Unity Consciousness and the End of the Mayan Calendar Cycle

Carl Calleman is a Swedish researcher who has worked several years on the Mayan Calendar, which almost everyone seems to have forgotten now that 2012 came and went. Calleman claimed that the cycle ended October 28, 2011, instead of 2012. This was supposed to herald the emergence of the highest state of consciousness, Unity Consciousness.

I followed Calleman’s ideas back in 2011 and was quite intrigued by them, although I haven’t read any of his books. Then the Mayan Calendar ended according to him, and nothing special seemed to happen. December 21, 2012 went past, and nothing special happened. In fact, I thought 2012 was a particularly boring year, but of course it was hyped up so much it was impossible to live up to it anyway. After these days simply went by without any special occurrences, I felt a bit disappointed, as probably did many others. I wasn’t expecting the end of the world, nor a sudden enlightenment of everyone, but I was sort of hoping for something.

After this I also thought maybe Calleman was just another New Age guru trying make money and glory off of the Mayan Calendar. Maybe he was, but at least he’s still writing books on the topic. While this may be seen as merely wanting to squeeze more money out of a dated issue, I prefer to look at it that he didn’t simply scamper off into the darkness like the obvious fakes did. Or are there still people talking about the Mayan Calendar in earnest?

Unity Consciousness, as I understand it, was supposed to make us realize how we are all connected, part of the same species, part of this planet and all that. It was supposed to be a genuine union, not a fake or forced one like the European Union or New World Order, which claim to promote unity, but in fact have created more division. For me since the end of the Mayan Calendar (be it 2011 or 2012)  the greatest change has been the discovery of my Finnish ethnic roots, or rather I’ve seen it is a road I must travel even though I haven’t gotten that far yet. Overall especially in the West, the resurgence of nationalism, re-discovery of the pre-Christian identity and also seeing how multiculturalism is used to erode the identities of all nations, particularly Western ones have been the greatest focus of the “truth movement” and people in general since the end of the calendar. This of course has led, and will lead to more, conflicts with other cultures, such as Islamic cultures. Some of these conflicts are no doubt organic, while others manufactured.

In this light one might say the end of the Tzolkin cycle has heralded the opposite of the Unity Consciousness as conflicts are arising between cultures. I naturally disagree. In the grand scheme of things I would say this rediscovery of identities will lead to a more unified world in a harmonious sense, not a forced one. You first have to know yourself to know anything else. To know yourself you have to know where you came from. When that is done you can begin to understand those who are different from you.

Years ago I wrote:

Know Yourself

That is what pretty much everyone with any sense has been saying since the dawn of time, and I seem to have at least that much sense, so: know yourself. To find meaning in life, to understand anything you must know yourself. If you do know yourself, you cannot know anything since you are the lens through which you look at the world. When you examine something, you see it through your eyes, to ascertain you know what your looking at you must know what those eyes are like. Is the picture perfect, is the thing you are perceiving the thing actually in front of you? Is your sight somehow skewed? If it is, and you know it, you might be able to compensate for the discrepancy. Otherwise you end up believing the eyes that send you half truths.

If a rabbit thinks he’s an eagle, he’s pretty much screwed. When he jumps off the cliff, he’ll find out he’s not an eagle, but it won’t matter anymore. If an eagle thinks he’s a rabbit, he can’t escape from predators. He doesn’t know he can fly, and an eagle can’t run as fast as a rabbit can. When the rabbit knows he’s a rabbit, he can use his ears to hear threats far away and his legs to run away. The eagle, knowing his eagleness, can fly around looking for the rabbit.”

People are realizing we are not all the same despite what the liberal propaganda claims. An Arab is not the same as a Frenchman, and a Finn too differs greatly from both of them. Men are not the same as women. Old are not the same as young. I am not you. (And I’m certainly not Charlie.) We still seem have this idea that if two things are not equal, one must therefore be better than the other, and should battle for supremacy. This does not make sense. An apple is not equal to an orange. They are not the same, yet is one superior to the other?

When we no longer force ourselves to look at ourselves in terms of false equality we can look at each other as we really are, and act accordingly. Then we can have unity. We have to be genuine with ourselves before being genuine with each other.

So despite it seemingly like we are heading toward more conflict, I think in the long run we are actually going toward some sense of Unity Consciousness, unless this is somehow co-opted by the control system. Whether or not this has anything to do with the Mayan Calendar or what Calleman has said, I don’t know. But I’m gonna say; why not?



The Mayan Calendar has come to an End: http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/MayanCalendar_has_come_to_End.htm

Calleman’s website: http://calleman.com/

Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/02/iceland-temple-norse-gods-1000-years


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