The Meaning of Saturn Worship

In recent years several conspiracy theories focusing on the occult have noted that the bad guys worship Saturn. That sounds reasonable to me, yet few have actually managed to explain what is the significance and meaning of Saturn. There’s usually just vague assertions that Saturn is Satan, evil or something like that. It is rather simplistic to say the least.


Satan and Saturn

Ishtar Babilu Dingir is a British shaman (with a very confusing name). She quotes in her article The Origins of Satan the astrologer Peter Stockinger: “Saturn’s action is principally binding, chastening, chronic, cold, crystallising, denuding, hardening, depleting, hindering, limiting, magnetic, obstructing, retarding and suppressing”.

Satan is more or less equivalent to Saturn. Both represent obstruction. Ishtar Babilu Dingir writes that Satan first appears in the Bible as an angel that stops a guy named Balaam from going forward. Satan is an angel, which his donkey can see, but Balaam cannot. The donkey refuses to move. He beats the donkey in punishment until after the third time the donkey speaks to him.

I know this story best from Nick Cave’s novel And the Ass saw the Angel.

Satan/Saturn is not evil, but represents a metaphysical force of nature related with obstruction, suppression and binding. This is not good or evil, it simply is. However an excess of anything can be evil, or a certain thing in a certain situation can be bad. The existence of fire, for example, could even be described as a good thing. Fire gives you light, heat and can be used to cook your food. However, fire in a dry old library can burn the place down, and fire in a crowded night club can lead to deaths.

The Satanic energy of obstruction can have positive and negative uses as well. Let’s a say pretty vixen is trying to seduce you, but despite finding her attractive you turn her down, because you want to remain faithful to your wife. This would then be a Satanic act.


Saturn Worship

The black stone of Kaaba that Muslims worship supposedly refers to Saturn. Some orthodox Jews wear a black cube on their foreheads, the tefillin, which possibly refers to Saturn as well.



Both Islam and Judaism seem very Saturnian to me. Islam has all sorts of rules and limitations, especially for women. They have to dress up in black, Saturnine robes, they cannot even drive in Saudi-Arabia and so on. Men aren’t allowed to drink alcohol, they have to pray to Mecca five times a day and so on. Jews have strict Kosher laws on what they can and cannot eat. They cannot work on the Shabbat, Saturn’s day. They have to get circumcised.

Both religions are very restrictive and binding. This is Saturnian. Not inherently evil, but at least from my viewpoint excessively obstructive and controlling.

The six pointed star is the Seal of Solomon, or nowadays known as the Star of David. It’s also known as the talisman of Saturn.



King Solomon used the seal or ring to command demons or djinn. If the seal is imbued with Saturnian powers it makes sense it can be used to bind spirits in some manner.

Anyways, in addition to Jews and Muslims, the “Illuminati” elites seem to be worshiping or invoking Saturn as well (or they all believe in the same religion, although on the surface it seems different). This in itself is not evil, but as Saturn’s power is to obstruct and inhibit, the elites are using Saturn to control our lives. They try to prevent us from seeing certain truths, from living how we want to, and force us to live their way.

The excess Saturnian energy may be why so many people are unwilling to change their minds even when confronted by evidence. Why people are unwilling to look at conspiracies like 9/11 objectively. Why society has such a lack of understanding of spirituality.

As David Icke has said many times, human consciousness is a like ball under water. It rises  to the surface by itself unless somebody keeps pushing it down. This may be the purpose of the invoking of Saturn by the elites.



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4 thoughts on “The Meaning of Saturn Worship”

  1. This is exactly what I was thinking of BEFORE arriving to this website. Saturn/Tefillin usage is niether bad not good, but just balanced neutral. The secret societies utilize Saturn’s energy for their good.

    Like I said before; I figured exactly what was mentioned hard on my own BEFORE viewing this site.

    1. Reading my article now over two years later, I can’t say I disagree with myself, but I don’t know if I agree with it either. At least one thing that I said I question now: “Satan is more or less equivalent to Saturn.” Perhaps Saturn is basically a morally neutral celestial body, but Satan, or at least some sort of force or entity that is often simplified in the character of Satan, may exhibit similar powers as Saturn, but if it is real in some sense, I do think it is evil.

      However, I’ve gotten somewhat agnostic as of late, so I certainly cannot say anything for sure about any of these supernatural or metaphysical concepts. I do believe there is a God, and this world is ridden with evil so it would imply there is some sort evil counterpart to God, but I am doubtful whether man can ever have true gnosis about the exact nature of these things.

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