Was there an Awakening happening in pre-Nazi Germany?

I recently read Hammer of the Gods by David Luhrssen, a book about Thule Society and origin of the National Socialist Party. It seems there were already many similar theme’s in Germany over a 100 years ago we are tackling with now. The people were unhappy with the multicultural Habsburg Empire, or Austria-Hungary, as it pushed aside needs of the indigenous peoples of Europe. Corporations were seen as a Jewish entity to control the people, and communism and capitalism were regarded as Jewish conspiracies as well. Now after a century, I think it is safe to say there is some validity to these notions by looking at the world as it is.

There was a racial awakening occurring in Germany prior to the formation of the Nazi party. The people were into Ariosophy, the study of supposed Aryan roots of the Germans. They were rediscovering  the indigenous Germanic Wodanic religion, in contrast to the universal/ Abrahamic Christianity. While I cannot say how much of the Ariosophist ideas were fact and what was fantasy, I cannot help but see the rediscovering of a nation’s roots and traditions as nothing but good. This applies to everyone whether you’re Korean, German or Ethiopian. This is our defense against the New World Order.

Many similar themes to today can also be detected in pre-Nazi Germany. Well, this one was used by the Nazis: a poem by Dietrich Eckhart called Deutschland Erwache (Germany awake) “became the motto of the Nazi movement”, according to Luhrssen. The terms “awake” and “asleep” are often used in the “truth movement”. The Thule Society wanted to replace the Roman law, which “serves the materialistic world order” with German common law. Sounds like Maritime law vs Common law to me.

Another interesting thing is the storm symbolism of the Nazis and pre-Nazis. The book is named Hammer of the Gods, referring to Thor’s hammer, the god of lightning. I think there’s a connection to the vajra of Hinduism and Buddhism, which means lightning or diamond, but no-one really knows what it means. The Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel) had two lightnings as its symbol. Nowadays there’s the Thunderbolts Project, which espouses the theory of the electric universe, headed by David Talbott. Moreover it is often stated that we are currently in the Kali Yuga  (world of gross matter) of Hindu yuga cycles, which will lead to Dwapara Yuga where “man gains a comprehension of the electrical attributes, the finer forces and more subtle matters of creation.” It’s not far fetched to mix ancient Hindu ideas with these modern Western ones, since it well-known that the Aryans conquered India in ancient times, and therefore their ideology is probably on some level inherited from the Aryans. I don’t know to what degree the Germans are the descendants of the Aryans, but perhaps Ariosophists were onto something.

One comment in the book was that the word “swastika” is Sanskrit for “so be it” or “amen”. It made me think of “Make is so” by Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I think it’s quite funny to think of him saying “swastika” every time he orders the Enterprise to set a new course.

I don’t know how well I managed to explain it, but reading Hammer of the Gods, and even recalling some of the books from Nietzsche I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like the world has changed that much since the late 19th century. At the risk of sounding New Agey, I think we are trying to “spiritually evolve” into a new, less dense, electric age, but another force wants to delay that. The electronic devices and addictions we have today are not really the proper fruits of a new Yuga, but the same old Kali Yuga-stuff with a new label to trick us. I think there was potential for this “evolution” in pre-Nazi Germany, but something went wrong. I think the Nazi party was a corruption of the genuine spirituality of the Thule Society and other groups.

Alternatively Hammer of the Gods is a good basis for a silly conspiracy theory to claim there is really nasty Neo-Nazi element behind the truth movement, as is evidenced by some of the concerns of Germans over a hundred years ago and similarities in our concers. But no. I’m not buying it there’s any Nazi conspiracy going on in this world, or lets say for the sake of argument that some Nazis escaped to the moon on their Haunebu-crafts or to Neuschwabenland in the Antarctic, and they are somehow subtly influencing world events, I think they’re the good guys, although I don’t really think the Nazi party overall were “good guys”. However, I certainly don’t buy into the Hollywood version of history where the Nazis are the manifestation of ultimate evil and the Allies were heroic as shit.




Thunderbolts Project: https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/

The four Yugas: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_precession_a.htm

Make it so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeaehxEdpgo


One thought on “Was there an Awakening happening in pre-Nazi Germany?”

  1. “communism and capitalism were regarded as Jewish conspiracies as well.”

    They’re, by the end of the 19th century Jews controlled both International Finance and the Radical Marxist movements in Europe.

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