Voodoo: Creating Zombies with “Racism”

In the modern world the two most frightening things that happen to a person is to be called “racist” or “anti-semitic”. These are nothing but voodoo word magic used to control people.

Voodoo works only when people believe it does. It can work its magic positively (placebo) or negatively (nocebo). Your beliefs can make you sick, or heal you, only based on your beliefs. An article named The Science of Voodoo points this out.

The most popularized aspect of voodoo, zombies, is also applicable to claims of racism. People who believe in voodoo consider zombies to be reanimated dead people, whereas Western science seems to consider zombies live human beings who have been rendered easily controllable by using mind altering drugs. Both are applicable to people who are scared to death of being labelled racist. Softpedia mentions that zombies “have no will of their own”, and a zombie is “a person who lacks full consciousness but acts like normal people”.

If we think of zombies as dead people reanimated by the black magician, bokor, to become his slave, we can say that the person has recognized something in himself, which would label him a racist according to what modern society teaches us, and the person has spiritually died, since being a racist is the worst sin imaginable. For example, James Watson, the man who discovered DNA has been ostracized from society, since he said black people are less intelligent than whites. He’s not the first one to say so, and his opinion seems to based on experience, and not simply some redneck prejudice. However, Watson does not seem like a zombie, but I bet there are plenty of other people who have deep in their minds reached similar conclusions, yet they dare not admit it to themselves, although they know this is what they believe. This belief based on experience makes them racist according the values of modern society, and thus the person considers himself morally dead.

I’m not making any judgement on the intelligence of black people, since being a Finn who has spent a lot of time in East-Asia I haven’t had that much dealings with black people. There is however a study that found that African IQs are much lower on average than IQs on other continents. I’m not a big believer in IQ tests or any of that stuff, but it still behooves us to consider these things, especially since the Cultural Marxist elite is trying to convince us that there are no differences between races, and its supposedly racist to consider there are differences, therefore I must conclude we should be looking at race.

Back to zombies. The other explanation is that people are drugged to lose their will and be easily controllable. Many people in the modern world are certainly drugged with pharmaceuticals, and many of those who aren’t have been drugged by the media. The media tells you it’s the worst thing ever for your soul to be a racist. If you believe it without question, then they can tell you that calling out Israel for its crimes against humanity is racist, investigating 9/11 is racist (the dancing Israelis et al.), pointing out that Muslims of Middle-Eastern or African origin have committed various acts of rape in various European countries is racist. The truth seems to be racist, and especially anti-semitic.

Pointing out that the claim that Germans murdered 6 million Jews 70 years ago is a lie, is anti-semitic. Pointing out that Jews are the ones who consider themselves the master (or chosen) race, is anti-semitic. Wanting to re-discover our pre-Christian spiritual traditions in all European countries is anti-semitic. Although being Christian too is racist nowadays, it seems. Only Muslims, Jews and atheists aren’t racist these days. I’d rather be racist.

Don’t buy into the voodoo bullshit. That’s all it is.



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