Stefan Molyneux is a Prick

Stefan Molyneux is a “self-described philosopher”, a libertarian, a Canadian, and I’ve recently discovered he’s an aspiring cult leader. He’s done hundreds of videos, of which I’ve seen only a small fraction. I first heard about him several years ago. Molyneux seemed to have some worthwhile ideas, but I didn’t pay that much attention to him. Quite frankly I found him a bit smug, although that’s not a crime as long as the things you do and say are reasonable. I dismissed this as my personal bias, and not something I can hold against him. Until yesterday when I noticed there’s this “Molyneuxgate” going on revealing his true nature.

But first, let’s go back a year and half when I first started disliking Molyneux. In September 2013 Molyneux had a debate with Peter Joseph, the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement. I saw it on Red Ice Creations website, and I thought I don’t wanna see it, since I’m not a fan of the Zeitgeist Movement, and I think the Venus Project as presented in Zeitgeist Addendum is the worst idea ever. I didn’t want to hear what Peter Joseph has to say, since I thought the ideas he’s promoting are insanely stupid, but then I thought I have to challenge my beliefs and all that, and watch it. Besides, Molyneux was a libertarian, if Joseph says something completely idiotic Molyneux will point out his idiocies.

Well, long story short, it’s more like the opposite happened. Molyneux was passive aggressive and childish throughout the debate. He didn’t properly allow Peter Joseph to voice his opinions and arguments, moreover the little that Joseph was allowed to speak seemed somewhat reasonable, that he at least has some valid points worth considering. Moreover following the debate Stefan Molyneux made another video analyzing the debate with Joseph. In this video Molyneux basically said he won the debate, and praised his debating ability and proved he was a complete prick. I couldn’t even finish watching the video. I thought back then I should make a blog post about Molyneux’s inane behaviour, but decided against it, since I didn’t want to stir division in the “truth movement” and all that. Now I wish I had, since I could have said “told you so”, Stefan Molyneux is an asshole. Now I can only say I’m telling you now, he’s an asshole.

Yesterday I discovered that Peter Joseph had made a response video to Molyneux’s commentary on the debate where he points out just what a prick Molyneux is. I’m still not convinced at all by the Zeitgeist Movement, but at least this incident made Peter Joseph seem like a decent, rational human being, which is not something that can be said about Stefan Molyneux. Although I didn’t take it as a final verdict that Molyneux is an asshole, I regarded it merely as Molyneux acting like an asshole in this occasion.

Yesterday I was browsing the Youtube channel of someone called Thunderf00t. There I saw a video titled Stefan Molyneux: BUSTED. The video makes the argument that Molyneux acts like a cult leader, moreover he’s used copyright laws to take down videos on Youtube that criticize him, he’s lied about his psychologist wife being reprimanded for giving about false advice. And to top it all off, he advocates “defooing” for his followers. It means his followers should cut off all of their connections to their families, because all parents are abusive of some shit like that. I hadn’t heard about this defooing stuff before yesterday, but that certainly is some cult-like shit.

I wondered is this Thunderf00t guy correct in his accusations, and it didn’t take long to find out he seems to be. There’s some libertarian radio program Freedom Feens that has interviewed Molyneux’s former Inner Circle members that point out some of the cult leader-like behaviour of Molyneux. After the debate debacle with Peter Joseph, it wouldn’t have taken much convince me of the immoral nature of Stefan Molyneux, but Youtube is awash with videos highlighting the douche-baggery of Molyneux. And I don’t think it’s the government or the Illuminati trying to discredit him for getting too close to the truth. I think Molyneux discredits himself quite well by his own behaviour.

In conclusion, Stefan Molyneux is a prick. Don’t just take my word for, look into it yourself.


But one more thing. I’ve never liked how Molyneux calls himself a philosopher. If you go to the about section of my blog, you can see I call myself a wannabe-philosopher. For I take the title “philosopher” to be extremely prestigious, and I hope I can achieve it in this lifetime, but it is not something I can grant myself. It is something other people can say about me. If 100 years after I’m dead, people are still discussing my ideas, you could call me philosopher, but as yet I am merely a wannabe.

I also recognize some traits in Molyneux that I possess. His extreme narcissism is something that could affect me, if it was nurtured by hundreds of sycophants. Fortunately I’m just a blogger with a handful of readers.


EDIT: Molyneux Vaccination:

EDIT 2: I’ll add a list of Youtubers and their channels of people who express reasonable criticism of Molyneux in several of their videos.

TruMirror, which is a mirror of the videos by TruShibes, who was victim of DMCA claims and had her channel pulled off:



Jim Jesus:

Philosophy Lines:



Freedomain Radio, Molyneux’s site:

Peter Joseph and Stefan Molyneux debate:

Molyneux’s response:

Joseph’s response:

Stefan Molyneux: BUSTED by Thunderf00t:


The Truth About Stefan Molyneux, from Two People Who Were in His Inner Circle – Freedom Feens:

Mother of Stefan Molyneux Cult Victim Speaks:


2 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneux is a Prick”

  1. This would be my first time replying on any blog? 🙂 I am not a philosopher or prophet which I would know of. I do understand many things about what is going on here on earth but not all. I just come straight from the heart which doesn’t work well in a programed society for I understand my enemy here on earth pretty well so far. I understand the half lies and half truths war going on between these occults here on earth and do take this in to consideration while researching the inhabitants of this planet. I do not choose any sides for I am not like any other human here on earth that I have met so far.
    What advantage I have, is I have experienced real events within my own life here, and these events do not appear to involve any religious or scientific formats here on this earth. But it is clear Mankind is being oppressed by some beings which have no physical bodies and desire to use human bodies if the body has a weak will and has fallen into this mind set of programed Humanity which is introduced by these malevolent beings. I have been at war with these malevolent beings all my life, and for half of my life here I didn’t even know,while I was in a programed state of mind. It is my compassion which allows me to know who is who and what is truth and which are lies.
    I have no hero’s and admire no human who has fallen into this prison of lies, for my eye’s and heart are with my Father creator. I respect your concerns and feel your heart is only trying to help people honestly and the best way you know how. thank you very much for your compassion. But I am fine thank you. I chose to be in danger for I have no fear of any evil and I am not alone. be well and blessed.

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