Temporal Displacement in the Minds of Cultural Marxists

I once read a book of medieval Europe for a university course that claimed the medieval Europeans had a peculiar notion of the Middle-East. In some way the way the Middle-East was a thousand years before at the time of Jesus, and how it was in the middle-ages had merged. The Europeans somehow saw the Saracens being the people who killed Jesus. I guess that is a mythological view of reality where the past is always present, or something. Anyways, I failed the exam so I shouldn’t talk about the book, so I’ll move on to Cultural Marxism, which is something I’ve never had an exam on, so no fear of embarrassment either.

Cultural Marxists love victims, and anyone who is not regarded as a victim, must be an oppressor. Cultural Marxism manifests itself in many forms such as feminism, where people with gender or some shit like that, i.e. women, transsexuals and gays are victims, anti-racism where anyone but “white people” are victims, and socialism where anyone with money is an oppressor, unless they’re gay, black females, for example. The people who give themselves the generic and meaningless label “progressives”, presumably believe in all of the above victim groups, but I’m not sure.

I do believe that many Cultural Marxists set on that ideological path with good intentions, and a genuine, sane concern for minorities, but somewhere along the way they go batshit crazy. They are literally extremists for concern of the Other. The Other is in extremist conservative groups often reviled as some outside force, like a foreign religion, race or ideology. The main difference between extremist conservatives and progressives or liberals, is that conservatives hate and fear the Other, but progressives love it, and hate anything is too normal or normative.

Anyways, Cultural Marxists seem to have one thing in common with medieval Europeans, if the book whose name nor author I do not recall (EDIT: It’s Medieval Civilization by Jacques Le Goff), is accurate, they have a mythological view of present and history. Cultural Marxists obsess over victimhood, and they seem to view their favorite victim groups always being temporally situated in the era that was most oppressive for them, or at least in some time in the past when they were oppressed. Women are seen as being stuck in the Victorian Age when men “feared women’s sexuality”, and men controlled society, women were property and so on. This may have been true over a hundred years ago, but is not true anymore. Homosexuals have been oppressed in many countries in the past, and it’s been illegal and so on, but homosexuals are not oppressed anyone, not in the West at least. President Obama supports gay rights, for fuck’s sake. Black people are seen as eternally stuck in 19th century Confederate America as slaves or a weak minority fighting for its rights in the 1960s, Asians are always supposed to be viewed by Westerners through 19th century Orientalists eyes as something exotic and mysterious.

Cultural Marxists have been called Social Justice Warriors, and I’ve always disliked the term as something too pedestrian, but now that I think about its quite accurate. Cultural Marxists are like Don Quixote thinking he’s back in old times fighting against monsters that do not exist. I haven’t read Don Quixote, but assuming the filmatizations and TV-shows I’ve seen on it are accurate in their basic message, it’s eerie how well the description fits Cultural Marxists.

Moreover, it’s quite interesting how the medieval Christian mythological view coincides with modern Cultural Marxists, even though most Cultural Marxists despise Christianity. Jesus was the ultimate hallowed victim, the scapegoat sacrificed for no reason and all the best reasons. The ideological origin of the sacred victim mentality of Cultural Marxists must originate with Christianity. They often say: Don’t blame the victim.” I agree, but I retort with: Don’t idolize the victim either.


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