The Freedom of Limitation

God is supposedly omnipotent, meaning he can do whatever he wants. Therefore God cannot really make a rock so large he cannot lift it. Man as a limited being however is able to lift a rock so large he cannot lift. Without getting into any too specific and complex notions lets define “a rock you large X cannot lift it” just as “a fucking large rock”, a rock very large in relation to the being lifting it. Compared to a mouse a rock the size of a sedan would be “fucking large”, but to a human being it would only be very big. A fucking large rock to a human would be the size of a truck, maybe. What is the size of God, what is small and big compared to God? Everything and nothing, I guess, but it doesn’t really matter.

A single man cannot really lift even a rock the size of sedan, no matter how strong it is, however a small group of strong men could. Furthermore man can build machines to lift big and large rocks for him, meaning the rock is so big man cannot lift it, yet he is able to lift it due to his ingeniousness. God cannot do this. S/he cannot create obstacles for himself and then overcome them the same as man, or alternatively he cannot fail in them as we often do. Our whole life consists of new goals and obstacles to attain and overcome. We are born without knowing how to speak or walk, but we learn it. And it feels great when we do it. When you’re a teenager you may find merely talking to the opposite sex an insurmountable challenge, but you’ll overcome it eventually. This process of attaining goals and overcoming challenges is something truly human which God, whether you believe God to be real or a mere philosophical tool to illustrate my point, is incapable of. At least directly.

Perhaps this is what is meant when people claim that we are God’s or the universe’s way of experiencing itself subjectively. The infinite, the omnipotent cannot challenge itself unless it creates itself a challenge. To do that it has to program all of us with the idea that we are limited, even though, we are separate expressions of the infinite, and in fact, part of the infinite. As the Buddhists say, we are already enlightened we merely have to understand it. Enlightenment and rediscovering our true nature is only a challenge, a process, an adventure, because we choose to make it so [Picard!]. This world is a “Matrix”, a computer game we all chose to play, but sort of forgot we were playing a game. Then stuff got ugly. Then again, maybe we chose to forget it to make it seem real. Otherwise we wouldn’t really give it all we got.

Our limitation actually does grant us something even God is incapable of doing, except through us. I am not saying this in any Luciferian sense that we are greater than God, but to simply to note that it’s quite interesting how things sometimes are. The limitation gives us room for progress and chance in either direction. It allows us to break free from constraints, yet if the constraints had never been there we wouldn’t have known what it feels to like to earn freedom.


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