Turning Muslims into the new Jews

The active genocidal war against the Palestinians that started a few weeks ago, or whenever, is disgusting and disturbing of course. At least finally people are starting to see Israel for the monster that it is. Alas, as is usually the case, it’s later rather than sooner. This assault was waiting to happen for years.

That said, let’s go back 13 years to 9/11. After 9/11 people began to fear extremist Islam, and governments, especially the US government began to persecute Muslims. The War on Terror was started. All of this had a dual purpose. On the immediate level 9/11 and fear of Islamic extremists was used to start wars in the middle-east and bring forth Orwellian police state laws in the West. This is quite obvious, yet the underlying long time goal seems to be reverse. It’s an interesting mind-fuck. George W. Bush has been quoted as calling the wars he started a crusade, yet on the other hand he called Islam a religion of peace. I believe this duality is deliberate.

The long term goal of all of this has been to disarm us mentally against Islam. At first we agreed with many of the anti-terrorist laws, which persecuted Muslims, because we thought we needed them. Yet over a course of time we began to see the falsehood behind it, how our governments are mistreating Muslims. Naturally, over the course of time we begin to feel empathy for them. We see them as a victim. After World War II Westerners saw Jews as the poor little victim, and thought they could do no harm, yet just look at Israel and the Zionists that control the media. Now more and more people are seeing through the Zionist lies and turning their gaze toward them. It’s becoming harder to manipulate us that way. So they’re coming up with another way.

Islam is portrayed as the poor, misunderstood religion of peace. We are expected to show our sympathy for Islam; to lay down our arms and surrender. But Islam is a religion of conquest. Muslims won’t show friendship or sympathy toward us, if we are unarmed. They will expect us to submit or die, if we won’t defend ourselves against their Borg-like incursion. The globalist elites, the Illuminati, call it what you will, want us to feel excessive compassion towards Muslims, as we once did for the Jews. Compassion is good, but it has to be tempered with reason.

I believe this is why the war on Gaza was started at this time. It is to shift our perception. We should show our concern for the Palestinians, and I have in the past, but we have to also see the inherent manipulation behind, as there is a hidden level to most world events. Anti-Semite is no longer working that well to keep us quiet, so next the fad is Islamophobe or something.

I already discovered one propaganda peace on this war. It’s called “Israeli onslaught shatters western belief that Arabs are source of violence”. It’s allegedly written by a Palestinian-American after the she read an article called “Support the Civilized Man: Defeat the Jihadists.” The article urged to West to support Israel. However, I tried to find this Defeat the Jihadists-article and it doesn’t seem to exist on the internet. The Palestinian-American writer says it was from “some obscure far right-wing news source”. Obscure indeed, care to provide a source? Google only gives several different sites sharing the Palestinian-American’s article, but not no trace of the anti-Jihadist one. Smells like bullshit propaganda to me. The article tries to make Westerners feel like they have been racist and intolerant against Arabs, but that is not an issue. This is not an issue of race, but of religion. It’s the same as with Jews. You’re supposedly racist if you criticize the Jewish influence in society. But isn’t Judaism a religion, not a race? While most Arabs are Muslim, not all Muslims are Arabs.

Don’t buy into the propaganda that is bound to follow this conflict in Gaza. The people behind it are not working in the best interest of the Palestinians, nor yours.



Islam – the Religion of Conquest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7zhCvRvUro&list=UUzOnXvfwc32YEiwTe_8Nf-g

Israeli onslaught shatters western belief that Arabs are source of violence: http://mondoweiss.net/2014/07/onslaught-shatters-violence.html


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