The smiling Neonazi Ramzpaul in a nutshell: “I wish the Nazis had won the war”

This is the title of a Ramzpaul video on Youtube uploaded by a user called Trace Brady. It’s both funny and scary in its insanity and inaccuracy. The original video by Ramzpaul is titled My Tram Experience – British Woman Arrested. Trace Brady merely uploaded Ramzpaul’s video a second time with a new title and lower video quality.

Ramzpaul is an American nationalist who is usually quite witty and insightful, and generally seems like a decent guy. His videos are “Mostly satire that pokes fun at the establishment.”

Trace Brady’s video, and the only video he’s uploaded, has the following comment in the description section:

The smiling Neonazi Ramzpaul gives unwavering support for Hitler. Notice the striking similarity in looks to “Dr” David Duke…the shredded wheat wig and the effeminate Kermit the Frog voice !

at 2:41, his unwavering support for Nazis is evident

The “unwavering support for Nazis” Brady mentions is Ramzpaul’s comment on the Firebombing of Dresden and mention Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5 . Ramzpaul makes no mention of the word Nazi or Hitler in the video. He simply states that the Firebombing of Dresden was a massacre perpetrated by the Allies. This apparently is equivalent to supporting Hitler.

This is a great example of the insane world that most Cultural Marxists live in. They don’t care about the facts, except maybe the rare occasions when they happen to co-inside with their beliefs. But as Ramzpaul expresses concern for murdering German civilians he must be pro-Nazi since World War II was a black and white conflict where the good guys won. You cannot question that or point out that both sides committed brutal acts of violence.

Of course this isn’t merely about one Ramzpaul video, but of what he stands for in general. He’s a nationalist, and believes that all nations should have a right to determination. Cultural Marxists oppose self-determination vehemently, and especially the self-determination of European white peoples.

This video is how the imp-like Cultural Marxists reveal their inability to look at reality as it is instead of how they wish it was. They must invent attributes for people that they don’t have, and resort to ad hominem name-calling, i.e. effeminate Kermit the Frog voice, instead of discussing any of the points that Ramzpaul brought out in his video. I find this sort of insanity quite unsettling. I can only wonder if Trace Brady really believes what he is saying or it’s merely some alphabet agency shill trying to discredit real human beings saying something relevant.



Trace Brady’s video:

Original video:


Similarities in the deaths of David Carradine and Robin Williams

David Carradine, the actor known for playing Bill in Kill Bill, died in Bangkok in 2009 in a manner similar to Robin Williams. Both died of asphyxiation by their own belt.

I wasn’t going to continue with Robin Williams stuff, but seems like there’s something I still had to say.



David Carradine was in Bangkok before his death filming his last movie Stretch. He died three days before the movie was finished. The official reason for his death is accidental asphyxiation during autoerotic asphyxiation. This means he was allegedly choking himself with his belt while jacking off, and accidentally slipped or something. Back in 2009 when I heard of his death I thought it was suspicious. Sounded like a punishment for him for something. It’s a rather ignoble way to go. But I didn’t look into it more. I just thought it was suspicious and left it at that.

Now that Robin Williams dies the same way I feel like I should look into Carradine’s death. So unsurprisingly there were claims that he was murdered. His agent Chuck Binder said David Carradine had been murdered, and so does his brother Robert Carradine. Apparently there had been a footprint on the bed that was not David’s. Also according to the brother David Carradine couldn’t have gotten into the “rig” by himself. It sounds somewhat plausible since he was 72-years old when he died. Carradine’s ex-wife allegedly said that he was into “deviant sexual behaviour which was potentially deadly” though.

I don’t know if he was murdered or not, but the thing that disturbs me the most is that people take it face value that a 72-year old man is doing sex games where he strangles himself with the belt while masturbating. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I find it a bit shocking to hear a grandfather dies doing something like that. I know Hollywood promotes all sorts of perversion so it’s certainly not impossible he was playing his sex games, but I’d pause and think at least before accepting the story.



Although similar to Carradine’s death the main stream media has deemed Robin Williams’ death a suicide, not an accident. There are some though, who notice the similarity to Carradine’s death and suggest Williams might have been doing the autoerotic asphyxiation thing too. In addition to the weird Family Guy co-incidence in Williams’ death, there’s another one. A movie called World’s Greatest Dad has a scene where Robin Williams’ character finds his son dead with a belt around his neck. The son had died an accidental erotic death. None of this is probably news to anyone following this story.

Did Williams commit suicide, did he accidentally kill himself while jacking off, or was he murdered? Perhaps he was doing the autoerotic asphyxiation thing, but his family would rather have it known as a suicide as it is less embarrassing. Could be, but I don’t buy it. I cannot dismiss the weird co-incidences, or say that they are synchronicities, as if it explains anything.

The Wikipedia entry on his death has changed since I did my first blog post on Robin Williams. Now it’s much shorter:

“Williams died on the morning of August 11, 2014, at his home in Paradise Cay, California.[2] In the initial report released on August 12, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputy coroner stated Williams had hanged himself with a belt and died from asphyxiation.[126][127][128] His body was cremated and his ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay on August 12.[129]”

Gone is the mention of knife cuts. This thing is no longer there: “The Marin County Sheriff’s department reported there were cuts along Williams’s left wrist, and that a pocket knife was found close to his body.” Sounds like some sort of cover-up to me.

There’s also some speculation that the psychiatric drugs Williams was taking made him go crazy and possibly lead to his suicide. Could be. I certainly believe drugs, or “medicine”, can do it, but I still think there was something more sinister at hand.

Here’s what I think, this is pure speculation though, but this is how I see it: Robin Williams was murdered. The people who did it tried to make it look like he had been up to autoerotic asphyxiation that went wrong, but his family didn’t want people to think Williams died doing something nasty. So there was a double cover-up.  At first the bad guys kill him and frame it as a failed sex game, but then his family frame the sex game to appear as suicide. This is what I think. His family probably believes in the sex game explanation.



I think both Carradine and Williams were murdered. The scenario looks like both actors either stepped on somebody’s toes they shouldn’t have, or refused to do something they should have, and got killed for it. Not only were they killed, but it was a debasing murder. Both were made out to be perverts. They were old men, and to think their final moments were kinky sex games. I may be completely wrong here, of course, but this is how I see it. I don’t think it was an Illuminati ritual sacrifice though. It’s more like organized crime punishment.

This is my speculation based on the individual facts available. My interpretation of them. Perhaps there is no real connection between the deaths of David Carradine and Robin Williams, but I think there is. The weird co-incidences surrounding Williams’ death say to me that we should not merely register his death as a suicide and forget about it. Actor Randy Quaid said there are “star whackers” in Hollywood who kill actors who get out of line. I think there’s a connection.

“I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen every day. But I don’t trust coincidences.”

– Lewton in Discworld Noir



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Carthage wasn’t destroyed completely, it went Underground

In my previous post I considered the possibility that modern Jews are not descendants of ancient Israelites, but of Canaanites and other tainted tribes. I will continue on this line of investigation and go forward to see where the Canaanite thread leads me.

Even Jesus regarded the Canaanites as a lesser people, indirectly calling them dogs in Matthew 15:21-28. He was unwilling to help a Canaanite woman whose daughter was possessed by a devil since he was sent only for the ” lost sheep of the house of Israel “. Yet Jesus changed his mind as the woman admitted her inferiority. Either Jesus was a terrible racist or there was something seriously wrong with the Canaanites.


The Phoenicians and Carthage

The Canaanites were the predecessors of another group mentioned by conspiracy researchers every now and then, the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians were famous mariners and traders. The Wikipedia says one possible meaning for Canaanites is the Semitic word “cana’ani”, which means merchant. Sounds like Jews to me. Another possibility is the Akkadian word “kinahhu” meaning purple dyed-wool. The term Phoenicians “may derive from the Greek word “Phoenix” meaning crimson or purple”, since that is the colour they used. Nowadays Phoenix is known as the bird that kills itself with fire and is reborn. The Phoenicians called it Bennu (or benu), and it was also known as the Morning Star.

The Phoenicians were the descendants of the Canaanites, and perhaps their greatest accomplishment was the foundation of Carthage in northern Africa. Carthage was a great maritime empire that was ultimately annihilated by the Romans in the Punic Wars. And from what I know, it seems like it was for the best.

I am not a great fan of ancient Rome, since I am not a fan of empires. I’m certainly intrigued by Rome for its history, but I’ve seen it as another Borg-like conqueror that wanted an Old World Order. I may have been wrong. Not much is known of the ancient Carthage culture, since it was destroyed by Rome. Most of what is known is from Roman accounts, that may not be so objective. One of the claims was that the Carthaginians sacrificed their children as a burnt offering, a holocaust. This has been regarded as Roman propaganda by some, but even Wikipedia admits: “Most archaeologists accept that infant sacrifices did occur”. I find myself agreeing with them and wondering what other sort of evils were perpetrated by the Carthaginians? The word Punic means “treacherous” even today. Punic is merely a Romanization of Phoenician.

Let’s take a look at their religion. One of their gods Moloch, or Molech, was a fire god worshipped by Canaanites and Phoenicians. People sacrificed children to him. However, Wikipedia offers an alternative explanation to the fiery sacrifice: “some have suggested a rite of purification by fire instead” [of actually burning children]. I remain unconvinced. Other deities are Baal,  Ba’al, or Baal Hammon who is sometimes identified with Saturn. There is Rephan, or Remphan (Chiun in Hebrew?) which is Saturn. Related either to Moloch or Baal. Baal’s female counterpart was Anat, or Tanit in Carthage. She is better known as Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, Semiramis, or Columbia depicted on the Statue of Liberty. Less known names for her are Atargatis (sounds like stargate) and Derketo. I’ll call her Tanit from now on. She was a “Lady Goddess of the Sea” to whom doves and fish were sacred.

Here’s a picture of Baal:


There’s something familiar with the hand gestures…

The difference is Baal and Anat are not sitting down.

Here is the symbol of Tanit:

It looks like a woman in a dress holding her hands up. Then again it resembles an Egyptian ankh.

This one looks a bit like a pyramid with the all seeing eye…


Modern Carthago

I believe modern Jews, and Zionists, are descendants of the Carthagians/ Phoenicians. We see their symbolism everywhere. Look at the Starbucks logo. It is Anat/ Tanit/ Atargatis. I did an earlier post on the Eurovision song contest winning song Rise like a Phoenix. Yesterday I watched a pro-Carthago propaganda documentary titled Carthage: The Roman Holocaust. It’s a shameless attempt to portray the Carthaginians as an enlightened civilization wiped out by the brutal Romans so they could have the monopoly over the Mediterranean. Noticed the name? Now who would use a word like Holocaust to label one race of people as nasty brutes?

There’s the Marxist Fabian Society, of course, which is responsible for a lot of the destabilization of the Western civilization. The society got its name from a Roman general named Fabius. He was famous for biding his time. I believe the modern corporatist culture and obsession with economics has been inherited from the Phoenicians. Not to mention the Saturn death cult mentioned quite often in the alternative media. It was their religion back then, and still is.

These are just a few examples I thought off the top of my head. I have to keep my eyes open for more.

One more thing. This is a drawing of Carthage:

Reminds me of something. Vatican:



Matthew 15:21-28:








Star of your god Rephan:




Derketo, Derceto, Atargatis – the most ancient Syrian goddess:

Carthage: The Roman Holocaust:

Ancient Israelite, Aryan and Jewish Connection

I am continuing with the Khazar-Jewish conjecture and expanding it to everyone’s favourite race; the Aryans. Yet first of all, let’s ask who were the Israelites of Old Testament. I do not believe they have anything to do with the Jews who are occupying Palestine today. This is regardless of whether the Ashkenazi are Khazars or not.

In my previous post I posed the question:  “Isn’t the Old Testament full of the Jewish supremacist violence?” After chewing on the idea a few days I’m gonna say maybe not. The Old Testament has plenty of scenes were the Israelites butcher other races on the orders of their god. Yet there might be extenuating circumstances to this, to put it callously.

Jim Denison discusses this in his article titled Why did God tell the Jews to kill the Canaanites? He writes:

The book of Joshua presents most readers with a troubling question: how can a God of love command his followers to destroy an entire nation of people? The Canaanites had lived in their land for centuries before Joshua and his people came to claim it for themselves. While some in Canaan fought against God’s people and were destroyed as a result (cf. the battle of Ai, 8:14ff), others did not attempt armed aggression against Israel. The people of Jericho, for instance, retreated inside their city walls and mounted no attack against the Jews. Nonetheless, following divine orders, the Israeli soldiers “destroyed with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys” (6:21).

His answer is that it was divine retribution against the sinful Canaanites. Still to genocide a people simply because they are sinful sounds rather extreme. However, we may look at these genocidal Israelites from another perspective. Various Christian researchers of Nephilim and UFOs have come to the conclusion that there was genetic manipulation “in the days of Noah”. One of them is Rob Skiba. I’m most familiar of this theory from Michael Tsarion who claims to have found evidence on gene splicing in Celtic myths. Perhaps these mass slaughters perpetrated by the ancient Israelites were quite different to the genocide perpetrated by modern Jews. Let’s say the Israelites were racially pure, whereas the other races destroyed by them had been tainted by unwholesome genetics. What the Israelites did may not have been pleasant, yet it was like putting down a rabid dog. Many races in those times had been tainted by Nephilim/ ET/ demon/ reptilian-genes and had to be wiped out. The Israelites were not.

Since I am not a Christian and certainly not a Jew, one might ask why am I defending genocidal old stories those religions are based on? Regardless of my sentiments on the Abrahamic religions I recognize that there are several esoteric insights and truths to the Bible. I wouldn’t say it’s a holy book, but a significant book in many ways and much can be learned from it. Michael Tsarion said something like the stories of the Old Testament did not happen in the Middle-East, but on the continent of Lemuria long, long time ago. The stories were culturally adapted to fit them into the Middle-East. I am very much intrigued by this notion.

An old holy man named Tim Bence was interviewed by Rob Skiba, and Tim Bence told stories from across the world were he ran into Canaanite altars that were corrupting the land and the people around it. Bence destroyed many of them and things got better. Even though he is very devoutly Christian, I believe in the veracity of his stories.

Let’s get back to business. Who were the ancient Israelites, the modern Jews and the tainted races of old? I think many of the modern Jews are descendants of the people the Israelites wanted to exterminate, but obviously failed to do. Over the course of Millennia they assumed the role of the Israelites and are now knows as Jews. There has been a reversal. The Jews are masquerading (most of them unwittingly, of course) as the people who used to cull them. Who were the Israelites then? Well, this is where it gets funny…

They might have been the Aryans. “The European people can be shown to be the true descendants of Israel” claims a blog called Aryan Israel. Someone known only as History Researcher, Australia says “they [Aryans] were proto-Israelites and destined to be the model peoples for the rest of humanity.” There are merely a couple of websites I found with simple googling, so I am not saying this is definitely the truth, yet often the truth is more fucked up and ironic than fiction. Since the end of the Second World War we have been presented with the scenario where the Aryan Nazis are the hateful bad guys that want to annihilate the poor, defenseless Jews. However clear facts point out that Jews certainly are not so innocent and defenseless as can be seen from modern Israel, and that the mistreatment of the Jews by the Nazis during the war has been greatly exaggerated. (For example it seems the Final Solution was only Allied propaganda, and Nazis wanted to send Jews to Palestine peacefully before the war was started by Britain.)

Let’s assume for a while that the ancient Israelites were the same as the Aryans who conquered India, and probably traveled to many other places too. In fact there is someone called Dr. Samar Abbas from India who theorizes that “The Hebrews belong to a branch of Vedic Aryans”. According to him there are many similar words to Sanskrit and Hebrew. Perhaps the Aryans conquered India since they knew the seed of the Archons were hiding there? Yet somehow over time the Jews were able to infiltrate the Israelites/ Aryans and hi-jack their identity like a faceless manipulator.

These are my crazy racist ramblings for today. Have a nice day.



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Israel admits Jews are Khazars and have a Secret Plan to migrate to Ukraine?

” A blue-ribbon team of scholars from leading research institutions and museums has just issued a secret report to the government, acknowledging that European Jews are in fact Khazars.”, writes Jim Wald on The Times of Israel website. This stuff is naturally continuation of my previous blog post on the Khazars. Jim Wald claims Jews have a plan to reform Khazaria (Chazerai in Yiddish) in Ukraine by sending Ashkenazi settlers there.

I question what the source for this claim is and how did Wald gain get hold of this secret report, and who the scientists are? In fact some of the comments to the article say it is a spoof or a joke. Sounds plausible. However Texe Marrs seems to take it at face value in his article titled The Serpent People Return to Ukraine. I’m not quite sure Jim Wald’s intention was, but I won’t accept his claim without any evidence. So I’ll take it as a joke or a hoax until proven otherwise.

I have to raise the question: what if the Khazar origin theory for Ashkenazis is actually disinfo? A Mossad hoax to divert attention away from the real nasty stuff perpetrated by Zionist Jews. I heard about the Khazar stuff some years ago and it sounded plausible, but only this week I started questioning it. I think most of the so-called Jewish history is false, perhaps this story is just another fake. Now I feel like I should read Shlomo Sand’s book The Invention of the Jewish People. I’ve heard about it, but haven’t read it.

No doubt the Zionists have wrapped their greedy fingers around Ukraine, but does it really have anything to do with their Khazar past?

Keep your eyes open for Jewish lies, not in hatred or fear, but curiosity and love of truth. Remember that there are Jews doing that too.



Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine:

Serpent people return to Ukraine:

Invention of the Jewish People:

Are the majority of Jews descendants of the Khazars?

Or more to the point, what does it matter? The majority of the world’s Jews are of the Ashkenazi subgroup. They are the European Jews in layman’s terms (which I am). Numbers vary from 75%-95% according to my understanding. The other groups are the Sephardi Jews, which are the most middle-eastern, and the Falashas of Ethiopia. Perhaps there are others. It has become more and more popular to claim in the alternative media and conspiracy theorist circles that the Ashkenazi are of Khazarian origin, not Semitic.

This story seems to originate from Arthur Koestler’s book The Thirteenth Tribe written in 1976. A couple of years ago Jewish geneticist Eran Elhaik claimed he proved the Khazar theory to be correct. Khazaria was a Turkic kingdom or empire between the Black Sea and Caspian sea, around modern day Ukraine, in the early middle-ages. Originally the Khazars were pagan, but converted to Judaism around the year 750 AD. The usual explanation for this is they converted because Khazaria was in between Christian and Muslim lands. Both Abrahamic faiths had more regard for Judaism than Paganism, so the Khazars converted to Judaism as a compromise. That’s what they claim anyways.

Why does any of this matter then? For several reasons; first, if the Jews have no historical connection to ancient Palestine, their case for creating Israel is pointless. They cannot return to a land they never went to before. Second, the majority of Jews are not Semitic, which makes the label Anti-Semite even more ridiculous. If you dislike Jews, you are not an Anti-Semite. Arabs and Ethiopians are Semites. Third, it’s just more evidence of the duplicity of the Jews, and that nothing they claim should be trusted.

Yet does any of this really matter? I’m not a Christian, Jew, nor a Muslim. I don’t believe in the chosen people of Israel. It doesn’t matter whether they’re Askhenazi or Sephardi. Judaism is an insane supremacist cult. Weren’t they genocidal way before the Jews encountered the Khazars? Isn’t the Old Testament full of the Jewish supremacist violence? Did something change when the Khazars embraced Judaism? (Maybe it did, this is a genuine question.) Then again some academics claim that only the ruling class of the Khazars truly converted to Judaism, and overall Khazarian Judaism was a superficial thing. Perhaps this is true. It’s a fascinating conspiracy theory to delve into the assumption that Jews are Khazars, and not Semites and all that, but where does it lead?

Even Max Igan on his latest visit to Red Ice Creations spoke of the Khazars, and how he thinks the Jews who served in the Nazi military during WWII were Khazarian Jews. He thinks the Khazars were particularly nasty people, and doesn’t seem to want to blame the Jews overall. Why? I don’t follow his reasoning. Igan is willing to think that this Turkic tribe of Khazars is an inhumane group of murderers, but is reluctant to say that about the Semitic Jews. He said something like the Ashkenazi/ Khazars believe more in the (racist) Talmud than the Torah. But the Talmud was written 500-600 AD, before the Khazars converted. So if the Khazars are the ancestors of the Ashkenazi, other group of Jews (such as Sephardi) must have written the Talmud. Therefore the Ashkenazi-Talmud connection does not make much sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Khazarian question is fascinating, and also the word Ashkenazi and the national socialist Nazi connection is interesting too. However, we should not get bogged down by details when the Zionist Jews and their minions are trying to genocide the Palestinians and the “white” race, turn paedophilia into a socially acceptable thing and who knows what else. Judaism in an evil cult, or an evil race. This is basically what John Lash hinted at in his Red Ice interview. This is something we must face and deal with sooner than later. One good reason for this is to avoid a real Holocaust of Jews. More and more people are seeing the true face of Judaism, and I really don’t want them to go to a Jew killing frenzy, burning regular Jews at stake. We must look at the situation rationally.

I’ve heard the comment a few times “what is white anyway? They’re not really a race.” This of course originates from the Jewish Cultural Marxists, and the comment reveals more about the Jews, since nobody knows what a Jew is. Are they a race or a religion? A bit of both and neither. I agree with John Lash that Jews sold humanity out to this demonic Jehova virus long ago. In some spiritual sense Jews are tainted, yet I do not believe they are beyond redemption. There are countless decent Jews speaking out against the evils of Zionism and so forth. We must recognize them for what they are.

Remember, before you can accuse me of being an Anti-Semite, you must prove that Jews are Semitic.




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Moderation is a simple thing. It’s even a boring thing. Don’t go to extremes, maintain balance. It may not sound exciting. It doesn’t conjure up images of epic video game or anime-battles over a volcano with dragons and arcane explosions. Neither does it remind us of shedding our material existence and rising up to become 4th density light beings. Therefore it’s probably the most important lesson we have to learn.

Nowadays when we think of the world a bit over century ago, especially Europe, we regard people being overly masculine, imposing their values and way of life onto others, through imperialism and whatnot. They did what they wanted with little consideration for others. I wouldn’t really disagree with that assessment. However the way we think nowadays is since our ancestors were too aggressive, used their strength too liberally against everyone, we must do the opposite. Never be aggressive, always try to find a peaceful solution, always just try to talk things over. That certainly doesn’t work, especially since there are people in this world that don’t care if you wanna talk it over or not.

There’s Zionist wars all over the middle-east, chemtrails, fracking, GMO, excessive immigration, the encroaching global police state and you know the rest. Those things won’t fix themselves by mere talk. Those problems don’t exist because it’s wrong to use force, rather it’s because we have not exercised force to stop them. We must know when to throw a punch, and how to throw a punch, and make it powerful enough to leave an impact, but not cause more havoc than the evil thing we wanted to stop. For example, Europeans and others facing similar problems, have to stand up for our own people and oppose this excessive immigration, especially from Islamic countries. Yet we must do it in moderation, i.e. not rounding up all the foreigners into death camps or anything like that. I believe immigration ultimately is beneficial thing for a society as long as it’s not excessive. We must differentiate between immigrants who want to come to your country to work or simply because they are interested in the culture, and those who simply want to parasite off of the social service system, and ultimately take the country over by sheer numbers.

We should not be drawn into any form of extremism. Pacifism too is extremism, and for a society to take up such a position as never to use force or violence, is to doom such society. Pacifism might work for certain individuals, but not for a race of people or a nation. There’s a form of extremism that many conspiracy theorists take up after they “wake up”. They might rant about the Illuminati or 9/11 being an inside job to people that have no interest in the subject, and by doing this the conspiracy theorist ensures the other person certainly does not want anything to do with the conspiracy stuff in the future. On the other hand the co-incidence theorists too are often locked to the socially acceptable narrative and never venture outside the confines of the mental compound, which makes communication impossible. Both extremes should be able to find middle-ground. It’s often more effective to refer to Eddie Bernays’ media manipulation techniques and AIPAC instead of Illuminati mind control and the Jewish conspiracy.

A lot of us, myself included at times, are very good at finding distractions from keeping us from doing what we should be doing. There are games, TV shows, Youtube, alcohol and even conspiratainment. We don’t necessarily have to give up those hobbies completely, instead we should recognize when we are engaging in them to escape reality, and when do they actually provide joy for us.

One see-saw over balance in being an “awake” conspiracy nut is the axis between good, hard conspiracy fact, like banking scams, manipulated wars and media deception, and esoteric stuff like reptilians, ETs, UFOs, Archons, Djinn, synchronicity and all that. You can get off the deep end if you focus too much on the esoteric, and to large extent, hypothetical and anecdotal conspiracy theories. Then again you focus solely on the more political and economic level of conspiracies you’ll miss the big picture that this is ultimately a spiritual war on perception and consciousness, whatever that means. We must be able shift between the airy-fairy world of presumed supernatural entities and the very human crooks that are screwing up the planet.

Especially on the internet many people succumb to lack of moderation on discussion forums and such. Even if someone says something that is incorrect (or is perceived as such), does not give you the right stomp them to the ground. Maintain some decency both online and offline. The way a lot of people are behaving is equivalent to winning team in a sports competition to devouring the losing team.

Keep the balance. In our world it mostly means we have to shift to the strong, warrior-like side more. Don’t be a pussy.