The Masses just want a Pantheon to Worship

The masses don’t care about truth, they just want a good story. There’s all this talk of the Awakening in the alternative media, and I see it happening, whether or not in the end it turns out to be real or made in Hollywood. One particular version of the Awakening is that everybody “gets it”, everybody sees through the lies we’ve been fed and becomes enlightened or whatever. While this scenario of the masses waking up does seem appealing, I’ve always found it hard to believe, as I’ve mentioned previously.

The way I see it is, there has always been the masses and there will always be the masses. They are endearing in their simplicity and aggravating in their ignorance. Contrasted to the masses there is the minority consisting of various types of people from saints and sages, to real evil psychopaths and other nasty folk, to just eccentrics and weirdos. The masses always want someone else to tell them who they are and how they should live their lives. A few centuries ago in Europe they were told they are Christian, the earth was created by God in seven days and Jesus died for their sins. Before that they were told to believe in Zeus and Apollo or Odin and Thor and so forth. Now they are told to believe in Science, Evolution and Progress. The Christian pantheon consisted of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, Virgin Mary, angels and so on. The Science pantheon consists of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and so on. The masses don’t really understand the ideas brought forward by the members of their pantheon; they know just know the basics that Darwin came up with Evolution and Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. It sounds good enough so they accept it.

The masses want a mythology to tell them what and who they are. It’s like watching a movie, you know it’s fake, but as long as anything in the story does not seem too fake you want to believe it. The masses do this with reality. They don’t want to question the details; “is this how it really works?”, “is this true?”. As long as it sounds good enough, it doesn’t matter for them whether or not it is actually true.

It’s not that any of the above-mentioned pantheons and mythologies (others not mentioned here) are inherently wrong. I think there’s both truth and lies mixed in with each mythology. What I’ve always had trouble grasping is the blind acceptance of the masses of their particular ethnic mythology. This extends from religious and scientific mythologies to politics and social habits. A thousand years ago we had the feudal system, and each country had a king, which is something the masses accepted without question, even though they might bicker over who would be the best king. Now we have democracy, president and the parliament, and they bicker over who should be running the system without questioning why we have the system in the first place.

Some people probably have an inherent connection to the truth, and they wish to attack the falsehood within each society, and usually they pay the price for it. An example of these people would be Socrates, Giordano Bruno or Nikola Tesla, assuming the stories about those men are true. Then there are people like me, who don’t really have any great understanding of the truth, but rather lack the ability to accept the dogma of their society without question. It’s not that I necessarily have the solution to many of ours problems, but I’ve always had a hard time accepting things as they are. Why is this how things are done, couldn’t it be done differently, is this correct? I’ve usually had questions, not so many answers. From my point it’s still better than blind acceptance.

Then there’s always the bit of humanity of real assholes. Malicious conspirators who want to fuck up things even more. And more often than not, they make the masses listen to them and turn against the good guys who try to warn us, as Bill Hicks put it.

Where I’m getting here is not necessarily that the masses are wrong, or that the bad guys are wrong. They are who they are and follow their nature. Where society usually goes wrong, especially in modern times, that we assume we are all equal and leave the masses to their ignorance, which eventually leads them to become minions of the evil conspirators. It is the duty of the minority to make sure that does not happen, and to help the good guys let their message be aired. In a sense humanity of divided into a few different classes (to simplify a complex issue): the masses, and the minority which consists of the bad guys, the good guys and the rest of us. I think there is a profound spiritual difference between those who have the capability to question the pantheon and mythology of their society, and those who cannot. I don’t think it’s merely an issue of intelligence, education or courage. I think it’s deeper than that, even though all three do play a part in it.

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

– Plato


P.S. Even though we are heading toward a society where questioning things is becoming accepted, or even fashionable, and the “truth movement” is growing does not mean the masses would truly begin to question their society. Rather the masses will adopt a pantheon where questioning is part of the mythology. Questioning can become a superficial ritual where feigning free thought is applauded, whereas free thought itself is non-existent, even abhorred. From my viewpoint such people are and always will be simulacra.


One thought on “The Masses just want a Pantheon to Worship”

  1. The lovely girl who runs theviewfromhell blog does a nice evolutionary psych exploration why truther dna persists in a small but stable say 6% of the human population when for sure we serve no darwinian purpose given we’re massively less likely to breed…perhaps we end up being heroes just enough to have temporarily desirable dna before society trips off on its next madness? We seem to be a handbrake on the natural evolutionary orwellian outcome of a cabal of psychopath pyramidists and the dim sheeplike masses…

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