Fashionable pop-morals for Consumers

Issues of morality are just another fashion in our modern society. Some theater called Tricycle theatre “has pulled out of hosting the UK Jewish film festival this year over concerns of funding from the Israeli government”. I support boycotting Israel and it got the Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council (whatever that is) pissed off, which is nice, but… this sounds just following the trend of the week. Now it’s fashionable to turn up one’s nose at Israel. After a week or two it’ll be something else. This is consumerist activism. Pop-morals. Fashion ethics. Too many labels, don’t know which one to pick.

There’s always one issue, which is high-lighted in the media and everyone gets all excited over it. Be it Save the Whales, Free Tibet, Kony 2012 or whatever piece of crap. The same as there’s always the latest blockbuster movie each month that grasps everyone’s attention, a new Harry Potter book or football world cup. It’s a fine distraction to consume. But the consumer can get bored with pure entertainment so therefore there exists the pseudo-moral dilemma, or the target of moral indignation, until he gets bored of it.

Israel has murdered and oppressed Palestinians for decades. Where was the indignation three months ago? How about 5 years ago, or 10 years ago? The attention span of the consumer is only a couple of weeks or so, so naturally we shouldn’t expect them to remember old stuff like that. You could probably tell them the world was created in the 1960s and half of them would believe it. The history the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a long progression, a story with various phases and developments. No, of course not. It’s like a music video that gives 3-5 minutes of random images of sex, violence and feeds you a few emotions to get your fix. Then you forget. Until the next fix is offered by the media.

Perhaps I sound irate or overly critical, but we really should began to think and observe before a disaster happens, not after it. Like if someone has a deadly tumor you should tend to it before it grows too big. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be as cinematic as letting the problem grow too big, and then try to fix it. Just think about an action movie. What if the protagonist shot the bad guy only 10 minutes into the movie? Then we couldn’t see the exciting final battle with explosions, blood and destroyed buildings all over. Boring.




Newsnight Debates Tricycle Theatre’s Decision To Withdraw From Hosting Jewish Film Festival:


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