Bring back the Patriarchy!

Last few days I’ve been watching many videos on Youtube by Sargon of Akkad. He mainly pokes holes at the logical fallacies of feminists and Cultural Marxists, and is quite entertaining to watch. However, when you think about some of the insane stuff the feminists say, it makes you worry.

There’s stuff like the Swedish government’s feminist foreign policy to counter Russian macho aggression, which is still quite benign example of feminism, perhaps even endearing. Then there’s the not at all generalizing argument that “all men are rapists”, and that women who claim to have been raped, should never be doubted, which leads anyone with a hint of conspiracy theorist in them to conclude if that were true women who don’t like a certain guy can say “he raped me” and he’s off to prison. On top of that there’s stuff too fucked up to remain in my memory. I suggest spending a few hours watching Sargon’s channel instead.

My point is, these feminists are clearly mentally unbalanced and are potentially harmful to themselves and others. I’m not simply making fun of them, I’m also being genuinely concerned. Then there are cases like “hundreds of other young women from Western countries”, including teenage girls, have joined ISIS in Syria to become their wifes or sex slaves. Although I take news like these with a pinch of salt, since it’s entirely plausible certain facts have been twisted to fit some propaganda angle, but I’m going to assume it is more or less true. So is this women’s liberation, are the feminists happy now that teenage girls have the freedom to choose to become sex slaves for terrorists? Few decades ago parents used to have some control over their children, and would have prevented something like this occurring. I’m not saying kids and teens didn’t disobey their parents, but this stuff is a bit more extreme to be simple teen rebelliousness.

Clearly we need some sort of patriarchy to protect these teen girls who join Islamic terrorists, and feminists who are just crazy, from themselves. Let’s make one thing clear, I’m not saying all men should protect all women from doing insane and harmful stuff like this. The majority of women, once they reach mental adulthood tend to have some degree of common sense, as do most men, but I’d say the majority of teen girls don’t (although most of them don’t want to join ISIS), and neither do feminists. Quite ironically I think it is feminists who really do need a man in their lives to control them in a benevolent manner, since they are emotionally too unstable to face reality.

There is one aspect where I agree with the feminists to a degree, and that is the conspiracy theory of the patriarchy. I’m a conspiracy theorist (or a conspiracy nut, as I prefer), as regular readers should be aware of, and I do believe in the existence of this control system that was in place already before I was born (in the 80s), and still exists. Back in the 80s the control system was more masculine, so you could call it a patriarchy, although not in any simplistic terms of a system by men to enslave women. Instead, both majority of men and women were enslaved by it, even though the enslavement and control was not so obvious then as it is now. Nowadays, I guess ever since 9/11, perhaps even before, the control system has become more of a matriarchy, the nanny state.

I’ll be magnanimous here and concede that perhaps some of these feminists, not all since some are just smug bitches who love the sound of their own voice, do perceive the control system around them, and do feel oppressed by it. But as the only explanation they are familiar with for explaining this oppression is the feminist theory of the patriarchy, they falsely conclude the feminist narrative is correct, although it’s only partially accurate. The patriarchy may have existed decades ago in some form, but nowadays that is clearly not true. It is possible that the people on top, the “Illuminati” or whatever, consist solely of men, but they certainly do not care about the “privileges” of other men, and I would say majority of feminists unwittingly serve their agenda of turning people against each other, and making people disconnect from reality and natural facts.

So men need to man up, and don’t get taken in by the insane feminists narratives that can only lead us to ruin. Stand for the truth and call a spade a spade, or a feminist a fucking nutcase.



Sargon of Akkad:

Girls of Jihad: Western Women and the Lure of ISIS:

Austrian teens latest victims of rape by IS ‘husbands’ now want to come home as Raqqa sex slave camp run by Brit jihadists may have pushed them over the edge:


2 thoughts on “Bring back the Patriarchy!”

  1. Unsurprisingly, if you trust a wolf to give you an unbiased account of sheep, you will not glean much in the way of truth. Next time you’re curious as to what feminists believe, read a book by a feminist. Calgon of Kumquat is just a joke with a webcam, capitalizing on prejudice (literally earning a living) by whipping up irrational fears against strawmen. The so-called “feminists” he is railing against are literally his own perverse invention.

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