We are the 3%

When Occupy Wall Street started in 2011 they brought up the catch phrase “we are the 99%” in opposition to the 1% controlling most of the financial assets on this planet. At first I was excited by it. Solidarity, unity and all that good shit. However, eventually I became disillusioned by their rhetoric and I realized I’m not really part of the 99%, nor the superrich in the 1%.

I see the 99% as the masses, the clueless or angry mob. Their heart may be in the right place, but their brain isn’t. For the 1%, the parasites, it’s more like the opposite. They’re devious, but devoid in human morality. So where do I fit in? Michael Tsarion has used the rhetoric, and others after him in the alternative media, that in the American independence war only 3% of the population fought against the British. While I’m not American, and I am quite skeptical of how much the independence war should be seen as a “good war” instead of, let’s say, a plan to establish a Masonic state, still I’ll take the rhetoric.

I think we in the “truth movement” or alternative information community or whatever convoluted term you wish to employ, are the 3%. We actually want to change the world for the better, or perhaps return to a sane state that has been perverted by conspiratorial parasites. And I do believe we have a good chance of accomplishing it, even though it might not seem obvious this is the case.

Let’s be clear about one thing; not everyone who is interested in conspiracies or spirituality or other non-mainstream information is in the 3%. As the ship of the mainstream masses is sinking, some from the 99% are trying to join the “truth movement”, because they always need some group to belong to. Without any mass identity they feel lost. Contrasting this with the genuine 3%, I would say we generally dislike being part of any group, but we can recognize the fact we need to unify and organize in some sense to be effective. I would say we are the true elites, not the parasites on top leeching our energy. We should be running things, not to satisfy our pride, or to become the new parasites, but since clearly somebody has to, and no-one else is even remote qualified. Not the masses, and certainly not the parasites, and I don’t expect the Ashtar Command to step in to save the planet anytime soon. Yes, this is a very elitist position I hold.

I am an anarchist at heart, but I recognize anarchy is somewhat an idealistic thing, which may not work out in practice. It requires sovereign individuals who are capable of recognizing the sovereignty of others. Quite frankly I doubt most of the 99% are capable of this. From what I see, they want a king to rule over them, but they want a good king, not a bad one. So why not give them one. Supposedly according to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, oligarchy is the best form of government, but it is also very difficult to maintain. I also made a post sometime ago saying that oligarchy may be the only feasible form of government. The problem with the plutocrats in power now is not necessarily that they have an oligarchy, but that they are utterly corrupt. What if, just imagine, people with both morals and brains were to take power what would happen? They say power corrupts, and this may be true, but more than that I do believe that people who are already corrupt seek power. What if people who do not seek power were to gain it?

I know an oligarchy refers to a group of people, while a king is a single person, but no matter what, a king would have a group of advisors around him, which would create an oligarchy.

I think it’s time we let go of our egalitarian fantasies and recognize that we are not all equal. We may have been created equal, but after that great differences in our levels of equality develop. We need an elite to tell the masses how to live properly, and this is not unfair imposition on them since they tend to want someone to tell them what to do. And we need throw the serpents out from positions of power. We are the 3%. We have to rise above the 99% and the 1%. I know mathematically this is fuzzy, and I do not care.


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