Are the majority of Jews descendants of the Khazars?

Or more to the point, what does it matter? The majority of the world’s Jews are of the Ashkenazi subgroup. They are the European Jews in layman’s terms (which I am). Numbers vary from 75%-95% according to my understanding. The other groups are the Sephardi Jews, which are the most middle-eastern, and the Falashas of Ethiopia. Perhaps there are others. It has become more and more popular to claim in the alternative media and conspiracy theorist circles that the Ashkenazi are of Khazarian origin, not Semitic.

This story seems to originate from Arthur Koestler’s book The Thirteenth Tribe written in 1976. A couple of years ago Jewish geneticist Eran Elhaik claimed he proved the Khazar theory to be correct. Khazaria was a Turkic kingdom or empire between the Black Sea and Caspian sea, around modern day Ukraine, in the early middle-ages. Originally the Khazars were pagan, but converted to Judaism around the year 750 AD. The usual explanation for this is they converted because Khazaria was in between Christian and Muslim lands. Both Abrahamic faiths had more regard for Judaism than Paganism, so the Khazars converted to Judaism as a compromise. That’s what they claim anyways.

Why does any of this matter then? For several reasons; first, if the Jews have no historical connection to ancient Palestine, their case for creating Israel is pointless. They cannot return to a land they never went to before. Second, the majority of Jews are not Semitic, which makes the label Anti-Semite even more ridiculous. If you dislike Jews, you are not an Anti-Semite. Arabs and Ethiopians are Semites. Third, it’s just more evidence of the duplicity of the Jews, and that nothing they claim should be trusted.

Yet does any of this really matter? I’m not a Christian, Jew, nor a Muslim. I don’t believe in the chosen people of Israel. It doesn’t matter whether they’re Askhenazi or Sephardi. Judaism is an insane supremacist cult. Weren’t they genocidal way before the Jews encountered the Khazars? Isn’t the Old Testament full of the Jewish supremacist violence? Did something change when the Khazars embraced Judaism? (Maybe it did, this is a genuine question.) Then again some academics claim that only the ruling class of the Khazars truly converted to Judaism, and overall Khazarian Judaism was a superficial thing. Perhaps this is true. It’s a fascinating conspiracy theory to delve into the assumption that Jews are Khazars, and not Semites and all that, but where does it lead?

Even Max Igan on his latest visit to Red Ice Creations spoke of the Khazars, and how he thinks the Jews who served in the Nazi military during WWII were Khazarian Jews. He thinks the Khazars were particularly nasty people, and doesn’t seem to want to blame the Jews overall. Why? I don’t follow his reasoning. Igan is willing to think that this Turkic tribe of Khazars is an inhumane group of murderers, but is reluctant to say that about the Semitic Jews. He said something like the Ashkenazi/ Khazars believe more in the (racist) Talmud than the Torah. But the Talmud was written 500-600 AD, before the Khazars converted. So if the Khazars are the ancestors of the Ashkenazi, other group of Jews (such as Sephardi) must have written the Talmud. Therefore the Ashkenazi-Talmud connection does not make much sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Khazarian question is fascinating, and also the word Ashkenazi and the national socialist Nazi connection is interesting too. However, we should not get bogged down by details when the Zionist Jews and their minions are trying to genocide the Palestinians and the “white” race, turn paedophilia into a socially acceptable thing and who knows what else. Judaism in an evil cult, or an evil race. This is basically what John Lash hinted at in his Red Ice interview. This is something we must face and deal with sooner than later. One good reason for this is to avoid a real Holocaust of Jews. More and more people are seeing the true face of Judaism, and I really don’t want them to go to a Jew killing frenzy, burning regular Jews at stake. We must look at the situation rationally.

I’ve heard the comment a few times “what is white anyway? They’re not really a race.” This of course originates from the Jewish Cultural Marxists, and the comment reveals more about the Jews, since nobody knows what a Jew is. Are they a race or a religion? A bit of both and neither. I agree with John Lash that Jews sold humanity out to this demonic Jehova virus long ago. In some spiritual sense Jews are tainted, yet I do not believe they are beyond redemption. There are countless decent Jews speaking out against the evils of Zionism and so forth. We must recognize them for what they are.

Remember, before you can accuse me of being an Anti-Semite, you must prove that Jews are Semitic.




‘Jews a Race’ Genetic Theory Comes Under Fierce Attack by DNA Expert:

The Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria (Essential Lectures in Jewish History) Dr. Henry Abrams:

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One thought on “Are the majority of Jews descendants of the Khazars?”

  1. the freemasons believe jews/masons are descended from cain, cain himself having serpentine/luciferian dna…they kind of imply the edenic snake to be the transdimensional alien benefactor of an ‘imprisoned’ adamic race…aka normal non sociopaths. apparently our planet is one theatre of many featuring a demiurge vs god battle between two darwinian strategies….I dunno. most humans are awful creatures, choose your variation..

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