Moderation is a simple thing. It’s even a boring thing. Don’t go to extremes, maintain balance. It may not sound exciting. It doesn’t conjure up images of epic video game or anime-battles over a volcano with dragons and arcane explosions. Neither does it remind us of shedding our material existence and rising up to become 4th density light beings. Therefore it’s probably the most important lesson we have to learn.

Nowadays when we think of the world a bit over century ago, especially Europe, we regard people being overly masculine, imposing their values and way of life onto others, through imperialism and whatnot. They did what they wanted with little consideration for others. I wouldn’t really disagree with that assessment. However the way we think nowadays is since our ancestors were too aggressive, used their strength too liberally against everyone, we must do the opposite. Never be aggressive, always try to find a peaceful solution, always just try to talk things over. That certainly doesn’t work, especially since there are people in this world that don’t care if you wanna talk it over or not.

There’s Zionist wars all over the middle-east, chemtrails, fracking, GMO, excessive immigration, the encroaching global police state and you know the rest. Those things won’t fix themselves by mere talk. Those problems don’t exist because it’s wrong to use force, rather it’s because we have not exercised force to stop them. We must know when to throw a punch, and how to throw a punch, and make it powerful enough to leave an impact, but not cause more havoc than the evil thing we wanted to stop. For example, Europeans and others facing similar problems, have to stand up for our own people and oppose this excessive immigration, especially from Islamic countries. Yet we must do it in moderation, i.e. not rounding up all the foreigners into death camps or anything like that. I believe immigration ultimately is beneficial thing for a society as long as it’s not excessive. We must differentiate between immigrants who want to come to your country to work or simply because they are interested in the culture, and those who simply want to parasite off of the social service system, and ultimately take the country over by sheer numbers.

We should not be drawn into any form of extremism. Pacifism too is extremism, and for a society to take up such a position as never to use force or violence, is to doom such society. Pacifism might work for certain individuals, but not for a race of people or a nation. There’s a form of extremism that many conspiracy theorists take up after they “wake up”. They might rant about the Illuminati or 9/11 being an inside job to people that have no interest in the subject, and by doing this the conspiracy theorist ensures the other person certainly does not want anything to do with the conspiracy stuff in the future. On the other hand the co-incidence theorists too are often locked to the socially acceptable narrative and never venture outside the confines of the mental compound, which makes communication impossible. Both extremes should be able to find middle-ground. It’s often more effective to refer to Eddie Bernays’ media manipulation techniques and AIPAC instead of Illuminati mind control and the Jewish conspiracy.

A lot of us, myself included at times, are very good at finding distractions from keeping us from doing what we should be doing. There are games, TV shows, Youtube, alcohol and even conspiratainment. We don’t necessarily have to give up those hobbies completely, instead we should recognize when we are engaging in them to escape reality, and when do they actually provide joy for us.

One see-saw over balance in being an “awake” conspiracy nut is the axis between good, hard conspiracy fact, like banking scams, manipulated wars and media deception, and esoteric stuff like reptilians, ETs, UFOs, Archons, Djinn, synchronicity and all that. You can get off the deep end if you focus too much on the esoteric, and to large extent, hypothetical and anecdotal conspiracy theories. Then again you focus solely on the more political and economic level of conspiracies you’ll miss the big picture that this is ultimately a spiritual war on perception and consciousness, whatever that means. We must be able shift between the airy-fairy world of presumed supernatural entities and the very human crooks that are screwing up the planet.

Especially on the internet many people succumb to lack of moderation on discussion forums and such. Even if someone says something that is incorrect (or is perceived as such), does not give you the right stomp them to the ground. Maintain some decency both online and offline. The way a lot of people are behaving is equivalent to winning team in a sports competition to devouring the losing team.

Keep the balance. In our world it mostly means we have to shift to the strong, warrior-like side more. Don’t be a pussy.


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