Archons, Nazis, Zionists and the Secret Space Program

Something popped into my mind as I was listening to John Lash’s latest interview on Red Ice creations and looking at the poster of Iron Sky on my wall. This might be total fiction, not saying I think this is true or anything, but at least it would make a fun B-movie: the Secret Space Program is run by the Nazis, but they do it to hide their presence from the Zionists controlling our world.

For those who do not know, Iron Sky is a Finnish movie about Nazis living on the moon and returning to Earth in modern day. The actors are mostly German and American, but the director, script and the intellectual content is Finnish.

John Lash is the guy who supposedly understood the message of the gnostics from 2000 years ago, and introduced the word Archon into common parlance. I haven’t read any of his books and don’t know that much about his ideas, except what I’ve heard from a few interviews, but it’s hard to dismiss what he says as nonsense. In the Red Ice interview he says Jews basically sold us out to the Archons (artificial, demonic presence) and were infected with the spiritual virus to ultimately destroy humanity or all life. This is something every conspiracy theorist should know already, whether or not they delve into the supernatural realm of conspiracies. A lot of the evil conspirators in our world seem to be Jewish. What co-incidence! (Naturally, this does not mean that every Jew is connected in a hive mind to this conspiracy. Rather it is the higher echelons of Judaism that are involved in this Archontic conspiracy.)

Anyways, there are also some reports of some sort of Nazi secret society still in existence. NASA was founded by Nazis, Argentina has some of that legacy too, I believe. Joseph P. Farrel has written about the Nazi space program, and Peter Levenda’s Unholy Alliance claims the Nazi influence exists still, I believe, although I haven’t read their books yet. Simply put, there are claims of Nazis still existing in the background, conspiracy theories of a “Nazi Death Cult” and so on. I’ve found this information somewhat contradictory. While even respectable researchers claim Nazis still exist, I really don’t see our culture having been perverted into a Nazi Frankenstein monster, but a Jewish Frankenstein monster. So perhaps there is a Nazi secret society, but they are the good guys, or at least not our enemy.

It should be obvious by now that most the stuff we have been told about the Nazis is false. From the Holocaust and Final Solution (and it being illegal to question it in many countries) to the Jews serving in the German military and the Transfer Agreement. They have been turned into comic book villains. No group of people in history has been as vilified as the Nazis. Might there be a reason for this, or is it mere co-incidence? Although I’m not saying the Nazis from 1930s and 40s were necessarily the good guys, the Allies certainly were not the good guys either, they were merely the winners. What I advocate on the historical Nazis is to treat them fairly and look at their actions, the good and the bad, as an adult. Not as a child saying He-man is good, Skeletor bad. Yet since the Nazis are so vilified to this day, they must have done something right.

And finally we get to the hypothetical (probably fictional) Nazi Secret Space Program. According to my understanding some of the people who theorize that the Secret Space Program exists gets it funding from the Black Projects of the US government. A large portion of that money. Why would the Zionist US government be funding Nazis then? Perhaps, Nazis manage to do this under the radar of the Zionists. Perhaps they created a network in the 40s that allowed them to keep money flowing to them, and the Zionists haven’t managed to stop them. Alternatively, there are two Secret Space Programs: one for Nazis and one for Zionists. Perhaps the Nazis did in fact fly to the moon and build a base there in the 40s, or the Hollow Earth or some other secret place. The Zionists have been reverse-engineering their technology for decades trying to fight them. That could be the secret space war. This sounds really like a comic book, doesn’t it? It also brings to mind Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part 1 and Jews in Space.

Might sound far-fetched, then again Finland managed to win the Eurovision song contest eight years ago, which is much more miraculous in my book. Today’s fiction is tomorrow’s fact and so on. If you think what I said is stupid, I’m fine with it, but go listen to John Lash’s interview and watch Iron Sky at least.




John Lash:

Iron Sky:

Transfer agreement:

Secret space program:

Jews in Space:


3 thoughts on “Archons, Nazis, Zionists and the Secret Space Program”

  1. In this case the jewish archon aspect is so important it’s almost staggering. Once you realise Hitler was a Jewish freemason and most of the ‘fun’ scifi plotlines in our favourite shows and books are kinda sorta more like documentaries than we realise… One thing I will say, red ice= red eyes, so assuming you’re not a shill, beware their content to some extent. The luciferians hide in plain sight after all 😉

    1. I agree with bewaring any content anyone is putting forward to some extent. However, your motives are clear in subtly and not so subtly suggesting Red Ice and Henrik Palmgren are shills. I don’t think so. You on the other hand are merely sowing dissent.

  2. not that’s not it at all. Im not trying to stir anything up, it’s just you can track content over a time period and mark up changes or agendas if they seem a bit questionable. I’m mostly a fan of MW and Henrik, it’s just you seemed to be the kind of person who can process the orwellian triplethink we need to use these days. Im surprised you read dissent actually since I’m more or less chiming in with your articles. I agree with 90% of your ideas.

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