Charles Manson was Right

Already in the sixties, before he was in prison, Charles Manson had the concept of a coming race war, Helter Skelter. Wikipedia describes it as “an apocalyptic war he believed would arise from tension over racial relations between blacks and whites.” I heard about this idea years ago, possibly back in the nineties when I was a teen. I regarded the race war-concept a very archaic thing, something which may have seemed possible in the sixties, but now we have moved past those petty differences between races. Looking at the West now, I can only conclude I was wrong and Manson was right.

So how could he have seen what was coming 50 years ago? Was he just that brilliant, does he have prophetic ability? Possibly, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Instead I’m fairly confident he had some inside information back then. I’ve long thought that Manson was a sort of scapegoat, not that he was innocent of the crimes he was imprisoned for, but there were others, more “important” people involved, which were protected by Manson being thrown in jail and the case being closed. He was involved with “Satanic” elites back then, and was privy to some of their long term plans.

Looking at the Ferguson riots in the US and all the similar stuff, it is so obviously orchestrated. Just yesterday a police officer shot a 12-year old kid for having a toy gun. Naturally the media will try to make it a case of an evil white man killing a defenseless black kid, instead of pointing out that it is the paranoid police state which is the enemy of both whites and blacks.

In Britain there was the Woolwich false flag last year when black Muslims supposedly beheaded a British soldier. The Rotherham pedophile scandal which was revealed a few months ago involved Pakistanis raping and prostituting (mostly?) white girls. And the main stream media points this out. The Mirror reported that “the council and the police appeared to “play down the ethnic dimensions””.

There’s this two-way psy-op going on. On the one hand some white people are just too brainwashed, scared or stupid to do anything to protect themselves or their kind, which makes the Zionist cultural Marxist elites happy. Yet the Marxists aren’t so stupid to think that all white people are just gonna lay down without a fight, so they create this conflict between white and black, or white and Pakistani, and so on. All people should have the ability to see beyond this, who the true enemy is and who the enemy is using as their pawn.

From what I know about the Ferguson shooting of the “gentle giant” is that it wasn’t a one-sided execution as the media claims. The police officer may have had just cause to fire, although he may still have overreacted by shooting him dead. But all of these details are not the most pressing issue, unfortunately. It is not as much an issue of fact vs fiction, but how the people handle this conflict. It behooves both whites and blacks to see beyond the orchestrated scenario of conflict they are playing into. They should direct their anger towards the Zionist cultural Marxists, not each other.

For all the nationalists and white nationalists out there: while it may be a viable long term solution to avoid conflicts like these in the future to have separate nations for different races, as it is, you still live in a multicultural state, and therefore you should learn to co-operate with other races that have been unjustly forced into this situation. You don’t have to like it, but you have to recognize the enemy and a potential ally.

To quote an old classic game Maniac Mansion, which sort of rhymes with Charles Manson, “Don’t be a tuna head!”



Helter Skelter:

Cleveland shooting:

Rotherham scandal:


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