“The locust, a harmless desert grasshopper. But, from time to time, locusts swarm in their tens of millions and become creatures of terror. They leave behind them desert and desolation. Why they swarm is yet a mystery. Perhaps, like all of us, they dream of grass and sparkling water, of a safe and perfect land.”

– (Supposedly) from Monkey, a Japanese TV series based on the Chinese story Journey to the West


Hong Kong has a problem with overpopulation. It’s made much worse by tourists and immigrants from mainland China who cause all sorts of problems. They come to Hong Kong to shop or enjoy the greater freedoms that Hong Kong has compared to socialist/ totalitarian China. The Hong Kong people call the mainland Chinese locusts. They cause problems due to cultural differences (even though both parties are Chinese there are still many difference between the offspring of Maoist China and descendants of subjects of the British crown). Moreover the mainland Chinese exploit the welfare system in Hong Kong. The local government has naturally sold out to the central government in Beijing, and does not represent the people.

Sounds familiar? It’s not that different from the immigration problems in Europe and USA. The main problem is Europe is immigrants from Islamic countries who have little desire to integrate into European culture. In the US the problem is mainly, to my understanding, Mexican and South American immigrants, legal and illegal. Both in US and Europe the governments have been quite happy to ignore the needs of their citizens in favour of some insane ideology based on “multiculturalism”. I assume this isn’t news to anyone.

It is not racist nor intolerant or anything like this to admit there is a problem with excess immigration. Immigrating to another country can be great thing for the immigrant and the foreign country he’s going to. Exchange of ideas, communication with new people, learning new ways of doing things and so on. However it’s not that simple in reality. Immigrants will experience various kinds of problems. I should know, I’ve lived one year in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea as an exchange student.

They were great experiences, and I certainly have mostly fond memories of each experience. Yet when you are actually living in a foreign country you will experience all sorts of problems like culture shock, language barrier, different climate, the bureaucracy and so on. It’s not all fun and games even though I chose to go live in those countries myself. I wanted to go there, but it still doesn’t mean I could adapt that well to many things. Although overall I would say I did alright. I’ve also met loads of other exchange students. Some of them adapted very well, others couldn’t really adapt at all. And most of them also wanted to go live in that foreign country.

How about people who don’t really want to live in a foreign country, but are forced to do so by other circumstances. Finland received lots of Somali refugees when I was a kid in the early nineties. There controversy and debate in the media whether they should be allowed to come or not. How easy is it for an African to adapt to the cold, dark and long winters of Finland, not to mention the culture? This is not so much a moral issue to ask whether or not Finns are racist or Somalis are lazy or prone to crime or something like that. It is merely a practical issue. Will it work? Has it worked? I guess to a certain degree. The regular Finns haven’t forced the Somalis into concentration camps, nor have the Somalis wrought major havoc. Still, I’m not so convinced that was necessarily the most practical solution. It sounds more like an ideological one to me.

But nowadays most of the immigrants coming to Europe aren’t really refugees, are they? Why the fuck are they coming? Because the top politicians have an ideological goal to dump bunch of non-Europeans to Europe, and they use the welfare system to give the immigrants benefits. It’s not about compassion or helping people from third world countries. That’s not a major global agenda. What seems more pertinent is turning European nations into third world countries in an artificial multiculturalist experiment.

Really, what motivates the masses of immigrants to come to Europe? I don’t think it’s the love of European culture, or to work there, but to have an easy life. Does an immigrant from an Islamic country moving to England or France hold love for his new home? I doubt it. The motivation is what matters the most. I’m Finnish, and naturally love my country (although it’s not Finnish to say that), but Japan, Hong Kong, China and Korea are close to my heart too. I can honestly say that. I didn’t go there just to parasite resources off of Asia. I was, and still am, fascinated by those countries. Is this what motivates the countless immigrants flooding to Western countries?

I am not opposed to anyone visiting Finland or living there if they do it for righteous reasons. I’m happy if foreigners are interested in Finland for it’s culture, nature, heavy music or whatever reason. It doesn’t matter what someone’s race, nationality or religion is. However when a few genuine individuals grows into a swarm of locusts we have a problem. To make it simple, I don’t have a problem with Africans or Middle-Easterners coming to Finland, or even moving there permanently, if that is what they really want. When swarms of them are coming to colonize Finland, there is a great problem.

The issue is between a small of group of individuals and the subtle distinction when it becomes a swarm, a mob, a herd. Don’t let bunch of outsiders swarm your country wherever you are. This is not Western vs Oriental, or White vs Black/ Brown. I wouldn’t want Finns swarming Riad or Kabul. Nor do I want to see Americans swarm Helsinki or Turku. Individuals from those places are fine. Many Hong Kong people have friends and relatives in mainland China. They become a problem only when they grow into a swarm. We should prevent it before it happens, alas it is hardly the human way of doing things.






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