Saturn, Rainbows and other gay stuff

I’ve heard it mentioned that the rainbow is a symbol utilized by the Illuminati elites and/or Jews. Sure as sodomy there’s an article written by a rabbi saying “The rainbow reminds Jews of God’s glory and faithfulness to the covenant.” Of course the rainbow is also the symbol of the gray pride movement. It has been suggested there’s a connection. Then it occurred to me, could this be related to Saturn?

Here’s a picture from the European Space Agency website titled Saturn’s Rainbow Rings:



Countless researchers have pointed out over the recent years how the Powers That Be are worshiping, or at least invoking, Saturn in many symbolical ways. There’s also the hexagon in Saturn’s north pole, which may have a connection to the Star of David. None of this is news, so I won’t go on with this, but rather with some other observations. I’m not quite sure what their implications are, if any, or if they are mere co-incidental observations.


Observations on the Rainbow Flag

First of all, the gay pride (or LGBT) flag has six colours, whereas the rainbow has seven. The colours are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The one missing is indigo. Indigo is merely a dark hue of blue, so possibly it was seen as redundant, since there is another blue hue in the flag already. Wikipedia says there were originally eight colours in the gay flag, with hot pink as an added colour.

I made one symbolic, occult observation on the colour indigo. They may have left it out for occult purposes to symbolize omitting a certain aspect from followers of the flag. There’s the concept of indigo children, who have special powers or something. Wikipedia says: “The color electric indigo is used in New Age philosophy to symbolically represent the sixth chakra (called Ajna), which is said to include the third eye. This chakra is believed to be related to intuition and gnosis (spiritual knowledge).”

Assuming this symbolism is accurate, leaving out indigo from the flag might mean those who rally behind the gay pride flag have closed their third eye and lack intuition and gnosis to understand what they are doing. I would say this is certainly the case with many Cultural Marxists who think they are being tolerant and compassionate by supporting gay rights, but are just in fact useful idiots to be manipulated by the manipulators.

Rainbow flag



Wikipedia comments on Rainbow colours as symbol of gay pride as follows:

“The rainbow flag has found wide application on all manner of products including jewelry, clothing and other personal items and the rainbow flag colors are routinely used as a show of LGBT identity and solidarity. The rainbow colors have become so ubiquitously recognized as a symbol of LGBT pride and identity in recent years that they have effectively replaced most other LGBT symbols, including the Greek letter lambda and the pink triangle. One common item of jewelry is the pride necklace or freedom rings, consisting of six rings, one of each color, on a chain.”

The use of the word “solidarity” accentuates the Marxist nature of the gay pride movement to rally minorities against the majority in an attempt to destabilize society and bring about transformation. The use of the word “solidarity” itself may not be a clear indication of Marxist leanings, but in this context it does seem to be.

I find the “freedom rings” a quite fascinating object. Rings like Saturn to me. Moreover they are freedom rings connected to a chain. I love this symbolism, since chains are a symbol is enslavement or imprisonment. You can freely celebrate possessing these baubles in your intellectual enslavement.


(???) Pride

Another thing may simply be a Finnish phenomenon, so I cannot say if it is a universal, but I find it perplexing to say the least. The English word “pride” is sometimes used in Finland to denote gay pride without explicitly stating this is the case. Note they do not use the Finnish word for pride, which is “ylpeys”, but the English word. Let me explain.

Some years ago I read a news article that a gay pride parade was attacked with stink bombs or something like that (I thought it may be a false flag, but that is beside the point). The article did not even once say that the “pride parade” was a gay pride or LGBT pride parade. They simply said “pride”. You merely had to infer that they are talking about “gay pride”. I couldn’t fathom why. Maybe it was some weird form of smugness. Trying to be hip, or something.

Then just few weeks ago I noticed there is a “pride” (English word) display in my local library. There was a clearly visible sign saying “pride” and then there were books around it. All of them presumably dealing with homosexuality in some form. Then there was a little sign somewhere a bit out of way with the letters “LGBT”. I don’t remember if the sign said what LGBT stands for, but at least I had to look for the it to see it, whereas the word “pride” was obvious immediately.

So maybe this is just Finnish idiocy and failure to grasp the meaning of the word “pride”, or maybe it’s something else. But it doesn’t make much sense to me if these people want to proudly announce their gay pride to the world, and they don’t clearly say this parade or display is for “gay pride” or “LGBT pride”. It’s completely counter-intuitive.

Perhaps this “pride” stuff is not about gay pride after all. Maybe the seemingly noble goal of sexual equality is used to entice useful idiots as bannermen for another cause. Could this cause be the Saturnian rainbow perchance?





The Rainbow in Jewish Symbolism:

ESA Saturn Rainbow:

Gay flag:



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