Don’t just mention the Reptilians, give me something more concrete

I saw on David Icke’s website a trailer to an upcoming documentary Don’t Mention the Reptilians. The film name is a quote, I believe, of what people have said to Icke, that he can talk about all of the conspiracy stuff, but “don’t mention the reptilians”. Although I don’t think the documentary is specifically by or about Icke, but he seems to be interviewed in it.

I started following David Icke’s work several years ago, and I’ve learned a lot of conspiracy facts from him, but in the last couple of years I’ve went intellectually the other way. I still respect his contribution, read his website and all that, but don’t agree with him on some details, and so on. His most controversial contribution is, of course, making the reptilian issue somewhat main stream. I’ve went back and forth on what I think about the reptilians, and I still don’t know what to make of it, really.

There are accounts of people encountering alien or inter-dimensional reptilians, I’m fairly certain they weren’t simply made up by Icke, or any single person. I think it can be said there is a phenomenon of people encountering reptilians, but that’s as far as it seems to go. It is not known whether the reptilians’ true nature is as they seem, or maybe they’re not freaky governmental mind control experiment, or manifestation of our inner demons in the outer world, or persistent hallucinations.

I’ve seen dozens of people making countless videos on Youtube talking and hypothesizing about the reptilians, yet the problem is, they’re mainly repeating the stuff they heard somewhere else. And I can’t really blame them. When I first heard about the idea that these intelligent, mystical reptiles rule our planet I laughed. The second time, I thought it was a silly idea, but the third time I thought “what if…?” Most people who discuss the reptilian issue are probably like this. They’ve figured it’s not such a silly explanation after all, however very few of us actually know anything about them. We just repeat what we’ve heard, and hope that somehow turns into actual knowledge.

We really need some sort of breakthrough on the issue to go forward with any reptilian hypothesis, otherwise it’s just flinging the same ball back and forth. And if in fact they are elusive interdimensional entities, how could we have any breakthrough unless they want to reveal themselves more? Alternatively if the reptilians are a hoax in some sense, how could we have more information about them that wasn’t false? Maybe somebody could uncover the governmental agency’s documents that started the whole hoax, for instance? It’s just we can’t count on anything revelatory happening.

I’m tired of looking at the same information all over again, but this time with a slight twist. I’m not saying we shouldn’t talk about the reptilians, in fact I’d welcome honest, philosophical discussion on whether or not the reptilian hypothesis makes sense. Unfortunately there seems no middle-ground in the alternative media. Most people tend to either reject or embrace the story. We should approach the reptilian issue philosophically, not emotionally, or based on our individual belief systems.

I don’t see the reptilian question going anywhere anytime soon. Still, compared to the Ufology crowd, the reptilian stuff is fairly new. The UFO research community haven’t really uncovered anything new in decades either, at least nothing concrete I’m aware of. The most significant shift that I know is that, instead of thinking UFOs are craft from other planet controlled by ETs, people are starting to think perhaps they’re something more interdimensional or demonic. I find that hypothesis more appealing than the outer space theory, and it would certainly connect it to the reptilians, but that is all very hypothetical still.

I haven’t seen the Don’t Mention the Reptilians documentary, since it’s not out yet, but somehow I don’t think it’s gonna reveal anything new. I wish I was wrong.



The trailer:

Don’t Mention the Reptilians-stuff:


3 thoughts on “Don’t just mention the Reptilians, give me something more concrete”

  1. David Icke came with the Reptilian stuff after getting heat from Jewish/Zionist Organizations.

  2. Have you heard the testimony of Phil Schneider who was also included in the trailer? Have you heard of Mark Passio’s work?

    1. I’ve seen some videos by Phil Schneider, and I’m fairly well acquainted with Mark Passio’s work, but cannot recall specifically what he says about the reptilians.

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