Are we headed for a cataclysmic, eschatological end of the world event after all?

I did not intend to write about this topic when I was doing my previous post on the Mayan Calendar. Yesterday I discovered the research of someone called Lucus or Lucas. Back in 2010 he was interviewed on Red Ice radio and did a few presentations on Youtube on his theory about a cataclysmic event, probably a comet, that happens cyclically every 36000 years.

These themes aren’t new to me, but Lucus puts the information together quite reasonably and no-nonsensically. I guess the most obvious observation he has made is noting petroglyphs, rock carvings, from the pre-historical world containing spirals, goats and some sort of horned demon.



I won’t try to recount all of the information Lucus puts out, it’s better you look it up yourself than try to make sense from my second-hand account. The main point is, maybe we are headed toward a cataclysmic event, and the elites know something about, although not necessarily much about it, and clearly they’re not telling us, at least not directly.

Maybe you’re thinking we already had Y2K, the Millennium, comet Elenin was going cause havoc, 2012 wasn’t the end of the world, just give it up. The world didn’t end then, nor is it gonna end now. But maybe they are evidence of the upcoming event. I have three different possibilities for how it works.

One is, maybe somehow deep down we know through our genetic memory or whatnot that such an event is going to happen, and even though rationally we do not know it is going to happen, subconsciously we devise stories of this cataclysm trying to convince the rational mind.

The second possibility is that this is some sort of reverse psychology, Boy who cried Wolf-manipulation, by the elite trying to convince us not to take care of ourselves, since maybe once or twice we’ve gotten worked up about this end of the world stuff, but since we’ve seen false promises many times already, we won’t be prepared when the real thing happens. Alex Jones has been screaming about martial law and people being hauled off to FEMA camps for years, but nothing like that has happened yet. So I think a lot of people have sort of forgotten about the camps, but as far as I know they’re still there, and they were built for some purpose.

The third possibility is that perhaps the elites are engaging in their perverse idea of compassion in seeding these cataclysmic themes in popular culture, subconsciously trying to tell the people that society as we know it is going to fall. If the news were to say that next year a comet is gonna come and kill most of you, we wouldn’t have to wait for the comet, as the people would go crazy and cause an event just by themselves without needing any natural disaster. Lucus pointed out that in recent years there have been many TV shows focused on survival. I don’t know anything about that as I don’t watch TV, but I do know that survival or sandbox survival is one of the most popular genres in computer games these days.

I don’t know if there is any cyclical, mythological cataclysmic event that’s gonna happen anytime soon, but I think anyone who is mentally and emotionally connected from the main stream understands that we are headed for a disaster. Whether it’s a natural, cosmic, manufactured or mythological I do not know, possibly all of the above, but the way of life as it is now, is not sustainable in the long term. This will eventually lead to a large scale war or collapse of society by other means, if an outside threat does not do it before. Be it the Destroyer comet or a fake alien invasion.

It never hurts to be prepared for it by storing food and tools, and having practical skills, but I think the most important thing is to be mentally prepared. Don’t be a deer in the headlights if tomorrow a planet sized comet begins tearing the world apart, or an “alien” mothership appears in the airspace of your hometown. One useful thing I actually learned in university is that natural disasters are social problems first and foremost. Disasters happen all the time, but what really causes most of the damage is when people are not prepaped for it.

I feel I should finally read Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky.



Lucus – The Destroyer Star & The Future of Mankind:

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1/12 Lucus at Brave New Books 10/10/2010: The Return of the Great Dragon:

Lucus’ website:

Alex Jones Show – FEMA Concentration Camps, Coffins:


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