From Atheism to Transhumanism, or back to our Pagan roots?

A month ago I made post claiming that atheism is the fourth Abrahamic religion. I wasn’t quite sure at the time how literally I mean it, or if it’s more of a polemical statement. Now the idea has stewed in me for a while and I feel more confident my assessment of the relationship of Christianity and atheism is onto something.

Both Christianity and atheism view people in terms of a person, not flesh and blood human being. The ideology seeks to reduce everyone to the same standards and rules. A human being is not an individual with their sex, race and other attributes. You’re just another Christian to follow God, or another citizen. Both strip the living spirit out of people and make them into a construct. This is in essence what egalitarianism is. It reduces a name into a number.

“Primitive” people view the world in animistic terms, everything in nature (in modern times this should include technological devices too, I imagine) has a spirit. The world is alive. A polytheistic view is a bit more defined version of that with numerous gods used to explain the physical and metaphysical occurrences of our world. Monotheism reduces lot of the colour and vividness of the older religions and turns into black and white. There is one God, you must obey him or else. Often monotheists see the world in a fairly Manichaenistic a duality where everything originates from the source of all good or of evil. It is simplistic like a children’s cartoon. Yet there is the mystical element of God at least. Atheism may not as black and white as monotheism, but it has no element of mysticism. No spirit, no purpose. A gray machine turning and churning simply because.

This is the process that has hi-jacked our life-loving animistic and polytheistic cultures. First it reduces the mystical into one entity and then eliminates it. I do not know if it has been a deliberate plan, a conspiracy, or mere a logical process leading from one step to another. Ultimately though, the process is fear of life, the uncertainty, the unpredictability of experience. It’s like if you go see a movie and you want to know the story before-hand, since you don’t want to take the risk. If in fact atheism is a phase in the monotheistic/ atheistic takeover of our culture, what is the next step? Transhumanism, of course.

It’s all about supplanting nature (or God) with the artificial. It is about weakness to take on the unfairness of nature and striving despite it, to trying to make the reality to bend to one’s Luciferian will. This process for Transhumanism has been ongoing for centuries, if not millennia. It does not merely mean merging man with machine, but infecting the living spirit in all living things with the banality of the artificial.

In the middle-ages Christians used to call worshippers of old gods Pagans. Pagan simply is Latin for “villager”. Back in those days it was “educated” city folk who were “progressive” Christians and the “backward” Pagans lived in rural areas. Nowadays it’s mostly that rural “hicks” are Christian and the cities are inhabited by “educated” atheists. It is part of the process to separate people from nature to make them easier to absorb unnatural ideologies, as cities tend to do. That is why we must do the opposite, get back to ethnic roots. Our racial, Pagan roots whatever heritage you belong to.

There is already a resurgence of people rediscovering their race in Europe as Dan Rayner quite powerfully expressed on Red Ice Creations in his interview on Asatru, the Nordic religion. I’m Finnish so my ethnic religion is a bit different, but Finns and Germanic people have a long history together. We in the west, and especially in Europe, have been conditioned we’re just “white” people with a Christian heritage. No. We are of Finnish-Estonian-Ugrian, Germanic, Slavic and various other heritage. We are united that we all have been hi-jacked by these Abrahamic religions, and we are under assault by external forces that have infiltrated our societies.

I am not advocating returning to one’s racial heritage just for Europeans. Many other races are in dire need of it as well. The situation in East-Asia in different in some ways and similar in others. Chinese, Japanese and Korean people have no confusion about their race, but don’t really know how to reconcile their racial identity in the modern world. Less than a hundred years ago East-Asians had their own king or emperor based on ancient Confucian tradition. Suddenly they’ve expected to become modern, secular democracies (socialist states as in the case of mainland China). The transition seems like it missed one important phase in the middle. And moreover, the people weren’t asked if they want to do so.

Arabs and Persians would probably be better off if they went back to their pre-Islamic tradition, but that’s just me.

One more note on Japan. I really love Shinto shrines in Japan. Even though I don’t really understand much of it, since I’m not Japanese the atmosphere is great in the holiest Shinto shrines. Shinto is a truly Japanese religion, unlike buddhism which is an invader similar to the Semitic religions.

Anyways in closing I want to say I’m glad the west isn’t that Christian anymore, but I don’t think atheism is a development for the better. While it rids us of some superstitions it does not offer much spiritual content to our lives. We don’t have to look for that content somewhere else, it is already in us to begin with. Even if it is a cliché.



Dan Rayner on Red Ice:

Asatru news:


2 thoughts on “From Atheism to Transhumanism, or back to our Pagan roots?”

  1. I grew up atheist and your right when you say its already in us. I see atheism as a reset button because its already in us i longed to find it and finally did….
    Sovereign integral

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