All of the world is arguing what is the best political system to fix all of the world’s problems. Leftists say we need a leftist government with free reign to fix everything, the rightists say we need a right-wing government. Anarcho-nationalists say we need anarcho-nationalism, Libertarians say Libertarian limited government. Most people still seem to believe we can fix problems with legislation. If only we knew how to write down the correct laws, to regulate properly how other people should act, then it will all be fine. I’m not convinced.

I’m not opposed to laws per se, but I’m opposed to laws regulated by someone you’ve never met and written in a jargon you don’t understand. I’m not against people agreeing together on a set of rules or simply making agreements together. Those are sane laws, and mutually accepted laws. They don’t have to be universally applicable throughout all time and encompass the finer moral issues. No, those things should not be included in legislation. If a town wants to ban the use of pants, let them as long as they let people who want to wear pants to migrate elsewhere in peace. The way laws are nowadays most people tend to equate laws with morality. As if not obeying a law was immoral. It’s not. Raping someone is not immoral because it’s breaking the law. It’s simply immoral because it is immoral. Some folks also tend to believe in the magical power of the law. As long as we write something down, it’s somehow more powerful than simply saying it. I think the main purpose for writing things down is so you don’t forget it. Which is basically what I’m doing now. If I tried to say all this stuff in a conversation or a Youtube video I would probably forget many important details.

Hardly anyone remembers the old maxim anymore: adhere to the spirit of the law than the letter of the law. People just tend to assume that we have to fine tune laws so well no-one can mis-interpret them.

We don’t fix criminal and immoral behaviour with laws. Need evidence? Our moden society has plenty of laws and plenty of criminality. Notice the connection? However, what we have little of is respect for each other. Two individuals can co-exist with each other even if they don’t always agree with each other or understand each other if they have respect for each other. Same goes for different countries, cultures and races. You might not like the way those people over there handle their affairs, but you should at least respect them. Respect their right of self-determination.

The problem with the concept of respect is, of course, you cannot weigh, measure or regulate the amount and quality of respect available. So most people with their semi-scientific cyborg-brain cannot wrap their minds around the concept and assume it’s some old fashioned superstition. Since the government cannot regulate the amount of respect I have for you, it must not matter. No, respect is a real thing we experience from time to time. And we also experience lack of respect. It is an important thing too. Both to notice when our enemies don’t respect us, and when we have enemies we should not respect them. We should respect their capabilities to harm us, but not respect them as people.

Some people are simply completely lacking in morals and decency such as a psychopaths, criminals and most politicians. We should not gift them with our attribute of respect, we should not give them the luxury of self-determination if it entails harming us or others we respect. We should punch their teeth in, whether figuratively or literally, and make sure they cannot harm others. Respect is a fairly practical concept, and not idealistic airy-fairy one like laws, or words on a piece of paper. People having respect for each other, and retracting that priviledge when need be, does not mean that there won’t be conflicts between different people or groups, but that you can overcome such harships. Whereas people who believe in legislation seem terrified of conflict.

Concepts like human rights and equality are also legalistic bullshit. We don’t need them if we have respect. Everyone is not equal to everyone else. However, even if two people are not equal to each other, if they have respect for each other they won’t want to exploit each other. And human rights… what are they? The media and groups like Amnesty International are going on about certain human rights violation occuring in certain places, but no-one really seems to know what they actually are. You shouldn’t accept some UN bureaucrat’s narrative of what human rights are. One person’s idea of human rights might the right to vote, whereas I prefer the right not to vote. Someone’s idea of human rights might be the right to eat banana.

Respect y’all, or something.

Respect by Arethra Franklin, naturally:


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