Similarities in the deaths of David Carradine and Robin Williams

David Carradine, the actor known for playing Bill in Kill Bill, died in Bangkok in 2009 in a manner similar to Robin Williams. Both died of asphyxiation by their own belt.

I wasn’t going to continue with Robin Williams stuff, but seems like there’s something I still had to say.



David Carradine was in Bangkok before his death filming his last movie Stretch. He died three days before the movie was finished. The official reason for his death is accidental asphyxiation during autoerotic asphyxiation. This means he was allegedly choking himself with his belt while jacking off, and accidentally slipped or something. Back in 2009 when I heard of his death I thought it was suspicious. Sounded like a punishment for him for something. It’s a rather ignoble way to go. But I didn’t look into it more. I just thought it was suspicious and left it at that.

Now that Robin Williams dies the same way I feel like I should look into Carradine’s death. So unsurprisingly there were claims that he was murdered. His agent Chuck Binder said David Carradine had been murdered, and so does his brother Robert Carradine. Apparently there had been a footprint on the bed that was not David’s. Also according to the brother David Carradine couldn’t have gotten into the “rig” by himself. It sounds somewhat plausible since he was 72-years old when he died. Carradine’s ex-wife allegedly said that he was into “deviant sexual behaviour which was potentially deadly” though.

I don’t know if he was murdered or not, but the thing that disturbs me the most is that people take it face value that a 72-year old man is doing sex games where he strangles himself with the belt while masturbating. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I find it a bit shocking to hear a grandfather dies doing something like that. I know Hollywood promotes all sorts of perversion so it’s certainly not impossible he was playing his sex games, but I’d pause and think at least before accepting the story.



Although similar to Carradine’s death the main stream media has deemed Robin Williams’ death a suicide, not an accident. There are some though, who notice the similarity to Carradine’s death and suggest Williams might have been doing the autoerotic asphyxiation thing too. In addition to the weird Family Guy co-incidence in Williams’ death, there’s another one. A movie called World’s Greatest Dad has a scene where Robin Williams’ character finds his son dead with a belt around his neck. The son had died an accidental erotic death. None of this is probably news to anyone following this story.

Did Williams commit suicide, did he accidentally kill himself while jacking off, or was he murdered? Perhaps he was doing the autoerotic asphyxiation thing, but his family would rather have it known as a suicide as it is less embarrassing. Could be, but I don’t buy it. I cannot dismiss the weird co-incidences, or say that they are synchronicities, as if it explains anything.

The Wikipedia entry on his death has changed since I did my first blog post on Robin Williams. Now it’s much shorter:

“Williams died on the morning of August 11, 2014, at his home in Paradise Cay, California.[2] In the initial report released on August 12, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputy coroner stated Williams had hanged himself with a belt and died from asphyxiation.[126][127][128] His body was cremated and his ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay on August 12.[129]”

Gone is the mention of knife cuts. This thing is no longer there: “The Marin County Sheriff’s department reported there were cuts along Williams’s left wrist, and that a pocket knife was found close to his body.” Sounds like some sort of cover-up to me.

There’s also some speculation that the psychiatric drugs Williams was taking made him go crazy and possibly lead to his suicide. Could be. I certainly believe drugs, or “medicine”, can do it, but I still think there was something more sinister at hand.

Here’s what I think, this is pure speculation though, but this is how I see it: Robin Williams was murdered. The people who did it tried to make it look like he had been up to autoerotic asphyxiation that went wrong, but his family didn’t want people to think Williams died doing something nasty. So there was a double cover-up.  At first the bad guys kill him and frame it as a failed sex game, but then his family frame the sex game to appear as suicide. This is what I think. His family probably believes in the sex game explanation.



I think both Carradine and Williams were murdered. The scenario looks like both actors either stepped on somebody’s toes they shouldn’t have, or refused to do something they should have, and got killed for it. Not only were they killed, but it was a debasing murder. Both were made out to be perverts. They were old men, and to think their final moments were kinky sex games. I may be completely wrong here, of course, but this is how I see it. I don’t think it was an Illuminati ritual sacrifice though. It’s more like organized crime punishment.

This is my speculation based on the individual facts available. My interpretation of them. Perhaps there is no real connection between the deaths of David Carradine and Robin Williams, but I think there is. The weird co-incidences surrounding Williams’ death say to me that we should not merely register his death as a suicide and forget about it. Actor Randy Quaid said there are “star whackers” in Hollywood who kill actors who get out of line. I think there’s a connection.

“I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen every day. But I don’t trust coincidences.”

– Lewton in Discworld Noir



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11 thoughts on “Similarities in the deaths of David Carradine and Robin Williams”

  1. Good article but an interesting fact you missed is the proximity of Carradine’s death and the premiere of Robin Williams’ movie with the autoerotic asphyxiation in it! That movie came out in Spring, and was still showing some places in Summer, David Carradine died on June 3rd and The World’s Greatest Dad was shown at Seatlle’s International Film Festival on June 6th!

  2. You say you believe Williams was murdered than framed to look like he had an accident while jacking. What is your motive for murder? You need to present a motive for that speculation to even be credible.

    Now on the other hand there appears to be all the evidence that he died while jacking and that it was not suicide. Particularly how he was found, even regardless of whether the family kept secret whether his pants were down with lotion nearby.

    It makes more sense that he died while jacking and his family wanted to preserve his privacy and reputation.

  3. Yes, Hollywood is run by a tribal mafia of sorts, who are connected to the Banking cartel and the mass media outlets. They basically own these actors and performers, who sell themselves body and soul for a chance at fame. Along with Williams and Carradine’s suspicious deaths, you can include Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger on that list, and many others over the years. They’ll also destroy your public reputation in the media like Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan until you agree to do their bidding. Doesn’t surprise me at all that some of these celebrity “suicides” and “overdoses” are arranged punishment or payback for stepping out of line with what these mobsters want.

  4. This is the worst article I’ve ever read. And I’ve read some pretty atrocious sh*t.

    1. I’ve read a bunch of bad comments as well, and yours is one of them. I’d prefer actual criticism, i.e. what exactly in my article is particularly atrocious?

  5. Wow ! The method (I cannot stand to name it because it is very filthy) has been around before Washington’s time.

  6. I am highly suspicious of everything the media puts out. I am sure that more Stars have been murdered, than not. There have been so many, far too many for coincidence, and it is always made put to be from drugs, suicide, or some so- called “accident”. Then they show it on ” Family Guy” before it actually happens? Something is very very wrong here. I wonder if most of these Stars knew they would end up murdered? Lady Diana knew . Back when my father was still living, he knew that Princess Diana would die at age 36, but he did not live long enough thereafter, to see that he was absolutely correct.

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