Charles Manson was Right

Already in the sixties, before he was in prison, Charles Manson had the concept of a coming race war, Helter Skelter. Wikipedia describes it as “an apocalyptic war he believed would arise from tension over racial relations between blacks and whites.” I heard about this idea years ago, possibly back in the nineties when I was a teen. I regarded the race war-concept a very archaic thing, something which may have seemed possible in the sixties, but now we have moved past those petty differences between races. Looking at the West now, I can only conclude I was wrong and Manson was right.

So how could he have seen what was coming 50 years ago? Was he just that brilliant, does he have prophetic ability? Possibly, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Instead I’m fairly confident he had some inside information back then. I’ve long thought that Manson was a sort of scapegoat, not that he was innocent of the crimes he was imprisoned for, but there were others, more “important” people involved, which were protected by Manson being thrown in jail and the case being closed. He was involved with “Satanic” elites back then, and was privy to some of their long term plans.

Looking at the Ferguson riots in the US and all the similar stuff, it is so obviously orchestrated. Just yesterday a police officer shot a 12-year old kid for having a toy gun. Naturally the media will try to make it a case of an evil white man killing a defenseless black kid, instead of pointing out that it is the paranoid police state which is the enemy of both whites and blacks.

In Britain there was the Woolwich false flag last year when black Muslims supposedly beheaded a British soldier. The Rotherham pedophile scandal which was revealed a few months ago involved Pakistanis raping and prostituting (mostly?) white girls. And the main stream media points this out. The Mirror reported that “the council and the police appeared to “play down the ethnic dimensions””.

There’s this two-way psy-op going on. On the one hand some white people are just too brainwashed, scared or stupid to do anything to protect themselves or their kind, which makes the Zionist cultural Marxist elites happy. Yet the Marxists aren’t so stupid to think that all white people are just gonna lay down without a fight, so they create this conflict between white and black, or white and Pakistani, and so on. All people should have the ability to see beyond this, who the true enemy is and who the enemy is using as their pawn.

From what I know about the Ferguson shooting of the “gentle giant” is that it wasn’t a one-sided execution as the media claims. The police officer may have had just cause to fire, although he may still have overreacted by shooting him dead. But all of these details are not the most pressing issue, unfortunately. It is not as much an issue of fact vs fiction, but how the people handle this conflict. It behooves both whites and blacks to see beyond the orchestrated scenario of conflict they are playing into. They should direct their anger towards the Zionist cultural Marxists, not each other.

For all the nationalists and white nationalists out there: while it may be a viable long term solution to avoid conflicts like these in the future to have separate nations for different races, as it is, you still live in a multicultural state, and therefore you should learn to co-operate with other races that have been unjustly forced into this situation. You don’t have to like it, but you have to recognize the enemy and a potential ally.

To quote an old classic game Maniac Mansion, which sort of rhymes with Charles Manson, “Don’t be a tuna head!”



Helter Skelter:

Cleveland shooting:

Rotherham scandal:


We don’t need more Kindness

I saw this video somebody posted on Facebook where a guy is suspended from his legs by two other guys and he’s head first in a manhole in order to save a duckling. Below is the comment: “If everyone did this, the world would be a lot more awesome. SHARE if you agree!” No, I don’t agree.

I don’t think people need be told to be more kind. It comes naturally to most folks. In contrast to all of the nasty stories we hear in the news, there’s loads of nice stories like a cop giving  a homeless man shoes, or a homeless man sharing his pizza with another. The stories are usually accompanied with the message: ‘if only everyone was like this everything would be fine, alas…’ Not everyone is nice like this, but I think there’s plenty of evidence that a whole lot of people are nice, so the reason the world is so fucked up is not because of lack of kindness. If not that, why then?

I’d say it’s more like the opposite. People are too kind and hesitant to do anything which would hurt someone’s feelings. Let’s take the Rotherham scandal in Britain where 1400 girls were raped over a period of 16 years. It’s not due to lack of kindness that this happened. What good is kindness in such a situation? You’re gonna go hold the hands of the victims and say “there there”? It’s not that no-one knew about these crimes being committed, they just ignored them because they’re so kind. They don’t want to rock the boat. What should’ve been done is good men take up their guns and axes and show how unkind they can be.

And I’m not talking about petty revenge. According to my understanding the culprits of that incident are in prison, which is well enough. But I’m talking about the countless other crimes happening in our world.



Saving ducks:

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Fallen Goddess, Archons and Gnostic themes in other Myths

I’ve been reading John Lash’s book Not in his Image as of late. It deals with his unique, pagan interpretation of the Nag Hammadi gnostic gospels, and gnosticism in general. Central to gnosticism is the goddess Sophia, meaning wisdom. In recent years the notion of Archons, artificial mind parasites or evil spirits, has acquired some attention in the conspiracy and spirituality circles of the internet.

The Archons were created accidentally by Sophia as she plunges from the Pleroma (the galactic core, spiritual realms, or something) into external (physical?) realms. I’m probably bastardizing and simplifying Lash’s words, since it sounds quite complicated.

In Finnish mythology the creator goddess Luonnotar (from luonto=nature and suffix -tar=-ess female person, such as actor, actress, so she would be Naturess) is described in The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology by Arthur Cotterell and Rachel Storm: In the beginning she was “all alone in a vast emptiness”. She floated in a cosmic ocean until a bird made a nest on her knees and began to hatch eggs. Luonnotar became excited and “upset the nest”, from there were the heavens and the earth formed, and yolk became the sun and white became the moon. The fragments were transformed into the stars.

There is no mention of anything like the Archons here, though, but in certain themes it is similar. The mistake of the creator goddess creates something.

In the Japanese creation myth there’s the god Izanagi and goddess Izanami. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology says they were ordered to create the islands of Japan. They did this by stirring the sea with a “heavenly jewelled spear” (makes me think of the vajra or a trident). When they drew it out, the droplets became an island. The gods went there and “built a heavenly pillar and a splendid palace”.

The gods noticed differences in their bodies, and Izanagi suggested they bring their different parts together. They circled the heavenly pillar until they met and joined together. The goddess Izanami bore a child, Hiruko (Leech Child 蛭子). He was deformed, because Izanami, the female, had spoken first instead of the male. So they abandoned the child into the sea.

Encyclopaedia Britannica says the two gods “considered him inadequate and set him adrift in a reed boat”. According to Wikipedia, he ended up in Ezo, which is possibly Hokkaido. Somehow Hiruko turned into Ebisu, the god of wealth, the sea and fishing. Ebisu (sometimes written Yebisu) is a fairly commonly used name in products and stuff nowadays. For example there’s beer called Ebisu.

This sounds somewhat more Archontic. First of all, Hiruko was born due to the mistake of a female goddess (leave your gender politics out of this, I would suggest), he is the parasitic leech child and deformed. This is similar to the Archons, I believe. The fact that Ebisu is associated with profit and the sea is quite interesting, since we have Maritime Law which is about the sea, and leeching profit off of the people by shenanigans. Hiruko put into a reed basket and tossed out into the sea reminds me of Moses, of course.

I think there is significant similarity between these myths, although I’m sure what their ultimate meaning is.






Occult Roots of Gaming

I’m a gamer. I’ve been a gamer all my life, way longer than I’ve been a conspiracy nut or a wannabe-philosopher. By gamer I mean I play computer and video games, and also table-top roleplaying games, card games and board games. When I “woke up”, actually before I “woke up” this moral crisis in me was born. What is the point in playing games? Is it just for fun, is it harmful distraction from more important matters, a healthy form of escapism or not? I’ve learned many things from games, and they have nurtured my imagination, but possible in some ways also limited it. I still haven’t resolved the dilemma of whether or not gaming has been a beneficial or a harmful thing for me. And I’m not gonna do it here either. Instead I’ll focus on the older aspect of gaming; board games, RPGs and card games.

I’ll get one beneficial aspect of these kinds of games out of the way first; they’re a social activity, which is especially in 2014 a very nice thing. You actually have to gather together with a group of other flesh and blood people and interact with them. Nowadays many of our interactions happen online, be it online gaming or discussing conspiracies and spiritual issues on forums, or even reading/writing this blog. That’s a nice thing. In case you are not aware, there is a fairly big board game market of various types of games around, many of them more fun and more strategic than Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders. The board game market has the rare problem that we are inundated with so many good games we don’t have time to play all of them.

But there’s also an occult aspect to gaming, since most games use dice or cards. Both of them have their origins in divination, I believe. They’ve certainly been used for divination. I don’t know by whom, when or where they were invented. I think divination is a positive thing, and not evil satanic occult. They’re ancient technology used for understanding the synchro-mystic nature of reality.

The various card games are vulgarized descendants of the Tarot, which was bastardized into the common deck of cards used in poker and countless other game. The common deck can also be used for divination in much the same way as the Tarot can. Nowadays there are countless card games, and board games that use their unique decks. Most players probably are not aware of this occult origin of the games. They just do it for fun.

Many board games, and most table-top roleplaying games use dice. Some of them use cards, some games don’t use either method to measure outcome. There’s even some games that use the Tarot deck for this purpose. Dice have their roots in cleromancy, which is means casting some sort of items into the air and then calculating their results as they fall. Casting of bones is one such fairly well-known practice. Possible someone figured they could use this method of divination without killing animals and thought of making dice, although in ancient times some dice were made from bones, I think. The Chinese I-ching uses casting of three coins, which is basically another form of using dice. There is also the two crescent moon-shaped wooden blocks called jiaobei that are used even today in Chinese cultures. There’s just something joyful in rolling dice and hoping to get that critical hit.

The most well-known roleplaying game in the world is Dungeons and Dragons (although not one of my favourites). As the name implies, the most traditional form of D&D entails a party of adventurers delving into caves and dungeons to face monsters and eventually a dragon. This sounds shamanic. Venturing into the underworld, within the earth to face all sorts of weird beings, and dragons. This also true for many computer roleplaying games like World of Warcraft and Skyrim. Although the aspect of killing those beings for loot and experience points doesn’t sound so shamanic. Maybe I’m wrong, since I’m not a shaman. Yet there’s something archetypal to going on quests like these.

Roleplaying is also a kind of ritual the players share together, usually once a week. There are certain rules we obey, but also we want stretch the boundaries of possibility and imagination. It’s not a religious ritual, but a ritual nonetheless.

There are these mystical and occult aspects to gaming that most gamers probably don’t consider. I think it’s fascinating. Can’t think of anything to add, so keep those dice rolling.





Jews and the Mark of Cain

I, like most people with a brain, have been pondering over the Jewish problem and its multifaceted dilemmas. Are they a race or a religion, or both? Has Judaism been hi-jacked by the Synagogue of Satan or is Judaism by it very nature the Synagogue of Satan with no need to hi-jack it? These are not simple questions and there is no answer that fits into a 5-minute Youtube video, although the solution to it might fit into a shorter video. Stop listening to their lies. Don’t blame the Jews for being what they are, but blame yourself for being dumb goyim and falling for it. You know the sentence George W. couldn’t say: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” I should add: “Fool me a thousand times, since I’m asking for it.”

Although I don’t know what Jews really are, I’ve sort of perhaps kind of identified one attribute they have: the Mark of Cain. Cain is the guy from the Bible who killed his brother Abel, because God is a carnivore and not a pussy herbivore. God then cursed Cain with the Mark. Wikipedia: “A mark was put upon him to warn others that killing Cain would provoke the vengeance of God, that if someone did something to harm Cain, the damage would come back sevenfold.”

I see this with Jews. They are sinners and troublemakers, but when someone acts against them, they have to pay for it. Although I don’t believe in the Holocaust, i.e. systematic program to exterminate all Jews, I do think it’s fair to say the Nazis acted against the Jews and had to pay for it. In some sense the Jews seem to be a challenge for us “goyim”. We cannot just get rid of them in any aggressive manner, but we must not let them control us. It’s like if you know a guy who is a complete asshole, you can’t just shoot him, because you know it would be wrong, but you don’t want to hang around with him either, since he’s an asshole. Yet if you completely ignore him, he will start plotting something harmful against you. A real moral dilemma.

I’m not going to discuss the metaphysical or theological implications of the Mark of Cain in the Jews. I don’t know how and why, and can’t answer all those questions. I just calls it as I sees it.


Mark of Cain:

Did Dinosaurs and Mammoths exist?

I saw an article on Red Ice titled “Dinosaurs never existed?”, although it was originally published last year by GVE News. I’m so excited. Four years ago I started a thread on David Icke’s forum, back when I used to frequent it, asking Did mammoths exist? It deals with many of the same ideas as the GVE article, except my thread mainly asks questions. The GVE article actually answers some of them. Although the difference is that my thread was about mammoths and the article about dinosaurs.

It turns out I had started a thread as early as 2009 asking Did dinosaurs exist? I had forgotten about it.

I don’t have much to add, I just wanted to promote Robbin Koefoed‘s brilliant dinosaur article. I commend this sort of true skepticism. Questioning everything we think we know. Especially what we think we know. Yet, I am not claiming that neither dinosaurs nor mammoths did not exist, I merely want to highlight the fact that most of us regular people do not know most of the facts. We are told to believe certain things, and usually just assume the rest. Koefoed’s article does not prove the non-existence of dinosaurs, but it does illustrate how there are many questionable aspects to the dinosaur story.

So, check out the links below and go read the article. No point in me repeating the same things here.


I’m gonna add random articles and videos here about dinos and mammies when I run into them.


Triceratops is fake:




Red Ice dinosaurs:

GVE dinosaurs:

Did mammoths exist?:

Did dinosaurs exist?:

Saturn, Rainbows and other gay stuff

I’ve heard it mentioned that the rainbow is a symbol utilized by the Illuminati elites and/or Jews. Sure as sodomy there’s an article written by a rabbi saying “The rainbow reminds Jews of God’s glory and faithfulness to the covenant.” Of course the rainbow is also the symbol of the gray pride movement. It has been suggested there’s a connection. Then it occurred to me, could this be related to Saturn?

Here’s a picture from the European Space Agency website titled Saturn’s Rainbow Rings:



Countless researchers have pointed out over the recent years how the Powers That Be are worshiping, or at least invoking, Saturn in many symbolical ways. There’s also the hexagon in Saturn’s north pole, which may have a connection to the Star of David. None of this is news, so I won’t go on with this, but rather with some other observations. I’m not quite sure what their implications are, if any, or if they are mere co-incidental observations.


Observations on the Rainbow Flag

First of all, the gay pride (or LGBT) flag has six colours, whereas the rainbow has seven. The colours are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The one missing is indigo. Indigo is merely a dark hue of blue, so possibly it was seen as redundant, since there is another blue hue in the flag already. Wikipedia says there were originally eight colours in the gay flag, with hot pink as an added colour.

I made one symbolic, occult observation on the colour indigo. They may have left it out for occult purposes to symbolize omitting a certain aspect from followers of the flag. There’s the concept of indigo children, who have special powers or something. Wikipedia says: “The color electric indigo is used in New Age philosophy to symbolically represent the sixth chakra (called Ajna), which is said to include the third eye. This chakra is believed to be related to intuition and gnosis (spiritual knowledge).”

Assuming this symbolism is accurate, leaving out indigo from the flag might mean those who rally behind the gay pride flag have closed their third eye and lack intuition and gnosis to understand what they are doing. I would say this is certainly the case with many Cultural Marxists who think they are being tolerant and compassionate by supporting gay rights, but are just in fact useful idiots to be manipulated by the manipulators.

Rainbow flag



Wikipedia comments on Rainbow colours as symbol of gay pride as follows:

“The rainbow flag has found wide application on all manner of products including jewelry, clothing and other personal items and the rainbow flag colors are routinely used as a show of LGBT identity and solidarity. The rainbow colors have become so ubiquitously recognized as a symbol of LGBT pride and identity in recent years that they have effectively replaced most other LGBT symbols, including the Greek letter lambda and the pink triangle. One common item of jewelry is the pride necklace or freedom rings, consisting of six rings, one of each color, on a chain.”

The use of the word “solidarity” accentuates the Marxist nature of the gay pride movement to rally minorities against the majority in an attempt to destabilize society and bring about transformation. The use of the word “solidarity” itself may not be a clear indication of Marxist leanings, but in this context it does seem to be.

I find the “freedom rings” a quite fascinating object. Rings like Saturn to me. Moreover they are freedom rings connected to a chain. I love this symbolism, since chains are a symbol is enslavement or imprisonment. You can freely celebrate possessing these baubles in your intellectual enslavement.


(???) Pride

Another thing may simply be a Finnish phenomenon, so I cannot say if it is a universal, but I find it perplexing to say the least. The English word “pride” is sometimes used in Finland to denote gay pride without explicitly stating this is the case. Note they do not use the Finnish word for pride, which is “ylpeys”, but the English word. Let me explain.

Some years ago I read a news article that a gay pride parade was attacked with stink bombs or something like that (I thought it may be a false flag, but that is beside the point). The article did not even once say that the “pride parade” was a gay pride or LGBT pride parade. They simply said “pride”. You merely had to infer that they are talking about “gay pride”. I couldn’t fathom why. Maybe it was some weird form of smugness. Trying to be hip, or something.

Then just few weeks ago I noticed there is a “pride” (English word) display in my local library. There was a clearly visible sign saying “pride” and then there were books around it. All of them presumably dealing with homosexuality in some form. Then there was a little sign somewhere a bit out of way with the letters “LGBT”. I don’t remember if the sign said what LGBT stands for, but at least I had to look for the it to see it, whereas the word “pride” was obvious immediately.

So maybe this is just Finnish idiocy and failure to grasp the meaning of the word “pride”, or maybe it’s something else. But it doesn’t make much sense to me if these people want to proudly announce their gay pride to the world, and they don’t clearly say this parade or display is for “gay pride” or “LGBT pride”. It’s completely counter-intuitive.

Perhaps this “pride” stuff is not about gay pride after all. Maybe the seemingly noble goal of sexual equality is used to entice useful idiots as bannermen for another cause. Could this cause be the Saturnian rainbow perchance?





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