Is Michelle Obama a man?

For some time now I’ve heard rumours that the wife of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, is a man. I’ve been curious, yet somewhat skeptical of the whole thing. Joan Rivers joked about it too before her death, or told the truth, whichever way you wanna you look at it. I just finished watching a video that presents some convincing evidence that she is he, but I’m still not that convinced. I’ll link to the video below.

The video starts off with pointing out that men tend to have a longer ring finger than the index finger, and women have it vice versa or both are more similar. Michelle’s ring finger is longer, and her hands look masculine, as the video points out. Also the video points to Michelle’s broad shoulders and other body proportions that seem more masculine than feminine. Good enough, although the video says several times the body proportions presented in it are that of a typical male and female. So the analysis doesn’t prove anything except that Michelle’s body is atypical of a female, and does look masculine, yet it does not necessarily imply Michelle was born a man.

The video also shows a few pictures where they claim Michelle Obama has an Adam’s Apple, and a dick, basically. I think one of the Adam’s Apple pictures looks convincing but the others do not. Not quite sure what to think about what Michelle Obama has between his/her legs either, and I don’t know if I wanna know.

I’m not trying to debunk the video or anything, I usually hate when  people do that, but I am not convinced by it either. I need more evidence. Moreover the video shows a couple of pictures of tennis player Serena Williams, and claims she is a man too. Clearly she has masculine traits, but it could be due to her intense training, or steroids or other hormones. The same could apply to Michelle Obama.

Maybe I’m a just conspiracy nut, but it’s difficult for me to trust people making claims like Michelle Obama is a man. Even if she was, so what? It’s not like it’s the darkest, and most harmful act of the deception the US government has done. Even if it is true, it’s still a wild goose chase. Barrack Obama is  gay, and Michelle is a man. Oh gasp! Sounds like a soap opera. While people are debating Michelle’s gender chemtrails get sprayed, wars in the Middle-East and Ukraine keep escalating, GMOs are fed to people, banksters keep enslaving people more with their control of money, and so on.

Michelle Obama could be a man, but then again I can’t help but look at the whole story from another angle that it’s a psyop to distract us from truly important stuff. And if I wanna get really conspirational about this, and I do, it might be used to cover up a bigger secret about the Obamas. For example, according to conspiracy researcher Freeman Obama could be a clone of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton, Michelle is a clone of his mother, and the children of the Obamas are clones of Akhenaton’s children. I’m personally not convinced this is the case, but I do respect Freeman’s ideas a lot, so I don’t want to dismiss them either.

I don’t have any conclusion to this story, except that paranoia and skepticism are virtues. Keep you tinfoil hats on, you’re gonna need them.




Michelle Obama is a man-video:

Joan Rivers on Michelle Obama:

Freeman on Obama Akhenaton:


4 thoughts on “Is Michelle Obama a man?”

  1. as she has gotten older, it is much more obvious she is a Man. Her muscle mass of biceps FOR A 51 year old woman –are impossible. At 51 female athletes–& body builders both black and white who have trained their entire lives and have taken steroids and strength train high weights intentionally daily @51 years of age as a woman couldnt pull off her mass even w steroids!!! Not possible–look how obama had shriveled! There are big girls like wendi williams and while some may find a larger woman awkward they do not look like a man in drag–michelle especially at 51 years of age can not be a natural born woman–& when people try to cite other masculine looking women like Venus & serena to explain michelles muscular–that is even more hollow bc she is being compared TO ELITE ATHLETES–not other 51 year old black women!! Compare “her” to an actual 51 year old woman & she makes no sense! Venus & sserena musculature if i can recall is of a female heavily on steroids–their jaws/festures have been distorted by steroids but michelle is 100% a man! Ehen joan rivers said “we all know ” she meant all hollywood & Money & powerful people know!! The news & internrt even are so censored & notjing but propaganda–and i don’t even believe in conspiracies!! Jusg like the rumors about bruce jenner circulated for years then came out this eill be on a news hour in 20 years from now & then everyone is going to say “duh so obvious she is a man, actually looks like man in drag not even a good woman poser, no one really believe shr was woman ESPECIALLY WHEN NO PREGNANCY PICTURES SND NO COMMENTS ON HER PREGNANCIES even yhough she was on she many female oriented daybtime shows!!” She s man–there isnt even an endocrine disorder that explains her muscule mass and size at 51 as a womaan!! Again, barack and she are similar age and she at 51 can only pull off thst mass as a man!!!

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