Jews and the Mark of Cain

I, like most people with a brain, have been pondering over the Jewish problem and its multifaceted dilemmas. Are they a race or a religion, or both? Has Judaism been hi-jacked by the Synagogue of Satan or is Judaism by it very nature the Synagogue of Satan with no need to hi-jack it? These are not simple questions and there is no answer that fits into a 5-minute Youtube video, although the solution to it might fit into a shorter video. Stop listening to their lies. Don’t blame the Jews for being what they are, but blame yourself for being dumb goyim and falling for it. You know the sentence George W. couldn’t say: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” I should add: “Fool me a thousand times, since I’m asking for it.”

Although I don’t know what Jews really are, I’ve sort of perhaps kind of identified one attribute they have: the Mark of Cain. Cain is the guy from the Bible who killed his brother Abel, because God is a carnivore and not a pussy herbivore. God then cursed Cain with the Mark. Wikipedia: “A mark was put upon him to warn others that killing Cain would provoke the vengeance of God, that if someone did something to harm Cain, the damage would come back sevenfold.”

I see this with Jews. They are sinners and troublemakers, but when someone acts against them, they have to pay for it. Although I don’t believe in the Holocaust, i.e. systematic program to exterminate all Jews, I do think it’s fair to say the Nazis acted against the Jews and had to pay for it. In some sense the Jews seem to be a challenge for us “goyim”. We cannot just get rid of them in any aggressive manner, but we must not let them control us. It’s like if you know a guy who is a complete asshole, you can’t just shoot him, because you know it would be wrong, but you don’t want to hang around with him either, since he’s an asshole. Yet if you completely ignore him, he will start plotting something harmful against you. A real moral dilemma.

I’m not going to discuss the metaphysical or theological implications of the Mark of Cain in the Jews. I don’t know how and why, and can’t answer all those questions. I just calls it as I sees it.


Mark of Cain:


2 thoughts on “Jews and the Mark of Cain”

  1. It shows the power and influence that the Jews had even back Two Thousand years ago by the simple fact that two of the world biggest religions (Christianity and Islam) use their holy book with some modifications.

    There was a “Ancient israel lobby” in 1st century BC Rome, they exported gold from the Roman provinces to Jerusalem in a huge money laundering scheme, their Great Temple was basically a Central Bank, Vespasian and Titus built the Colosseum with the gold they looted from the destroyed Jerusalem Temple after the Jewish Revolt of 70 AD:
    Construction of the Colosseum began under the rule of the Emperor Vespasian[5] in around 70–72 AD, funded by the spoils taken from the Jewish Temple after the Siege of Jerusalem.

    Even Cicero was careful in confronting the jewish lobby in Rome:

    Quote: Cicero Pro Flacco

    “The hatefulness of the Jewish gold now follows. Surely this is the reason that this case is being tired not far from the Aurelian steps. For the sake of the crime, this place and this crowd, Laelius, was sought by you. You know how large this band is and how close and how powerful they are in assemblies. So, I will proceed with a quiet voice, so that (only) judges may hear. Indeed, there is no lack of those who would incite them against me and anyone respectable. I will not help those men to do this more easily.”

    “When it was accustomed that gold was sent to Jerusalem each year from Italy and from all the other provinces by the authority of the Jews, Flaccus forbid by edict for this gold to be exported from Asia. Who, judges, is there who would not truly praise this deed? In fact, the senate during my consulship vehemently and frequently in the past determined that gold ought not to be exported.”

    This is good site about how the Romans viewed the jews in Rome:

  2. Look up the original definition of the word holocaust/holo caust. Its not what you think. Once you do ask yourself why the so called jews picked that word to describe Hilters final solution. Ill read your entire site then comment some more

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