British Muslim minister resigns over the Palestinian issue

Couple of weeks ago I wrote in the article named Turning Muslims into the new Jews: “Islam is portrayed as the poor, misunderstood religion of peace. We are expected to show our sympathy for Islam; to lay down our arms and surrender. But Islam is a religion of conquest. Muslims won’t show friendship or sympathy toward us, if we are unarmed. They will expect us to submit or die, if we won’t defend ourselves against their Borg-like incursion.” Today I see an article on the Independent (a mainstream newspaper) website called Baroness Warsi sparks a Tory rebellion over Gaza conflict. It is related to what I was talking about as well as displays other ways of defining a narrative for us so we wouldn’t have to think. So nice of them.

The article starts: “David Cameron was facing mutiny among senior Tory MPs last night as they lined up to condemn his handling of the Gaza crisis and to warn his stance was alienating millions of British Muslims.” This single sentence is so loaded with assumptions and subtle hints to how we should perceive reality in a socially acceptable way instead of facing it head on it makes my head explode. Let us begin.

First of all the Independent is trying to make it seem as if the slaughter of Palestinians is only a concern to other Muslims, since most, if not all, Palestinians are Muslim. But that’s not really significant. The point is that Israel has slaughtered a few thousand people, it should not matter what their religious or political persuasion is. There are plenty of people all over the world who are concerned about Palestinians whether they are Christian, Muslim, atheist or something else matters little. Second assumptions is actually somewhat accurate, even though sick, but as we live such a twisted world I guess I should commend the author for hinting at this: the concern here is alienating British Muslims, not an issue of human life, morality or anything like that. The underlying assumption is that if the Muslims weren’t upset over the slaughtering of Palestinians, the Independent would have no problems with it, but since David Cameron is doing a politically bad maneuver he is being criticized for it. It is not an issue that he supports genocide, it’s only an issue if a group of people that Cultural Marxists value care about it. This brings me to the third point, which is not inherent in the first sentence, but in the article as a whole.

The article focuses on the “First Muslim cabinet minister” in Britain, Baroness Warsi. I’m not sure if Baroness is her first name or her title. I also doubt she has any relation to the Cobra member from GI Joe.

Back to business. Warsi is depicted as a “brave and principled” hero for speaking her mind. This is allowed, because she is a Muslim and Pakistani. The Cultural Marxists allow her to have free speech is such issues and commend her, because she belongs to one of the sacred minorities. What do you think would happen if a white Christian politician criticized Israel’s crusade into Gaza? They would be labelled anti-Semite and their career would be ruined or worse. Perhaps they would even go to jail as racism is illegal in Britain. A Muslim has the right to criticize anyone they want, but of course people native to Europe have no such right.

The article also mentions Warsi’s concern of “anti-Muslim rhetoric in parts of government”. Oh poor is them. Sob sob. I have little faith in the altruism of Muslims. I wonder if the Islamic world would be concerned over the murder of Palestinians if they weren’t Muslim? Would they demand justice for dead Christians, atheists or Buddhists?

But hey, I’m just a crazy conspiracy theorist, racist, anti-Semite, Islamophobe so you shouldn’t listen to me. The mainstream media always tells you the truth. It’s so honest it even tells you what you should think without you realizing it. They’re just nice that way.



Here’s one example of what happens when a white Westerners criticizes Israel. Australian journalist Mike Carlton had criticized Israel in his column and some people called him a Jew-hating Nazi and so on. He told some of them to fuck off and this gave them an incentive to bitch more. The newspaper was going to suspend him for a while, but he resigned.




Baroness Warsi sparks a Tory rebellion over Gaza conflict:



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