American Schizophrenic relationship with the Nazis

I’ve recently been playing the latest installment in the Wolfenstein series of shooting games, Wolfenstein: The New Order. It’s not very good. It’s fun when you get to actually shoot people, but too much of the game is spent following orders the NPCs (Non-Player Character) give you or watching cut scenes. The story isn’t very interesting either. However, this is not supposed to be a game review.

Warning! *Spoiler Alert*

The plot of the game is that the Nazis won the Second World War by developing highly advanced technology. The game is set in the sixties where Nazis rule the world and you play a generic American dissident/action hero hanging around with others and completing missions. It’s later revealed that the superior technology originates from an ancient Jewish secret society, Da’at Yichud. Somehow the Nazis got their hands on that technology and were able to conquer the world. (I don’t know about you, but I think it’s rather lame and unoriginal.)

In essence the world is a global police state held together by faceless thugs with black armour and advanced technology. Among some of the features that highlight the evil and inhumane nature of the Nazis are their fierce robot dogs, flying attack drones and huge mechs. Later in the game you get to fire Nazi laser guns, fly in advanced stealth helicopters, and go to the Nazi moon base. The Nazis have nuked the US. Does this sound familiar? A bit too realistic to be an interesting fictional story? It’s because the American establishment has done most of these things.

While there is no American moon base, at least as far as I know, the US has done a lot of the other stuff in the game. DARPA has developed a cheetah robot that “can run faster than Usain Bolt”. The US is also developing an Iron Man-style TALOS robot suit. They’re, of course, been killing people in the Middle-East with drones for years. They’ve developed lasers too. The only nation that has attacked another with nukes is the US. Seemingly American politicians like George Bush and Henry Kissinger, and millionaire David Rockefeller, have been promoting the New World Order for decades (note the game title, New Order).

Let’s take a look at modern US police:

Then Wolfenstein Nazi soldiers:

It’s not the Nazis who have created the New World Order, but US, under the direction of the globalists. I wonder of the developers of the game realize this irony of the switch between the roles of US and the Nazis?

Another interesting theme is the notion that Nazi technology isn’t advanced because of German ingenuity, but it is reverse engineered from ancient Hebrew technology. Here’s another bait and switch. Remember Project Paperclip? NASA was more or less founded by Nazi scientists and their technology. Now that I think of it, maybe even modern DARPA robots are based on the technological know-how originally acquired from the Nazis. I’ve heard theories that even the two nukes dropped on Japan were taken from Germans.

It’s funny how the sadistic propaganda plot of Wolfenstein: The New Order inadvertently reflects the true nature of the American establishment, while painting a Nazi face on it. I don’t even think the real purpose of the game is to be Zionist propaganda. It’s more like a sadistic desire to find someone you can accuse of having wronged you just so you can have the pleasure of revenge, à la Aleister Crowley’s Aeon of Horus. I find the kind of sadism in the game sick, because of the attempt to make it seem morally justified, which should be contrasted with normal videogame violence that is just a bit of fun with no moralizations added.

That’s all folks. Even though I don’t really enjoy the game, at least it gave me something to think about.



DARPA’s Cheetah robot can now run faster than Usain Bolt:

Obama says US Army is building a real Iron Man and no, he is not joking:

DARPA Lasers:


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