Nations are prevented from being sovereign

No country is being allowed to govern itself by its own people. This tendency seems older than the neo-liberal economic system as well. The proponents of the neo-liberal system claim the aim of the system is to bind countries together, make them co-dependent and thus prevent conflicts. I don’t buy that for a minute, but if you do, feel free. It’s about the same thing as any political scheme in history; control. The aim to prevent nations from being independent and sovereign, and to tether them to the maritime law capitalist globalist leviathan.

However, before the modern age preventing sovereignty was handled differently. Way back in ancient Rome there was the empire, which conquered and enslaved weaker tribes and nations. As the empire adopted Christianity it became convenient to enslave people spiritually with this new doctrine as well. After the power of the Roman empire dwindled, however, the monarchy became a tool for preventing sovereignty. I don’t mean that monarchy itself is necessarily always a means of control, but has been so in many countries, as the rulers of many European countries were often of foreign origin.

The royalty of Sweden are of French origin, I believe. The Windsor family of England is of German origin. During the Victorian age England ruled half the world, but it wasn’t the English who were ruling, but this foreign family. I may not be expert when it comes to European royalty, and there may be many exceptions to this rule, but a lot of royals seem to come from foreign countries to rule over a nation. Even back 100 years ago when Finland became independent and the elites were trying to decide whether to make Finland a monarchy or a democracy they were going to install a German prince as the king of Finland.

It’s not that the French or German, or any other nation, is evil. The problem is not allowing the English to have a truly English king, or president, or what ever kind of leader they prefer. A foreign leader is incapable of caring for the nation as well as a native would.

Now, things work differently on how to prevent independence. We have the neo-liberal system, but also most European countries are enslaved by the European Union. Scotland and Wales have been controlled by England. The United States is controlled by Israel. South Korea and Japan are vassal states of the US, and so on. There is clearly a tendency to take away the sovereignty of nations. What is the moving force behind this tendency I cannot say. Your guess is as good as mine. For all I know it’s the reptilians, the Illuminati, the Elders of Zion, the Archons, or simply an aberration in the minds of men that refuses them the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives. And it’s been going on for millennia.

Recognizing that there is this “dark force” at play, what we must do is take control of each of our individual countries. While it is important to recognize the enemy, and try to do it capable, but on the other hand we may never know the whole story, therefore we should focus on something we can do.

P.S. I know some people are gonna say “it’s the Jews/ Israel”, and it might be, or maybe they’re just another pawn in the game. However, people living in Europe, or the States or in East Asia cannot do much to affect Israel, but what we can do is affect things in the country we inhabit.


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