Social Engineering of the Western Psyche by extremes and opposites

After 9/11 happened all of the Western world was suspicious of Muslims, that any one of them could be a terrorist. This allowed the US led coalition to wage war in Afghanistan and Iraq. The general public allowed these wars to start due to fear of, and desire for revenge against, the Muslim world. Although 9/11 occurred in America, the psychological effect was similar in Europe.

However, as years passed and people were forced to realize the immorality of the wars, and flawed nature of in seeing all Muslims as potential terrorists. Gradually the attitudes shifted from seeing Muslims as terrorists to realize the West was the bigger terrorist as Abu Ghraib torture and such events became public knowledge. The image of Muslims shifted from being the evil threat looming in the shadows to being victims of Western crusade for oil and intolerance. Compare 9/11’s response calling for outright war in 2001 to Charlie Hebdo attacks where grown men have become like pre-teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert waving their “Je suis Charlie”-flags.

This fairly quick change in the psyche of the Western people has fucked them up real good, and rendered them unable to think rationally. On one hand they see Muslim terrorist attacking them and experience anger, but on the other they realize the unwarranted Western aggression toward Muslim nations in contemporary history, so they do not know how to act or react. Moreover the Cultural Marxist propaganda has went into overdrive in recent years and Western people are afraid to call out criminal behaviour in non-White people for fear of being called racist (see the Rotherham pedophile scandal). The weak and heavily socially engineered minds of the general public cannot handle these contradicting forces rumbling around in their heads, nor the emotions welling within. This inability to rationally assess the situation and act accordingly has in effect rendered them child-like automatons who know only to follow instruction from the parent-figure, which is usually the government. Their humanity has been suspended.

Take the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. The whole city goes on lockdown due to a 20-year old kid being on the loose, the military marches into the city and the people cheer. Then in 2015 in Paris 2 Muslim extremists allegedly kill a bunch of people, and people fucking just march on the streets holding identical signs stating hollow slogans. What the fuck? They’re so proud to be victims. That’s all they know now. The spineless cowardice and lack of common sense of Europeans makes the Conquistador genocide in South America seem heroic. At least those guys were tough.

I don’t think for a second that this shift in Western psyche is an accidental occurrence. I think it’s fairly obviously a result of careful social engineering. I’m not saying all this was planned ahead of time in 2000 when the military industrial complex’s conspirators planned the 9/11 attacks in their PNAC meetings, or when-ever the 9/11 inside job conspiracy was hatched. I’m saying these conspirators have the magical ability of observation, and then changing their behaviour and propaganda by reacting to different changes in the environment. They noticed that the people were getting tired of wars, and the old patriotic “we will hunt them down and fuck their asses”-routine was not working. They had to come up with another scheme to render the massess impotent, and they did. Et voilà, at least the majority of French people are mentally so disarmed they cannot bring themselves to fight agaist the attack physically or mentally. The French may have a reputation of being more lovers than fighters, but let me remind you that the French almost conquered all of Europe just 200 years ago under the command of Napoleon. They didn’t use to be a bunch of pussies.

I don’t know if the Charlie Hebdo attack was a false flag, or a genuine terrorist attack by Muslim extremists, or something in between. All I know I sure as hell don’t trust the official story, but I haven’t heard any convincing alternatives either. So I’m gonna conclude it was suspicious as heck. And since the masses don’t seem to care what the truth of the matter is, why should I? Just as they believed the official line in the Boston Marathon bombing, they cannot even conceive the possibility that the truth might be something other than what the main stream media and the government is telling them.

All I can say for sure is the Charlie Hebdo attack was an attack on the French people. Whether it was a genuine terrorist attack by Muslim extemists, an inside job by the French secret service, Mossad or other agency, or a hoax by such agencies, it was still an attack on consciousness of the French people, and all of the Western civilization. Therefore I think it is prudent to ask who did it and why. However, even more prudent is to realize how it is used to attack freedom of speech in France and the consciousness of the French people now by the French government. It is not ironic nor hypocritical, it is normal. Until the people realize this is how they act, the people will remain utterly clueless.

We have to remain one step ahead in the game. The next time there is an event like this, and trust me, there will be, similar mind-fuck propaganda will occur. Let’s not fall for it.

P.S. What the fuck does “I am Charlie” even mean? Seriously. If you want to sympathize with the victims of the attack, fine, express your sympath, but I don’t really understand how “Je suis Charlie” accomplishes that. “Charlie” is not even a victim, it’s a magazine. Let’s say a guy named Bob was killed in the attack, it would make more sense to say “Je suis Bob” to express sympathy, even though that doesn’t make sense to me either. Since I may feel bad for Bob’s death but that does not make me Bob. How about saying “I want to express my condolences over Bob’s brutal demise, and hope his family manages to recover from this tragic incident.” I don’t fucking know.

Maybe I’m just stupid, but I’m leaning toward none of the people holding up the “Charlie”-signs really knew what they were doing either. They were just mindless drones following direction.

I really do expect something even more stupid from the next National Tragedy, where-ever it’s going to happen. Let’s say a guy gets killed by terrorists at a zoo near a monkey cage, and maybe one of the monkeys will get shot too. The next day there will be people flinging shit at each other monkey-style to express their solidarity in victimhood. I’m not even trying to be funny. I just think this is how ill-dignified and inhuman the general public has become.

Hopefully though, this too is just something manufactured by the media, and the majority of French people are not as lack-witted as the media presents them to be.


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