Outer Space, Consciousness and Computers

Recently I’ve discussed mostly about political and other down to earth-stuff, and I feel like I’m neglecting weird and fascinating stuff that I don’t really know anything about, yet I must conjecture what it might be. What is outer space? The stars, planets, the alleged emptiness out there? Everyone who’s a fan science fiction like me has wondered this several times. However, I don’t feel the questions that most sci-fi movies present are really sufficient.

Let’s say there is life and intelligence out there, but of what kind? I doubt it’s the way various races are presented in Star Wars or Star Trek where the races are sort of like us. Flesh and blood creatures that squabble with each other over politics and territory. It makes interesting fiction and stories, but we shouldn’t confuse it with how things really are. Star Trek also has various episodes with non-corporeal entities from different dimensions, or of pure consciousness. Perhaps that is the direction we should be heading.

When I was a child in the 80s and 90s the scientific consensus seemed to be that there’s the vastness of space out there with countless rocks and combinations of gases floating about, but it’s all meaningless and dead. Even likelihood of life on earth was low according to science, although this planet is full of different kinds of life. Compared to that Star Wars/Trek or even the gray aliens on X-files, or the monsters from Alien movies seemed like a pleasant alternative. Since outer space is allegedly infinite, or at least it’s bigger than my mind can comprehend, it would be such a waste if there wasn’t purpose out there. There must be something conscious out there, or perhaps space itself is conscious. I think there was a Futurama episode (a comedic sci-fi cartoon series) where outer space was a vast, god-like computer, or perhaps one constellation was. Perhaps this is in simple terms what the stars are.

Before the modern age, spaceflight and all that mystics and magicians perceived of the stars as the astral plane. It wasn’t merely distant physical objects floating out there, but a different level of consciousness with dangers, wonders and beings they could interact with. The stars were within and without us, and they were alive. Nowadays we can observe stars and planets with telescopes, and send craft and probes out there to gather data. Some of it is probably quite valuable, but I don’t think it is enough. I don’t think we can reach the truth if we just treat the outer space as something physical we examine with our technological gadgets.

In modern Ufology and abduction experiences and all that stuff countless people have reported meeting beings from all over the cosmos. From planets, star systems and galaxies like Orion, Draco, Betelgeuse or Sirius. They also describe all sorts of species and races. Past life experiences can also say that people lived in the distant past in Orion or whatever. While I’m sceptical of much of that sort of information, and think a lot of it might be government psy-ops and result from mind control experiments, I’m not comfortable dismissing such information either.

What if, let’s say Sirius, is not merely a fiery ball in the sky, but a hub of some sort. Ultimately all we are as physical beings is information in the “Matrix”, and our thoughts, emotions and experiences are information too. Therefore outer space and everything else there is also information. That information out there has a physical form, at least some of the information (a small part since “Dark Matter” is ” 84.5% of the total matter in the universe” according to Wikipedia, and “dark energy plus dark matter constitute 95.1% of the total content of the universe.”), but those stars and planets also have a conscious or spiritual form. The incompetence of modern “science” pretty much says this by acknowledging it knows practically nothing about anything, since almost everything is this mysterious dark stuff they know nothing about.

Stars, star systems, constellations, galaxies are all hubs of certain types of information. They record the tendency or habit of something. Let’s look at the internet. It is full of various kinds of hubs. Two such hubs I frequent often are websites of David Icke and Red Ice Creations. They are aching to planets in the star system of conspiracy theories and alternative research. There are countless planets in the system, such as Infowars, Before it’s News, Whatreallyhappened.com, FreemanTV and so on. Some are big, others are small. Different people visit them with different frequencies and intentions. Another star system in the same galaxy might be that of researchers who deal with non-local sciences, or bringing spirituality back to science, and others types of alternative research. Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton and Graham Hancock are examples of this, and they have their websites. The information they present is certain related to that of the conspiracy websites, but ultimately is not focused on that. I don’t know if my explanation makes sense, but this is sort of how I try to understand outer space, or the astral.

So when a being someone perceives as an ET says it comes from Sirius, it might mean it originates from that information hub. The kind of information inherent in that hub is totally different to the way we process information on the hub of earth, it can be mind-blowing, and confusing. We do not understand what they mean, and we rationalize it mean that they are physical beings from a planet far away and they flew here with a flying saucer. Although in actuality the distance is probably due to our way of perceiving and processing information. You cannot run programs from a Commodore 64 computer from the eighties on a modern PC, unless you use an emulator specifically designed to run C-64 software. And if you tried to run a modern 3D game on the Commodore 64, you would probably fry its circuits. Modern day Apple Macs and PCs are more equal in their computing power, but the ways they process information are different. You cannot simply run an .exe-file on a Mac, even though Macs and PCs have many of the same programs. Although when the program is running its works more or less the same on both computers, but the process of programming the computer to bring out the same result is different. Or so I imagine. I’m not a programmer.

I think I’ve proven my geekiness for now having talked about space, sci-fi and computers enough. The truth is out there.



Dark Matter: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_matter


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