The Unraveling Pedophilia Networks

The global pedophile network is becoming more public every month, and especially the British side of it. I guess it started with the revelations about Jimmy Savile, various other media personalities have been revealed to be pedos since that. Of course they’re still covering up for the highest level politicians and the royal family. But they cannot do it forever if the people keep pushing. The latest revelation in this is the Rotherham scandal. It’s all so fucking the sickening on so many levels there’s not much I can say that makes a difference.

The most disturbing thing is that there have to have been several seemingly decent people covering up for the high-class pedophiles. It makes little sense to blame someone like Jimmy Savile for being a monster. He was what he was, and you just have to look at his picture to notice there’s something creepy about him. It’s pointless to blame a fox for eating your chickens if you put him in charge of your hen house in the first place. Savile, and all those others, were responsible for their crimes, of course, but the greatest blame goes for the people covering up for them, and believing in those sick fucks. Supporting them, voting for them.

The most sickening are the people who themselves were not pedophiles, but helped in it, because they were too cowardly to do anything else. Or because they believed in the social order and thought hiding the crimes of the people on top was better than shaking the fabric of society. Fuck those people. I can understand a monster being a monster. I can even respect a monster for the evil that it revels in, but I cannot say the same for a normal person who covers up the crimes of others because of fear, or desire for the continuance of a system based on lies.


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