I’ve always been interested in controversial topics and I often find safe, socially acceptable topics boring and pointless to discuss. I haven’t really understood why the majority of people shy away from controversial issues. After all, doesn’t it mean if an issue is controversial that some truth regarding the issue is obscured? For example, 9/11 is controversial in the mainstream explanation vs conspiracy theories, and also between supporters of conspiracy theory X vs theory Y. Conversely if an issue is socially acceptable there’s not much new information you can add to the conversation unless you add a new controversial viewpoint. It’s not controversial to talk about sports unless you bring up corruption or scandals in the background.

Therefore if you see an issue that is controversial you should look on, unless it’s a really a non-issue presented as controversial, such as the question is Snowden a traitor because of his revelations or not. That is not the issue, but the issue is what makes Snowden so different from other whistle-blowers, except Julian Assange, why is he famous while many others are not? Of course, it does not imply that an alternative explanation presented in place of a conventional explanation is necessarily any more true than the conventional one. For example, conventional historians say that the pyramids in Egypt are around 5000 years old tombs, but many controversial explanations claim the pyramids are much older. They probably weren’t tombs and weren’t built by Pharaoh Khufu, yet this does not necessarily conclude they were built by space aliens. Even though, I personally like any explanation that challenges established dogma no matter how silly it seems or actually is, as at least it gets the ball rolling and forces people to re-evaluate their beliefs.

So, controversy is good. If you feel that a certain topic is controversial, it merely means there is something you’re not seeing, and probably prefer not to see, yet you should see. Not much to add really. I’m just dismayed by the obsession of the masses to stay in their government allotted comfort zones.


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