The Boston Bombing is still a Hoax, and not going away

I just watched a video on the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight interviewed an Australian guy called PeeKay, and David Weiss. PeeKay has done quite a good job of dismantling the fallacious hoax that the Boston Bombing was. I’ve watched some of PeeKay’s Youtube videos before, but not that much.

Another great source of exposing the fraud is Chris Spivey’s website. He’s a British guy who has explored the Marathon Bombing in great detail.

If you’re not aware of the facts of the so called Boston Bombing I recommend taking a look of the work of these two men.

One thing that still bothers me about this hoax is how did they manage to find all of these people willing to be complicit in this conspiracy? Many of the people seem quite amateurish, and many of them had missing limbs already before the marathon. Did they simply recruit a bunch of handicapped crisis actors to do it? I don’t think they (the people organizing the hoax) could ensure their silence simply by paying them money.

I can’t help but think that maybe this was some sort of Luciferian hoax. As I’ve mentioned before, I recently read Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers by Kerth Barker who was involved, or victimized, by these secret societies as a child. He said that he was chosen, because the Luciferians found out he could keep a secret, whereas his siblings could not. All of the Luciferians are blackmailed somehow to ensure their obedience, and I think the people involved in the bombing hoax enjoyed deceiving people in the first place.

This is conjecture of course, yet I still haven’t found a better answer why no-one has said anything, and they seem quite happy to perpetuate the lie. And many of the people involved do seem like amateurs to me, not professional intelligence agency people or anything like that. It would not even surprise me if some people willingly had their legs amputated months in advance to the marathon just so they could participate in the hoax. It may sound extreme, but Luciferianism is a religion, which is based on deception, and religious nuts are willing to do all sorts crazy stuff to further their goals.

In fact there is one guy shown in the Caravan to Midnight video giving the devil horns with his hand (at 2:19:02 in the video), and he is wearing a red shirt with a (devil’s?) trident on his back (at 2:39:03). I know this is hardly proof of anything, but I would at least call it evidence. There’s also one young woman who “survived” hoax in the video who says: “I’m a criminal(?) justice major, actually.” (It’s at 1:07:30-47.) I think there is deliberate mockery in her expression, since she knows she has been involved in this rape of justice.

Anyways, feel free to disregard my conjecture, if you think it sounds nonsensical. But do not disregard the facts presented by PeeKay and Spivey. The bombing was a hoax, and it has been proven.


Caravan To Midnight – Episode 232 Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax Deconstructed:

Boston Bollocks by Chris Spivey:


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