13,000 Leave from the Finnish Church for Pro-Homosexual Archbishop

I saw a tabloid newspaper headline at the local grocery store saying 13,000 people leave the church for archbishop Mäkinen’s views on homosexuality. I assumed the story was that he’s against gay marriage and all that, and the people are angry at him, but it’s the opposite. Apparently he had posted on Facebook last week that he’s happy the Finnish parliament granted the right for gays to marry, and the people left the church for that.

Hearing this makes me somewhat happy, that there are still people out there who have their own opinions on things. Not everybody is buying into the Cultural Marxist consensus religion. I’m not a Christian, I left the church when I was 15. I’m also not for or against homosexuals being homosexuals. It does not matter what my opinion is if two adults want to live together, or what they do in their bedroom. However all these gay-laws aren’t about that. It’s more about worshipping the bureaucracy and social consensus. Granting gays the same “rights”, or binding them with the same restrictions, as the rest of us. I don’t support gay marriage, although I’m particularly against it either. I don’t know if I even support heterosexual marriage, not at least, if it means binding people with some contract that has to be ratified by the state. And I am against the gross marketing of homosexuality as the new norm that has been going on in the media for the last few years (or even decades).

The last couple of years the media in Finland has made gay marriage the biggest issue, it seems. As if it really matters in the greater scheme of things. Still a lot of people fall for it. They want to express their compassion and tolerance by supporting gay marriage, but they’re just a bunch of brainwashed drones. 50-years ago people with the same level of consciousness were against gay marriage, because it was the thing to do. Now it is the opposite, and they switch sides, because they cannot exist beyond the social Matrix fabricated around them. How about make up your own mind, instead of repeating what everyone around you is saying?

Gladly these brave people stick to their beliefs and forsake the church that does not hold onto Christian beliefs. The Leviticus 20:13 states: “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” I think it’s a clear condemnation of homosexuality. So if you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t support gay marriage. However, Leviticus seems to imply gays should be killed, which is kind of creepy.

I’m not a Christian, I don’t share their values. It doesn’t really matter to me what the Bible says about homosexuality, but I do sympathize with people being consistent with their beliefs.

Ultimately all this battle for and against gay marriage is a childish distraction, which gives people with the intellectual capacity of an old turnip the semblance of caring about social issues. The majority of the vocal pro-homosexuality people are straight, since there really aren’t that many gays around as the media makes it out to be. So if you love homosexuality that much, be consistent and become gay. Of course they don’t want to do that since it would be selfish to promote something you believe in, but you get a nice plot of land in the social consensus heaven when you die if you crusade for causes you have no personal connection to.

I haven’t seen many homosexuals in the West being forced into mental hospitals or burned at the stake for being gay in recent years. So gay rights aren’t really an issue. They more or less have the same rights as the rest of us, but the rights of everyone are slowly being undermined. But those pro-gay turnips who cannot fathom the big picture keep fighting shadows on the walls.



Archbishop Kari Mäkinen (in Finnish): http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kari_M%C3%A4kinen


One thought on “13,000 Leave from the Finnish Church for Pro-Homosexual Archbishop”

  1. The bible anti-homosexuality is simply a way of population control, you burden a people with various laws.

    Mostt fags I know are kikes.

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