What the fuck is climate change?

In a shocking revelation I found an intelligent and well-written article on the Daily Mail. I didn’t know mainstream media does that sort of thing. The article talks about the BBC spending over £500,000 of tax payer money on a survey in Asia on climate change, or moreover spreading the gospel about it. Then I thought: what the fuck is this thing called “climate change” anyways? It sounds like a natural thing, and not something we should get worked up about.

The Daily Mail writes:

“Its climate survey, published this month, is called From The Ground Up: Changing The Conversation On Climate Change. In it, farmers and villagers in India, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan and Indonesia were asked how climate change was ‘affecting their lives already’ and about their future concerns.

They described less predictable rainfall, droughts, declining harvests and an increase in respiratory disease caused by dustier soil, and blamed them on global warming.”

Wait, what? I thought the survey was about climate change, but the farmers blame their problems on global warming. How does that work? I know what global warming is. It’s the idea that CO2 emissions, largely due to human activity, cause the world to become warmer. The basic idea makes sense, even though I don’t find it scientifically that plausible, but I can appreciate global warming as a man-made concept that many believe in. Most things that people believe in are construct that do not align properly when contrasted with reality. They’re not all bad. Linguistically the term “global warming” fits the bill of the globe warming very well. I have no problem with that. However, how does climate change fit into it? Is it like Clark Kent is Superman; the same guy but on the surface they’re different?


What is climate change?

The UK Met Office explains in an article called “What is climate change?” that:

“Climate change is a large-scale, long-term shift in the planet’s weather patterns or average temperatures. Earth has had tropical climates and ice ages many times in its 4.5 billion years. So what’s happening now?

Since the last ice age, which ended about 11,000 years ago, Earth’s climate has been relatively stable at about 14 °C. However, in recent years, the average temperature has been increasing.”

So climate change is a natural thing, like I assumed in the beginning. This time the earth is warming. Makes sense. Yet another article from the Met site titled “Is climate change caused by human activity?” says even though earth’s climate cycle varies naturally, “the current climate change is very unusual as it is not exclusively part of a natural cycle”. Moreover: “there is an underlying trend of warming that is almost certainly caused by man’s activities.” Remember to be trendy, boys and girls.

So climate change, which is a natural thing, is “almost certainly caused by man’s activities”. The linguistic subroutines in my head are overheating. Why equate climate change, which is a gradual, natural thing with global warming, which is a man-made thing? That is what the media has been doing for the last few years. I’ll get back to that later.

A third Met article “Why is our climate changing?” mentions a few minor factors, such as the sun, but the main reason for warming are greenhouse gases. It is stated: “There’s overwhelming and growing evidence that the warming is due to vastly increased – and still increasing – quantities of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.” So greenhouse gases cause the earth to warm. The most important greenhouse gas is water vapour. Then the Met says: “It [water vapour] increases in concentration as the atmosphere warms. The amount of water vapour in the atmosphere has increased, but there’s no reason for this scale of change other than the increase in temperature.” Am I missing something? It seems to me global warming is happening, because of increased greenhouse gases as stated in the first quote. Yet the second one claims the atmosphere has had to have warmed already for water vapour to be there in such quantity. Is this a non sequitur or something? Which came first, the warming or the water vapour? Maybe I just don’t get something obvious.

Later on, the article mentions CO2 and methane also increase global warming, and their increase is due to human activity. Yadda yadda yadda. The same old global warming story. Yet this time it’s climate change.


Fashion, turn to the left

In the nineties media talked about the greenhouse effect. At some point it shifted to global warming. Now it’s climate change. Why? If it’s really a scientific thing, and something we should take seriously, and not merely a fad originated by business, politics and conspirators, and perpetuated by the media I think it would be more consistent. Especially since the naming has shifted from a very specific, the greenhouse effect, to a more general, but at least semantically logical, global warming. Now it’s the utterly generic climate change. You can pretty much say that anything that happens in nature is “due to climate change”. It’s raining, must be the climate change. I couldn’t argue with that. The bullshit in the story is that they try to equate a generic, natural process such as climate change with a man-made construct such as global warming. I predict the next incarnation of this story will be called “stuff”. After a few years climate change won’t be trendy anymore. Then the news can announce: “There was severe drought in China and heavy snowfall in France because of, you know, stuff.” Al Gore and his cultists can propose new magical rituals, and laws and taxes, to try to alleviate the effect of “stuff”.

This indecisiveness reminds me of a teenage girl being unable what to wear to the party, or a rapper who changes his name frequently. Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Sean Combs. Who cares? It’s not serious scientific adult stuff, it’s just entertainment with the veneer of seriousness.

If the global warming/ climate change posse were really concerned about human influence on the climate and nature they’d look into GMOs, chemtrails and geo-engineering, fracking and that “stuff”.



Now for the comic relief. The WWF site (nothing to do with wrestling, it’s some gay panda stuff) says cow farts is one the main reasons for “climate change”. WWF: “Industrialised nations have also breeding vast numbers of methane-producing livestock and cutting down the forests that naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the air.”

Climate change information website of New Zealand says: “Persistent human activities like driving cars, farming, burning coal and cutting down forests produce greenhouse gases”. So is that how you run a greenhouse, a regular one with plants, you put a combustion engine inside and burn fuel to give the plants CO2?



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Climate change information New Zealand: https://www.climatechange.govt.nz/science/what-is-climate-change.html


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