We don’t need more Kindness

I saw this video somebody posted on Facebook where a guy is suspended from his legs by two other guys and he’s head first in a manhole in order to save a duckling. Below is the comment: “If everyone did this, the world would be a lot more awesome. SHARE if you agree!” No, I don’t agree.

I don’t think people need be told to be more kind. It comes naturally to most folks. In contrast to all of the nasty stories we hear in the news, there’s loads of nice stories like a cop giving  a homeless man shoes, or a homeless man sharing his pizza with another. The stories are usually accompanied with the message: ‘if only everyone was like this everything would be fine, alas…’ Not everyone is nice like this, but I think there’s plenty of evidence that a whole lot of people are nice, so the reason the world is so fucked up is not because of lack of kindness. If not that, why then?

I’d say it’s more like the opposite. People are too kind and hesitant to do anything which would hurt someone’s feelings. Let’s take the Rotherham scandal in Britain where 1400 girls were raped over a period of 16 years. It’s not due to lack of kindness that this happened. What good is kindness in such a situation? You’re gonna go hold the hands of the victims and say “there there”? It’s not that no-one knew about these crimes being committed, they just ignored them because they’re so kind. They don’t want to rock the boat. What should’ve been done is good men take up their guns and axes and show how unkind they can be.

And I’m not talking about petty revenge. According to my understanding the culprits of that incident are in prison, which is well enough. But I’m talking about the countless other crimes happening in our world.



Saving ducks: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153307671435299

Cop gives shoes: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/10/impd-officer-gives-shoes-to-homeless_n_5797296.html

Homeless man gives pizza: http://www.lifeandstylemag.com/posts/this-video-of-a-homeless-man-sharing-his-food-will-change-the-way-you-think-44924

Rotherham scandal: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/rotherham-child-abuse-scandal-paedophile-4113152


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