Inferiority and Music

Perhaps I’m a horrible judgemental, intolerant elitist person, but I cannot help but feel I am somehow of a superior race than people who cannot keep their crappy music to themselves. Or rather, I feel they are of an inferior race.

Music often an important sign of the kind of person you are. I’ve previously written how modern pop music is not proper music, and that’s by design (or something to that effect). How you inflict your own favourite music onto others also tells a lot about you.

I may have a victim-mentality when it comes to music, but that does not excuse the fact that occasionally I run into people who cannot keep their crappy music to themselves. I have a few different neighbours who occasionally play music too loud, and too late at night or too early in the morning. It pisses me off. It is natural that people do occasionally play music in their own apartments, especially on weekends, and it’s more my problem than theirs if I get annoyed. However, if they start playing music really loud at 4 AM, it’s a different story. Fortunately that hasn’t happened in recent months.

Just 30 minutes ago I heard some very loud music outside, and went to see from the window what was up. There was some guy outside fixing or cleaning his car and playing music on the car stereo. Now I can understand you want to play music when doing boring stuff like that, but he wasn’t simply playing music. He was playing the LOUDEST HE FUCKING COULD. It’s like these people’s radios and stereos only have two settings: off and on. Maybe they haven’t noticed they don’t have to crank the volume to the maximum.

Some years ago I was climbing a mountain with the hiking club of a university in Hong Kong. As we were reaching the summit, some Chinese guy started playing godawful Chinese pop on his cell phone. That sort of ruined the natural settings with the sense of freedom and nice view and all that. People playing music on their cell phones has two different sides of awful, and I don’t know which is worse: 1. usually the music they play is bad, 2. the sound quality on the phone is so bad it will butcher the song regardless. So I don’t know what possess these people to do it, especially in natural settings where you want to escape from that modern crap.

Last year in a hostel in Tokyo, one night there were some Swedish guys (gays) in a neighbouring room. They were of course playing bad music and talking very loud. Hence I know they were Swedish. They sounded rather young, and I can understand their situation, having to live in the gilded cage of socialist Sweden and traveling to the other side of the world to taste some freedom. But I don’t sympathize with them. Is this what freedom is? Being fucking annoying to others with no consideration for decency or moderation? Then maybe a global police state isn’t such a bad thing after all.

I see the uniting factor in all of these cases that the people do not think how their actions affect others. They do not think. They have no consideration for their actions. They merely act. Moreover, people who regularly listen to music very loud probably have incurred some brain damage.

I probably sound like a cantankerous old geezer, and perhaps this is what I am aiming to become. So there!


2 thoughts on “Inferiority and Music”

  1. You are right, I too despite pop music, especially the idol singer kind of music is too boring. RnB stuff is even worse, perhaps the lowest a music can get, while other modern music fail at achieve the beauty and dignity, RnB music actively promote ugliness, and I think it is the worst type of music ever. I can also have the same conclusion about a person being inferior when I hear some automobile loud speaker bolstering some shady words. I think you are on the right track but a person’s nature isn’t only reflected on music, I once had an idea that how someone have fun indicates his or her true nature. On the other hand I don’t think all modern music are bad, there are many good ones that in tune with the classical spirit like many background music on some TV program and movies, also some video game music were also good in spirit, or not as bad as the status-qo pop ones.

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