Honor Diaries and Abuse of Women in the Islamic World

I saw an intro video on something called Honor Diaries. It addresses the abuse of women especially in the Islamic world. Lately I’ve done several posts pointing out what a hypocritical hoax feminism is, since its not concerned about the rights of women at all. If taken at face value, the Honor Diaries video is exactly what feminists should do. One woman in the video expresses explicitly that you can get labelled an Islamophobe if you point out the abuse. Sounds relevant to me.

The official website says: “Honor Diaries is more than a movie, it is a movement to save women and girls from human rights abuses – around the world and here in America.” Sounds reasonable.

But at the end of the intro video the writer and producer of Honor Diaries, Paula Kweskin, says: “Honor Diaries talks about one the most important human rights issues today, the subjugation and persecution of women in honor based societies.” You lost me there. One of the biggest problems in modern societies is that there is no honor. The rule is that anything goes as long as you don’t get caught. If there was a sense of honor installed in men, as there were in olden times, many of the problems we face today would not exist. I guess the kind of honor Kweskin means is the fucked up Muslim-extremist honor where women get killed for violating their oppressive rules. That’s probably what she means, but not necessarily. Quite frankly I don’t trust her. Maybe she is actually on a crusade to eliminate the sense of honor from people, and using women’s rights as an excuse to do so. Is she saying women aren’t subjugated and persecuted in dishonorable societies?

I’m not just nit-picking here. You have to be clear what you mean. Is the goal of Honor Diaries to eliminate the concept of honor, or liberate women from oppression? The intro video seems to be focusing a lot on the word honor, such as the name of the movie, but it’s quite vague what they mean by it. They should distinguish proper, ethical kind of honor from the kind of false honor Muslim extremists use as an excuse to butcher women. The phrase “honor violence” is mentioned, but I’m still not convinced by the sanity or integrity of Ms Kweskin.

The honor issue aside, the movement sounds good at face value, but usually these movements are a fucking scam, and I’ve seen little to convince me otherwise in this case. At the very end of the video Kweskin asks for money, of course, to help her. She probably got it since the video was uploaded on Youtube a year ago.

Usually these movements manipulate the emotions and sense of decency of regular people to scam them out of their money. I see little reason to believe Honor Diaries is any different. It would be pleasant if I was wrong, though.


A Klingon’s honor means more to him than his life!
– Kurn, son of Mogh

A Muslim-extremist’s honor means more to him than the life of his female family members, I wager.


P.S. I forgot to mention one thing. One of the women in the video says: “It’s very easy to break a twig or a stick. When you bundle them together, you can’t break that.” This is of course a reference to the fasci, from which comes the word fascism. Not that what she says is inherently evil; the analogy makes sense. I’m just wondering if she’s aware of what she is saying?





Honor Diaries- exclusive extended clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-zWq_Xzw_g

Honor diaries website: http://www.honordiaries.com/


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