Je ne suis pas Charlie

I’m pissed off at and disgusted by people. I see these pictures on people in France and elsewhere in the world holding identical signs saying “Je suis Charlie”, referring to the Charlie Hebdo shootings. That is the fucking mark of the beast as far as I’m concerned. Those people are zombie-borg-pod people. Do they have a soul or a mind or anything unique or real within them?

Let me add some details to my calculated outburst, if you will. Few days ago allegedly two armed Muslim radicals stormed the office of a French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, which has criticized Islam. They supposedly killed 12 people. Now it appears the shooting is a false flag, a hoax, an inside job or something like that. I don’t know if it is or not, but simply by using common sense and looking at the media attention, and the mind control operation that has followed, I think it is safe to say we should proceed with the assumption that it probably was in some way artificially manufactured by The Powers That Be. From there on we should try to disprove, since it looks like a false flag, we should play the devil’s advocate to what appears evident, since things are not always as they seem.

There’s this video going around, supposedly from the shooting, where a “terrorist” dressed in black shoots (?) a guy on the ground in the head, yet no blood comes out. Assuming the video is really related to the Charlie Hebdo case, and not a hoax to begin with, how is the lack of blood explained? Is the guy a robot or a zombie with coagulated blood? Moreover Ken O’Keefe commented in his interview with Richie Allen that the gunshot sounds too loud and weird to be coming from the gun. He’s a former marine, so he should now something about guns. But even I, who doesn’t have any military experience, think it sounds more like thunder, and added afterwards to the video, than coming from the gun.

But anyways, I’ll leave others to pick apart the details of the alleged shooting incident, and focus on the social implications of this fiasco.

First of all I cannot at all relate to people on a human level who do not even consider the possibility that this incident may have been a false flag or a hoax. They seem completely devoid of human rationality, concern for truth or their own wellbeing, or connection to sanity. It’s rational, it’s normal, to question what’s told to you in media, both main stream and alternative. Don’t they notice anything suspicious? They act like robots who are literally programmed to react a certain way. If the media told them the way to react to the alleged shooting was to wear a chicken on their head and say “I’m Batman” they would probably do it.

Leaving even the lack of skeptical and rational thought aside, what is the self-image of the people holding identical “Je suis Charlie” sings in their hands? They’re proudly announcing their identification with the victim. They’re telling the “Muslim terrorists”, be it actual or fictional, that you can shoot me next, and I’ll gladly die for the cause. It it heroic to die fighting for a just cause, but it is not heroic to die a victim for false cause. And in the this case the cause is simply to become a victim. It is seen as noble, as if anyone who is strong is inherently immoral and anyone who is weak and victimized is righteous.

Wikipedia writes: “After the attacks, the phrase Je suis Charlie, French for “I am Charlie”, was adopted by supporters of free speech and freedom of expression who were reacting to the shootings. It identifies a speaker or supporter with those who were killed at the Charlie Hebdo shooting, and by extension, a supporter of freedom of speech and resistance to armed threats.”



Holding up identical, corporate signs basically saying “I wanna be a victim” is not freedom of speech. It is an act of wilful self-disempowerment and de-humanization. Already explained the victim part, but it is not an expression of freedom to follow the herd like robotic sheep. It is an expression of freedom to express something unique. Your own reaction to this incident. They may vary from saying “this is false flag bullshit” to “I’m fucking angry at the Muslim extremists” or “the government should do something to tighten control to reign in these extremists”. Those are all human reactions, opposed to the programmed reactions shown on the media, even if they are misguided or not. That being said, I don’t know if the media has exaggerated the amount of sheepish “Je suis Charlie”-behaviour or not.

The bottom line is, even if the official story of two Muslim extremists working independently and killing a bunch of people is true, it’s a fucking stupid and inhuman response to go along repeating shallow memes like “Je suis Charlie”. You’re not doing anything constructive. You’re doing the exact opposite. You’re following along a path someone else made for you. If you think Muslim extremists did it, how about doing something to fight against the extremists then, how about demanding that law and order be restored. Even if the official story is true, how the media is handling the aftermath is clearly a psy-op designed to program people a certain way. It’s fucking disgusting how debased human being have become.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. The aftermath of the Ottawa Shooting last year, as well as the Sandy Hook incident both had similar aspects of glorifying victim mentality. Of course, both incidents have seemed like false flags or hoaxes also. What a co-incidence.




#JeSuisCharlie rallies held worldwide to condemn Paris massacre:

Charlie Hebdo attack:

Shooting video, no blood:

Ken O’Keefe and Richie Allen:


3 thoughts on “Je ne suis pas Charlie”

  1. I think you right, saying ‘I’m Charlie’ is like saying ‘I want to be a victim’, there is no Freedom of Speech in France or the West, Holohoax denial is illegal, one of the Charlie Hebdo writers was fired in 2008 for sugesting that jews are powerful.

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