Insight into the Cultural Marxist mind

A Cultural Marxist is somehow who is programmed to react to certain stimuli with anger or approval based on the perceived bias in the stimuli. The reaction precedes and overrides reason and common sense. The values supported by Cultural Marxists are political correctness, multiculturalism, anti-racism, feminism, gender-equality and climate change to mention a few. An example of Cultural Marxist behaviour is when someone makes a racist comment, or something the C-Marxist perceives as such, the C-Marxist labels the person a racist without thinking. Also if someone says they support a value shared by the Cultural Marxist, such as feminism, then the C-Marxist will feel positively about the other person based purely on this perception. This is vastly different from regular people who are happy to agree when they do so, and disagree when they do so.

Cultural Marxist behaviour is evidence of programming, of brain-washing. They do not think as organic, analog human beings do, rather their minds function more like a digital computer. Cultural Marxism is a devious form of social programming, which originally we learn from the media and laws, gradually acquire into ourselves and before long we begin to infect others if we are not wise to what is happening. C-Marxists exhibit conditional thinking.

Conditional statements are computer programming term. I kind of remember how it works from my junior high school computer class. The logic is quite simple:




For a Cultural Marxist it works as follows: IF that guy is racist, THEN get really angry, ELSE smile politely and engage in smalltalk. END. A normal person might feel offended or angered by what the other guy said, but he would also consider if there was a misunderstanding or something like that, and not try to judge someone based on one comment. A Cultural Marxist only needs to hear a trigger word to launch the program. They also have no understanding of moderation or temperance. Meaning if they perceive someone to be have committed an offense, it matters little to the degree of his crime. Let’s take an example from a victim of Cultural Marxism Donald Sterling, the former NBA millionaire.

He was banned from NBA for life and fined $2.5 million for a “racist rant”. Donald Sterling simply told his girlfriend in a private conversation that he didn’t want her to bring black guys into basketball matches, and not to “broadcast” her association with them. It is sort of weird to me that someone who owns a basketball team sees association with black people embarrassing, but his opinions conveyed in a private conversation is hardly a huge crime. You can say he’s an asshole all you want, but it’s not a crime. His Wikipedia page mentions two accounts of alleged sexual harassment, which sounds worse than his “racist” comment.

I hear other insane Cultural Marxist occurrences, with no understanding that there are other options than 1 or o, almost every week. Cultural Marxists are gun control freaks and their fragile minds cannot even face the notion of a gun. A 10-year old kid was expelled for three days for putting his fingers to the shape of a gun in Ohio. A 17-year old kid was expelled for a year for hugging his teacher. I can sort of understand punishing the guy for hugging if the teacher thought he was creepy, since I think it’s weird a teenager wanting to hug his teacher. But even so, a year? How about give him detention?

Quite interesting contrast, by the way, that I did not think before I typed it. You get expelled for expression of “violence”, i.e. the gun, and for expressing empathy, i.e. hugging. Clearly the people running the US public schools do not want any human emotion from the kids. They should be robots, which Cultural Marxists aspire to be.

Another incident with Cultural Marxists happened to my friends in Hong Kong last year’s Halloween. Some of my friends put on white sheets to dress up as ghosts. Some Americans, black, white and Asian, saw them and angrily called them Klu Klux Klan-members. My friends felt scared and threatened. They all are Hong Kong Chinese didn’t really even know what the KKK is, and I somehow doubt there are many Chinese white supremacists. This little insight of sanity does not matter to the Cultural Marxist, since if you trigger the program there is no amount of reason, logic or reality that can stop them, except maybe a brick wall.

To a Cultural Marxist perception truly is reality, as they lack the capability to reflect whether they are the one being intolerant or not.

Ultimately Cultural Marxism is a binary system of thought. It reminds me of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 11001001. In it a benevolent race of aliens, Bynars, who have integrated their minds and culture with computers try to hi-jack the starship Enterprise to use it as a backup system for their mainframe computer, or something. When Picard and his crew, the good guys, stop them and ask why they did it, the Bynars say “you could have said no” since to a binary mind there is ultimately only 1 and 0. The human mind is different, unless it is programmed. Of course, the good guys decide to help the Bynars once they hear of their predicament.



Cultural Marxism:


Donald Sterling:

NBA bans Sterling:

10-year-old suspended for making fingers into shape of gun:

Student suspended for sexual harassment after hugging teacher:



3 thoughts on “Insight into the Cultural Marxist mind”

  1. it used to drive me mad how they would have these hivemind kneejerk reactions to every topic- no sign of reasoning at all. there must be something in their brain structure that makes them volunteer for or inclined towards slave mentality. For me it’s hilarious as I can see memes coming a mile away and laugh at how clumsy the zeitgeist is, when the elite meddle with it. Alarmingly for 90% of humans it’s super easy to program them with faulty syllogisms, and instead of iq making them resistant, it seems that the higher the iq, the eaiser it is to brainwash…I would say you will find no ‘artificial’ cultural marxists at either extreme of the bell curve..

    In the 90s it was hell trying to work out if you were missing something or if people really were giving programmed reactions…at least in 2016 I know it’s not me.

  2. Ultimately Cultural Marxism is a binary system of thought. It reminds me of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 11001001.

    digital zeroes and ones = the freemason chequerboard, or one of its meanings at least.

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