Feminism despises Femininity

Let’s get down to the basics of what feminism is. I have had this understanding of the core assumption or emotion behind modern feminism for several years now, and I thought I had discussed on my blog, but apparently I had not. So here goes…

Feminism is almost a machine-like hatred of women, and on top of that simply hatred of simple facts of reality. I’m not trying to sound controversial, I am merely stating the facts. Feminists are obsessed with being the victim. Women are supposedly always oppressed by men, they claim to want equality, but they what they want is the subjugation of men. However, feminists do not hate men, at least not as much as they hate women. Feminism is premised on the underlying assumption that women are inferior to men. That is an unquestioned truth in the mind of a feminist, yet the feminist resents this and creates an imaginary social construct where this is not true. The feminist projects the hatred she holds for herself to men, since feminists tend to be deeply disturbed.

Let’s take an example from the hastag-campaign #LikeaGirl. It was an ad-campaign, or something like that, last year with a propaganda video where girls say its harmful when men call someone who is weak, or doesn’t know how to throw a ball they throw it, like a girl. As Youtuber Thunderf00t points out in the video linked below, girls and women are generally physically weaker than boys and men. That is a fact. I think both men and women have understood that simply fact for millennia and dealt with it, but only since feminism came along simple facts of reality have become offensive. It may not be fair from some viewpoint that women are weaker than men, but it matters little that is simply how it is. That does not decrease the value of women as human beings, it merely decreases their value as soldiers, physical competition with men, and in heavy construction. It’s like if I was offended by reality because I cannot turn into a flying dinosaur.

This is where we get to the heart of feminism; it wants women to be as good at being men as men are, but since that is impossible, feminists begin to resent reality instead of recognizing the falsehood of their belief system. This creates the loop where feminists despise themselves for not being as good men as men, but instead of having the decency of blaming themselves for this nonsensical weakness, they project their hatred towards those who remind them of how reality actually works. When rational people point out the insanity in feminist thought, the feminist of course goes deeper into her delusion, and resents reality even more.

Feminism lured women away from the home to the work place to work in the world of men. They want women to have masculine roles like corporate CEOs, soldiers or top politicians. Although most women don’t seem to want that. It is feminism that is oppressive to women, and gives them social constructs to believe, not the Patriarchy or men. Feminism hates for women to be feminine, moreover it hates men to be masculine. Feminism hates the tender, nurturing qualities that are innate to most women, and wants to replace them with simulacra-masculine attributes. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say this was some sort of cosmic conspiracy that tries to undermine the natural order of life on this planet…

The principle of resenting the perceived superior class and trying to undermine it is applicable to Cultural Marxism in general as well. Cultural Marxists basically claim that White heterosexual men are the root of all evil, and those victimized by them are good people. The further you distance from that the better, for example a white heterosexual woman is not as good a victim as a transgender black woman. We can apply the same formula to this as we did to feminism; the underlying assumption is that White heterosexual men are superior to other demographics. That is seen as being the reality, and therefore it has to be resented and subverted. Feminism and Cultural Marxism is very schizophrenic. They create a generalized social construct, which is not entirely true, but then try to assault and subvert what they perceive to be reality. Where this originates must be some sort Archontic infection or Wetiko mind virus.

I assume these mind virus-infected people assume White heterosexual men to be superior, since its basically a historical fact that the world has been dominated by White heterosexual men for the last few centuries. European men have conquered most of the world, invented new technologies, introduced their ideas all over the world. That is obvious, but I would not make any universal statement that European men are superior. European men may be superior in some areas, but Asian women can be superior in others. I don’t believe in the equality of races or sexes, but neither do I believe in the superiority of one. White men have been dominant in the 19th and 20th centuries for sure, but in the Middle-Ages Arabs were superior in science, for example. In pre-historical times some societies were matriarchal and so on. I think it’s more of a cyclical thing.

Anyways, feminists and Cultural Marxists believe White heterosexual men to be superior. That is their sense of reality. And they resent reality. They want to rebel agains it like Lucifer. Ultimately this sounds Luciferian to me, where these people are unwilling to accept reality as it is (as God made it, as it were), but want to make a reality which is a construct. This truly is some deep, occult shit. I am not joking.

Feminism is sexist, although it purports to be the opposite, Cultural Marxism is racist and intolerant although it claims the opposite. Social Justice Warriors fight for social injustice. That is the nature of the beast. You cannot reason with it, you merely have to understand how it behaves. I don’t really understand why it behaves like this, but I can see this is how it is.

None what I said here should be viewed as insulting. I am not saying this to be pejorative nor funny somehow. Feminism is a twisted, spiritual ideology that hates anything natural. Devout feminists are basically demon-possessed. I should add that of course most of the people who buy into feminism are simply naive, and think its about gender equality and girl power, but that’s just the packaging, not what’s inside.



Feminism Is a form of Jewish Control: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGarmqCQfXw



RE #LikeaGirlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_xSZ0HXiIU

Ban bossy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMHoNi7rLqk


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