering. I not saying this is the solution to our problems, but it is certain we have various problems and we need solutions. We shouldn’t be stuck to modern ideas of democracy and equality, especially since it is becoming more and more clear they do not function so well. What we need is respect for each other and co-operation. I don’t think there is a sane person on this earth who would disagree with that. Some sort of organic caste system might allow a greater chance of it happening.


Exopolitics, Mars colony and New Age bullshit

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower is allegedly the great-granddaughter of US president Dwight D. Eisenhower. She’s also an Intuitive Astrologist, Global Alchemist and Cosmic Mythologist. I just finished watching her conversation with Alfred Webre, who is somehow connected with Exopolitics. The video is called  ET invasion has already occurred and governments do not want us to know. It’s also the biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard in a long time.

I don’t wanna be rude, but in the wide she’s just spouting every conspiracy theorist, Truth Movement or New Agey meme she can think of. It’s like a machine gun of verbal diarrhea. It’s quite disturbing to listen to. She mentions the grays, the Archons, Pleiadians, Project Paperclip, underground bases, false reality, consciousness… Almost every sentence she speaks has a couple of memes she mentions, but she never actually gives out any information that has substance. It’s not that the topics she’s mentioning, at least not all of them, are somehow crazy or wrong, but she’s acting like some sort of expert, when it’s quite obvious she is not. I wonder quite regularly whether ETs exist or not, what is the UFO phenomenon really about, what are the Archons and so on. That’s why I watched this video, but it sure as hell did nothing to help in enlightening me.

I don’t quite know what the deal is with Ms Eisenhower. Is she just crazy, is she a professional disinformant, is she making it up just for money, is there some truth to what she’s spouting? I’m pretty sure it’s not the last option, though. She supposedly has revealed some information about the alleged secret base on Mars that Andrew Basiago allegedly visited. Basiago at least seems somewhat sane when you see him talk, but I’m still not convinced by his claims. He also said that Obama has visited Mars. The most reasonable scenario to me is that this Mars base, a lot of the ET stuff and Laura Eisenhower’s mind are the result of some sort of government mind control operation. They feed all sort of nonsense into a person’s head and their mind tries to construct the nonsense into a story that seems meaningful. Sort of like if someone shows you a random set of images and asks you to make a story based on them. There was a duck, he lived in a house on a mountain, with three kittens. He used to farm octopi until one day Hitler…

I doubt Laura is actually the great-granddaughter of Ike Eisenhower. I couldn’t find her on Wikipedia. Wikitree, a genealogy site, does not mention her. This is hardly proper proof of anything, but the burden of proof is really on her. I wouldn’t trust her to tell me what year it is.

I feel sort of bad putting it this directly that I think Ms Eisenhower’s claims are not credible at all, but if something smells like bullshit no point sugar-coating it.



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The word and the concept of sacrifice has been perverted in common parlance. Nowadays you hear people claim they sacrifice their time or effort for their job or relationship, or something like that. Sacrifice is also used, confusingly, as an intransitive verb, meaning the sacrifice has no object. You just sacrifice. You don’t sacrifice grain, a goat or blood. For example: “When Are You Sacrificing Too Much in Your Relationship?” Can you please specify what am I sacrificing? Do I need to sacrifice animals or virgins for successful relationship?

I’m an old fashioned guy. I played Magic: The Gathering, a collectible card game, in my early teens. In the game you sacrificed cards, usually for some sort of benefit, like for summoning a demon you had to sacrifice another creature. This is how sacrifice works. It has been part of every religious tradition in history as far as I know (not that Magic: The Gathering is a religion, it just uses the word sacrifice correctly). In the Bible Cain sacrificed grain to God, which displeased him since God is a carnivore, whereas Abel got in his good grace by giving God livestock. Aztecs and many other cultures have practiced human sacrifice; cabrit sans cor as it is known in voodoo (you learn a lot from computer games). There’s the trope of sacrificing a virgin to the volcano god to appease him. Even nowadays people in East-Asia sacrificed fruit and alcohol to buddhas and ancestors. This is sacrifice.

It is not sacrifice if, let’s say instead of playing computer games all day, I write my university dissertation. As noble it is to quit playing games for a while, it is not sacrifice. My only true love, the Online Etymology Dictionary describes the verb sacrifice: to offer something (to a deity, as a sacrifice). Furthermore: from Old French sacrifise “sacrifice, offering” (12c.), from Latin sacrificium, from sacrificus “performing priestly functions or sacrifices,” from sacra “sacred rites” and root of facere “to do, perform”. To sacrifice means to offer something to a deity in a sacred rite. If I sacrifice something for my girlfriend means I would be treating her as a deity. Sounds like sacrilege to me even though I’m not Christian. And I doubt she’d be pleased if I sacrificed a goat for her.

Modern people use the word sacrifice synonymous with giving up. I can say I give up my gaming time to do work. I can say I give up my free time to do something nice for my girlfriend. However, neither activity is an act of sacrifice. Why has the meaning of sacrifice been perverted this way? My answer is, since there’s nothing sacred anymore. Few people seriously consider that anything can be sacred, so their minds forgo the possibility of participating in a sacred rite.

According to modern sensibilities the act of sacrificing something means simply to throw it away. Why throw away food for non-existent deities or kill animals for them? Yet maybe we’re wrong. Perhaps since sacrifice has been existed all throughout history it can have an effect. Some quantum creepy-action-at-a-distance kind of thing. Yesterday I read about a woman who auctioned her virginity to the highest bidder (although she backed out in the end). But she wasn’t the first to do it, nor will she be the last. When the next one comes, maybe I should participate and buy a plane ticket to Vesuvius or something…



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Eurovision song contest occult agenda?

I’m shamed to admit I watched the Eurovision song contest finals partially last night. The winner was Conchita Wurst, an Austrian drag queen. A bearded woman. I see a few different occult agendas at work here. Whether I’m correct or not is another story.

First of all it’s anti-Russia politics. Supposedly Wurst did his act to fight anti-gay or anti-transgender sentiment, which according to main stream includes Russia. Of course, much of the anti-gay laws in Russia are not even true, the whole conflict was created by the media. A New Statesman article wrote: “Whatever you think of the song, which you can listen to below, a vote for Wurst on the night is another vote against Russian homophobia and transphobia, and a win would send out a strong message of defiance eastwards.”

The winning song is Rise like a Phoenix. I’ve written before that the phoenix is a symbol used by the Illuminati. Lately I’ve been questioning whether or not there actually is any group or agenda which could be described as the Illuminati, but this re-convinces me that it probably does exist after all. Naturally this world is full of conspiracies and malicious agenda’s but whether or not there is an Illuminati controlling them is another question. Anyway the Illuminati works like the phoenix. It takes control, exploits people as long as it can until the people get wise to it. Then it fakes its death, and after a time rises again like a phoenix in another guise. Possibly pretending to be a group that opposes all of the evil the Illuminati did.

The third agenda in the Eurovision winner is the hermaphrodite view of humanity we are given. Conchita Wurst, the character, is a man and a woman. I don’t quite understand the deeper meaning in this hermaphroditic archetype, I just know Freeman has talked about it, and it means something. I guess I should look deeper into it.

Anyways, my two cents about the stupid Eurovision crap. The occult is everywhere.



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This pic is from the Eurovision song contest website. Sent by ag in the comments.

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The Music you listen Programs you

I just came back from a Nine Inch Nails concert. Trent Reznor and his posse humbled themselves to visit good ole Finland. It was fucking amazing.

I feel quite happy I chose Nine Inch Nails in my late teens as one of the bands to program myself, as the title says, the you music you listen to programs you. I would say especially the music you listen to in your youth. It stays with you for the rest of your life. When you’re in the concert and hear the music playing, you can feel the program be activated. It can lay dormant for years. I haven’t been so excited about Nine Inch Nails, or music for that matter in a few years, except for maybe brief periods of time.

The music you imbibe as a teen stays with you, and it can take you back to your youth when you’re older. Music re-wires your consciousness in some way. That’s why you should be very careful about the music you let into to you. I’m not saying everyone should be listening to Nine Inch Nails, but I’m saying listen to music that is real. Don’t listen to some crap because it popular and marketed everywhere. I shudder to think what sort of people teens who listen to Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Justin Biber grow up to be. That stuff is not an expression of someone’s inner yearning. It’s manufactured putty for your brain to consume, and rot.

I feel like coming a full circle or something. Nine Inch Nails’ pre-emo angst and ambiguous morals acquired in my teens have helped me become a better man.

Choose your music wisely.

“If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.” -Confucius

(Because smug quotes are the best.)

The Inquisition, Witch Hunts and UFOs?

The Inquisition was the notorious “secret police” of the Catholic church in the middle ages (which I think still exists in some form) that was responsible for persecuting, torturing and killing countless people who went against the official dogma. The bit that particularly intrigues me are the Witch Hunts, or Witch Trials of the late middle ages, and also a bit after. What really lead to the Witch Hunts?

Nowadays the Witch Hunts are brushed off as evidence of crazy stuff that religious beliefs can make you do, or misogyny, an excuse for men to persecute women. While it seems plausible both could have played a part in it, I don’t find them satisfying. Especially since I don’t find main-stream historians are capable of handling issues such as accusations of witch-craft, since they tend to brush them of as mere religious beliefs. What if there actually were a resurgence of practitioners of witch-craft in the late middle ages in Europe? This witch-craft in our understanding could be some technology the witches were able to use either for good or evil.

William Bramley describes his hypothesis in his book The Gods of Eden about extra-terrestrial masters who control humanity and have done so for millennia. This sort of conspiracy theory should not be new to anyone, even if they haven’t heard of Bramley’s book. It has been documented that the UFO phenomenon is much older than we usually think, and did not originate in modern times. I’m just not that convinced the UFO phenomenon has necessarily anything to do with extra terrestrials, though.

In The Gods of Eden Bramley connects the bubonic plague, or Black Death, to UFO activity. Many odd comets were seen around that time, and they were spreading noxious gases and destroying fertility of the land. Also strange men in black clothes bearing long staves or scythes were seen on the field. Bramley hypothesizes the scythes were some sort of pipes that were spraying poison. Main-stream historians still don’t know what actually caused the plague. They have guesses and theories about rats or fleas, but they don’t really know. Neither do they know the cause of the Witch Hunts.

The first outbreak of the plague was from 1347-1350. The mistrust toward witch-craft began already in early 14th century, but the Black Death caused it to intensify. One accusation toward witches is consorting with devils. Perhaps some of these devils were real. Be they demons or extra terrestrials, they could have been UFO folk, who or whatever they are. I theorize that for whatever reason people in the late medieval period started consorting with UFO folk, and when the authorities found out they set the Inquisition on them. Perhaps even some people were staring to find out that William Bramley’s conspiracy theory of us having alien masters is true. The masters would not like that one bit, and then they set the plague of the people to destroy them. Then again perhaps there were two different factions at work. One faction was consorting with the people and corrupting them, and another faction did not like it and saw no other way of combating it, except by introducing the plague.

Who knows, maybe the Breakaway Civilization theory is not a mere theory, and maybe it did not come about only in the modern age either. Perhaps, we have had a Breakaway Civilization with highly advanced science and technology hiding somewhere, such as the Hollow Earth, all along.

All of this may sound like silly medieval science fiction, and maybe it is. I sure would like to see a movie or play a video game with this theme. But I think the possibility of alien, i.e. UFO folk, interference and involvement in the late middle ages at least warrants serious consideration. Europeans should give their ancestors enough respect to consider their actions made sense after all. I certainly think that the Witch Hunts were more than mere insane hysteria, and the bubonic plague did not come about simply due to bad hygiene.



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The Masses just want a Pantheon to Worship

The masses don’t care about truth, they just want a good story. There’s all this talk of the Awakening in the alternative media, and I see it happening, whether or not in the end it turns out to be real or made in Hollywood. One particular version of the Awakening is that everybody “gets it”, everybody sees through the lies we’ve been fed and becomes enlightened or whatever. While this scenario of the masses waking up does seem appealing, I’ve always found it hard to believe, as I’ve mentioned previously.

The way I see it is, there has always been the masses and there will always be the masses. They are endearing in their simplicity and aggravating in their ignorance. Contrasted to the masses there is the minority consisting of various types of people from saints and sages, to real evil psychopaths and other nasty folk, to just eccentrics and weirdos. The masses always want someone else to tell them who they are and how they should live their lives. A few centuries ago in Europe they were told they are Christian, the earth was created by God in seven days and Jesus died for their sins. Before that they were told to believe in Zeus and Apollo or Odin and Thor and so forth. Now they are told to believe in Science, Evolution and Progress. The Christian pantheon consisted of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, Virgin Mary, angels and so on. The Science pantheon consists of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and so on. The masses don’t really understand the ideas brought forward by the members of their pantheon; they know just know the basics that Darwin came up with Evolution and Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. It sounds good enough so they accept it.

The masses want a mythology to tell them what and who they are. It’s like watching a movie, you know it’s fake, but as long as anything in the story does not seem too fake you want to believe it. The masses do this with reality. They don’t want to question the details; “is this how it really works?”, “is this true?”. As long as it sounds good enough, it doesn’t matter for them whether or not it is actually true.

It’s not that any of the above-mentioned pantheons and mythologies (others not mentioned here) are inherently wrong. I think there’s both truth and lies mixed in with each mythology. What I’ve always had trouble grasping is the blind acceptance of the masses of their particular ethnic mythology. This extends from religious and scientific mythologies to politics and social habits. A thousand years ago we had the feudal system, and each country had a king, which is something the masses accepted without question, even though they might bicker over who would be the best king. Now we have democracy, president and the parliament, and they bicker over who should be running the system without questioning why we have the system in the first place.

Some people probably have an inherent connection to the truth, and they wish to attack the falsehood within each society, and usually they pay the price for it. An example of these people would be Socrates, Giordano Bruno or Nikola Tesla, assuming the stories about those men are true. Then there are people like me, who don’t really have any great understanding of the truth, but rather lack the ability to accept the dogma of their society without question. It’s not that I necessarily have the solution to many of ours problems, but I’ve always had a hard time accepting things as they are. Why is this how things are done, couldn’t it be done differently, is this correct? I’ve usually had questions, not so many answers. From my point it’s still better than blind acceptance.

Then there’s always the bit of humanity of real assholes. Malicious conspirators who want to fuck up things even more. And more often than not, they make the masses listen to them and turn against the good guys who try to warn us, as Bill Hicks put it.

Where I’m getting here is not necessarily that the masses are wrong, or that the bad guys are wrong. They are who they are and follow their nature. Where society usually goes wrong, especially in modern times, that we assume we are all equal and leave the masses to their ignorance, which eventually leads them to become minions of the evil conspirators. It is the duty of the minority to make sure that does not happen, and to help the good guys let their message be aired. In a sense humanity of divided into a few different classes (to simplify a complex issue): the masses, and the minority which consists of the bad guys, the good guys and the rest of us. I think there is a profound spiritual difference between those who have the capability to question the pantheon and mythology of their society, and those who cannot. I don’t think it’s merely an issue of intelligence, education or courage. I think it’s deeper than that, even though all three do play a part in it.

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

– Plato


P.S. Even though we are heading toward a society where questioning things is becoming accepted, or even fashionable, and the “truth movement” is growing does not mean the masses would truly begin to question their society. Rather the masses will adopt a pantheon where questioning is part of the mythology. Questioning can become a superficial ritual where feigning free thought is applauded, whereas free thought itself is non-existent, even abhorred. From my viewpoint such people are and always will be simulacra.