The Inquisition, Witch Hunts and UFOs?

The Inquisition was the notorious “secret police” of the Catholic church in the middle ages (which I think still exists in some form) that was responsible for persecuting, torturing and killing countless people who went against the official dogma. The bit that particularly intrigues me are the Witch Hunts, or Witch Trials of the late middle ages, and also a bit after. What really lead to the Witch Hunts?

Nowadays the Witch Hunts are brushed off as evidence of crazy stuff that religious beliefs can make you do, or misogyny, an excuse for men to persecute women. While it seems plausible both could have played a part in it, I don’t find them satisfying. Especially since I don’t find main-stream historians are capable of handling issues such as accusations of witch-craft, since they tend to brush them of as mere religious beliefs. What if there actually were a resurgence of practitioners of witch-craft in the late middle ages in Europe? This witch-craft in our understanding could be some technology the witches were able to use either for good or evil.

William Bramley describes his hypothesis in his book The Gods of Eden about extra-terrestrial masters who control humanity and have done so for millennia. This sort of conspiracy theory should not be new to anyone, even if they haven’t heard of Bramley’s book. It has been documented that the UFO phenomenon is much older than we usually think, and did not originate in modern times. I’m just not that convinced the UFO phenomenon has necessarily anything to do with extra terrestrials, though.

In The Gods of Eden Bramley connects the bubonic plague, or Black Death, to UFO activity. Many odd comets were seen around that time, and they were spreading noxious gases and destroying fertility of the land. Also strange men in black clothes bearing long staves or scythes were seen on the field. Bramley hypothesizes the scythes were some sort of pipes that were spraying poison. Main-stream historians still don’t know what actually caused the plague. They have guesses and theories about rats or fleas, but they don’t really know. Neither do they know the cause of the Witch Hunts.

The first outbreak of the plague was from 1347-1350. The mistrust toward witch-craft began already in early 14th century, but the Black Death caused it to intensify. One accusation toward witches is consorting with devils. Perhaps some of these devils were real. Be they demons or extra terrestrials, they could have been UFO folk, who or whatever they are. I theorize that for whatever reason people in the late medieval period started consorting with UFO folk, and when the authorities found out they set the Inquisition on them. Perhaps even some people were staring to find out that William Bramley’s conspiracy theory of us having alien masters is true. The masters would not like that one bit, and then they set the plague of the people to destroy them. Then again perhaps there were two different factions at work. One faction was consorting with the people and corrupting them, and another faction did not like it and saw no other way of combating it, except by introducing the plague.

Who knows, maybe the Breakaway Civilization theory is not a mere theory, and maybe it did not come about only in the modern age either. Perhaps, we have had a Breakaway Civilization with highly advanced science and technology hiding somewhere, such as the Hollow Earth, all along.

All of this may sound like silly medieval science fiction, and maybe it is. I sure would like to see a movie or play a video game with this theme. But I think the possibility of alien, i.e. UFO folk, interference and involvement in the late middle ages at least warrants serious consideration. Europeans should give their ancestors enough respect to consider their actions made sense after all. I certainly think that the Witch Hunts were more than mere insane hysteria, and the bubonic plague did not come about simply due to bad hygiene.



Gendercide: The European Witch-Hunts, c. 1450-1750:

Ten General Historical Theories about the Origins and Causes of the Witch Hunts, by Brian A. Pavlac:


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