Should we root for Russia in the New Cold War?

It’s quite obvious that the government and the president’s and prime ministers in the most influential Western countries are utterly evil, corrupt and insane. They support the New World Order, global Orwellian police state/ Huxleyan nanny state. They start wars, support Israel and bankrupt countries without a second thought. This should be obvious to anyone. If it’s not, I suggest you lift your head away from your ass and clean your eyes from the shit first.

In many ways Russia is the opponent of the utter monstrous insanity perpetrated by Western leadership. Putin, and his regime, at least portrays some degree of common sense, some moderation. For example Russia stopped the West from completely annihilating Syria, for a while at least. When compared to Obama, Putin certainly has certain characteristics of a true leader to his people, and I believe he genuinely does what he thinks is best for Russia, although I’m sure many Russians would disagree with him. Yet compared to Obama, Putin is certainly more human. Obama is a cardboard cut-out, unboxed probably in 2007 from some warehouse and painted in a factory to dazzle people without half-a-brain. It doesn’t matter whether he was born in the US, Kenya, Krypton or ancient Egypt, he’s certainly not American and does not give a fuck about America.

That being said, I feel quite ambivalent to the positive reception Putin and Russia has received in the alternative media during the last few years. No doubt there are instances where Russia has exemplified a moderate, humane and sane force in the world, holding back the tidal wave of mind-controlled locusts that sadly majority of the Westerners have become. Yet how far should we trust Russia? And by we I mean the Westerners who are not one of the pod people. Whether or not there is the Illuminati ruling both sides of this conflict, even if Russia is genuinely fighting for the “good guys”, we cannot, we mustn’t expect Russia to save us. We should not really rejoice when Russia does something to thwart the evil brewing in our countries. Rather, we should eject the evil force from our countries ourselves. If we are too weak, or too lazy, to do so, we will only attract another tyrant to take over our nations. Whether it is Russia, UN or space aliens matters little.

This whole situation is lamentable. Despite how the maxim goes “the enemy of my enemy is friend”, we should not count Russia among our friends too easily. For when the enemy is destroyed, the former friend by convenience will turn into a new enemy. I don’t mean Russia as a nation, but Russia as a fledgling empire. We should not be blind to the dark side of Russia and its government, for surely it is there, simply because the evil perpetrated by Russia is negligible to the evil committed by Western governments (and their ally Israel).


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