Apparently the Scientific Method is equal to believing whatever bullshit the Social Consensus tells you, or I hate people and I hope they die horribly

I’m drunk (which is the best way to start any blog or article). I was talking with a friend about the nature of reality, disbelief in dogma (whether “scientific” or religious) and the Matrix. You know, the usual drunk stuff. Then some random female arrived at the scene (note: I’m saying female, not girl or woman in order to be disrespectful). She said she’s been listening to our conversation for a while and asked if she could join. We agreed, and I was sort of excited about talking about philosophical matters to a stranger.

I’m not sure what we first talked about, presumably I expressed my scepticism about everything, as the female, or the narcissistic smug idiot bitch, brought up the idea that scepticism is good as long as it doesn’t go to far like questioning the effects of vaccines. I naturally answered that I do question the purpose of vaccines. There was a tedious back and forth. Ultimately she said that vaccines have wiped out terrible diseases, to which I conceded it’s possible that has happened. However I pointed out that swine flu vaccines had several negative effects on people, especially in Germany. There was some more back and forth, and then she said I should use or trust or something with the scientific method in a smug way. I was sort of dumbfounded, since I thought the scientific method meant you’re supposed to find out how things work yourself, instead of trusting some random guy’s or institution’s claim without even meeting them in person. Apparently I didn’t get the memo where the definition of the scientific method has been changed to “obey what the social consensus is”.

Note, I did not say that vaccines do cause negative effects, except for the swine flu vaccine. I rather questioned their effects, and wondered if there is something added into the mix. Apparently that is somehow ignorant and unscientific. The smug idiot bitch (SIB) did recommended I read a certain Carl Sagan book (I forget which one since I’m drunk). I don’t really disagree with her suggestion since I haven’t read any of Sagan’s books, but I don’t know what he teach me about vaccinations used in the last few decades since he died in 1996.

This is, of course, my subjective, drunk account on the incident, but I can attest whole-heartedly that she was a smug idiot bitch, and I hope she suffers horribly. I don’t really care if she dies or not, though (as might be implied from the title), but I wish she suffers. Oh no! This is not a spiritually enlightened position to take on someone who behaved like a bitch toward you. Yes it is. Fuck you. Some people, many people, most people are just fucking idiots and they deserve the shit that is coming for them. I’m being spiritual by being a real human being, a man, and getting pissed off at someone who tries to pass off social consensus fantasies as science or truth, and trying to make me feel like an idiot because I don’t buy it. Still, I’m not saying (all) vaccines are necessarily bad, but I certainly would not trust them without probable cause.

Also this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced narcissistic smugness as this, although I don’t think I’ve argued about vaccines like this before. Just question the social consensus, and narcissism is what you get.

EDIT: I saw this picture on David Icke’s website. How appropriate.


H1N1 Vaccine Deaths in Germany: German doctors issued warning about swine flu jab:


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