Maybe it’s not “The Jews” but…

Yesterday I published the laziest blog post in history (although maybe I give myself too much credit, someone must have outdone me) Just Another Case of History Repeating. I quoted Wikipedia: “The history of terrorism goes back to the Sicarii Zealots, a Jewish extremist group active in Judaea Province at the beginning of the 1st century AD.”

So even history admits Jews invented terrorism, however… it doesn’t say “The history of terrorism goes back to The Jews”. It says “a Jewish extremist group”. What if that group, or a similar group has infiltrated world Judaism, and has done so for apparently at least 2000 years? It may not be the Sicarii mentioned there, the extremist group may not even be truly Jewish itself, only masquerading as such. There’s Zaddikites, I’ve heard mentioned in some conspiracy theories, and John Lash talks about them too in Not in His Image.

The Book of Revelation has the famous quote: “those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars”. I don’t consider the Bible a holy book, but I don’t think its unholy either, so when it says something I deem relevant, I pay attention.

I’m not trying to be an apologist for Jews, I’m more like being a good conspiracy theorist who never believes what is directly in front of him. And I also hate going for the easy answer, at least in issues that I care about. We all know about the influence Israel has over the nations, we know about Mossad, Jews control Hollywood and the media, and so on. But it’s still a small minority of Jews who are actively and wittingly part of the manipulation. Moreover, the way we’ve been lied to about the Jews since the end of the Second World War, is so obvious and in your face once you have the eyes to see, is not prudent to question is there more that lies beyond the surface?

I don’t know if I make sense, but I don’t think it all adds up. The (political) entity that has been misleading us and destroying the planet, making Monsanto, chemtrails, fracking, all of it. I just don’t see saying “it’s The Jews who are doing it” as a sufficient answer. Sure, it is obvious many people who are Jewish in one sense or another are heavily involved in it, but that’s not the whole story.

If my hypothesis is true about the Jewish extremist group, or a non-Jewish entity hiding within Jewish communities as protection, then I should think that some Jews do know about it, and have known about it for centuries. There’s probably been some sort of informal agreement between normal Jews and the fake Jews, that one doesn’t expose the other, since if the Jews were to do it, they would retaliate. Furthermore, regular Jews may have gleaned some benefits from the Faustian deal. If that is the case, I can’t say I can even blame the Jews, however, if I’m not just talking out of my ass, I think now is time for proper Jews to speak out, since things have gotten different.

The Protocols of Zion has been deemed a forgery, and I once heard someone comment, but I’m not quite sure who, that if it is a forgery then the original Protocols must exist. If you read the Protocols now, you must notice that many of the things written over 100 years ago have come true. What a co-incidence. However, perhaps the forgery bit in the document is blaming the Jews, they weren’t the masterminds in the conspiracy but the entity that is hiding behind the shield of Judaism.

Of course there are already these various divisions in Judaism like Ashkenazim and Sephardim. Talmudic and Torah following Jews. The Rothschilds probably have found a way to include them in this somehow. Maybe the distinction is something as simple as that.

But anyways, good night.


2 thoughts on “Maybe it’s not “The Jews” but…”

  1. The Bible is full of mistranslations, Elohim means Gods and not singular God.

    The Bible is full of lies but tell how jews think, their Modus Operandi is well represented in the Book:

    -Jacob deceive his brother Esau and his Father Isaac from the Birhtright Blessings and later he becomes ‘israel’ after fighting a ‘angel’.

    -Joseph arrives in Egypt as slave but soon becomes the true ruler of all Egypt by interpreting the Pharaoh dreams, he brings his entire family and they control the food supply of Egypt.

    -Book of Esther doesn’t mention God and is simply about jewish revenge and Mass murdering the goyim/non-jew.

    -The God of the jews command them to destroy the other Gods and be the true rulers of the world with Jerusalem as their Capital.

    1. this is pretty accurate- the king james bible for example is a heavily edited freemason/rosicrucian version….more or less written by francis bacon…

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