Holohost, brain updates, Moon Matrix and all that

I am continuing on the topic from my previous post on the moon, Crrow777 and an enigmatic Russian scientist, named Khatib Alexander or Hatibow. I read through the Russian scientist’s article on the moon, using Google translate, which makes a surprisingly good job of it, most of the stuff I fail to understand because of the technical and mathematical stuff, not the language barrier. I also listened to an interview with Crrow777, which has all sorts of interesting comments.

Khatib Alexander has written a bunch of articles (which I originally didn’t notice), and I intend to read through their translations eventually. That will take time however, so I’ll comment on the few observations that have popped into my mind so far.

Firstly, Alexander, and Crrow777 in his interview, mention three different genotypes for people: “42 (general population, more than 5 billion people.), 44 (“golden billion” with the brain, brought from the satellites of the planets) and 46 (“golden million” 1200000 man dropped off the planet Sun).” This is through Google translate, but the meaning seems rather obvious. The 42 are the common people, 44 are somehow mentally or spiritually superior and 46 are even more superior, whatever this actually means. Alexander writes: “By 2009, the formation of genotypes 44 and 46 is completed and you can destroy the genotype of 42”. It will be done by “the control system of the Earth” (somehow related to the moon, I believe). The destruction was supposed to happen after three years in 2012, or be complete or something like that. Clearly there was no mass death of people like this at the end of 2012, so maybe this was just another false 2012 doom prophecy that did not work out. Or, a bunch of people did spiritually die at that time, and their bodies are more of less automatons that are going through the motions until they run out of juice. Sounds harsh, I know.

Then there’s one sentence where the translation is very unclear. It seems like maybe even 42s have the potential to update their brain to survive, or they will be/have been forcibly updated. After that the word “holohost” is in brackets. In Russian it’s холохост. Assuming it’s not just “holocaust” mispelled, I thought what could it mean. It’s somehow related to this update or wiping of brains stuff. The word “holo” means “whole, entire, complete”. “Host” has plenty of meanings. It’s a verb “to serve as a host”, it can refer to “multitude”, from Medieval Latin hostis “army, war-like expedition”, from Latin hostis “enemy, foreigner, stranger”. Then there’s a religious meaning: “body of Christ, consecrated bread,” c.1300, from Latin hostia “sacrifice”. So “holohost” could be “whole sacrifice” of some sort.

Then again, it’s questionable how much can these Latin and English definitions apply to Alexander’s холохост. I don’t speak or read Russian but I checked some dictionaries. They don’t have the complete word, but checked the two components separately. Holo (холо) didn’t give any entry in some dictionaries, but one did offer this:

“холод, -а     ( -а    nom pl  )
м   cold  ,   (осенний, зимний)    cold weather    ед  ,   (перен, равнодушие)    coldness,   (озноб)    cold shiver”

As I don’t know Russian I cannot say whether this has anything to do with the holo in holohost. I’m leaning toward thinking holo here refers to “whole, entire”. “Host” (хост) on the other does give some entries: “computer; host system, host computer, host device”. This sounds a likely possibility. This event that supposedly has happened to the vast majority of people on Earth is the somehow related to holohost, which is a “whole host computer”, “cold host computer”, “whole sacrifice”, or “cold sacrifice”? Wikipedia comments on host the following:

A network host is a computer or other device connected to a computer network. A network host may offer information resources, services, and applications to users or other nodes on the network. A network host is a network node that is assigned a network layer host address.


Another article of Alexander that I browsed through quickly is his ideas on the Matrix. He says: “Man on Earth has not only memory but also given a program of action. If the matrix is not present, then the person is a robot and does what he is given at birth”. It sounds as if the mind or the soul of people is in the host computer, like information at the internet cloud. This also sounds similar to David Icke’s ideas that the body is just a space suit that is remote controlled by our consciousness from somewhere else.

I interpret this holohost thing to be something like the “consciousness shift” that has been thrown about. You have to shift your consciousness to a higher frequency or you will perish. Ultimately though, it may not be spiritual in nature but technological, or maybe there’s no distinction. The shift may have happened already, those who failed just may not know it yet.

There’s other stuff I wanted to talk about, but I’ve rambled on long enough on this one topic. Crrow777 mentioned in the interview some race of alien beings that look like spiders. They control the Earth control system or something. I don’t know what Hatibow article talks about them yet. Crrow777 noted that the motto of the Bohemian Grove is “Weaving spiders come not here”. If the alien spiders are something real, I can’t help but agree with Crow that the motto refers to them. If it does, it’s sounds to me the Grove’s mission is somehow to oppose the spiders. For some reason all of this makes me think of the scifi TV show The Event. In the show there are aliens on Earth that look like humans. Then there’s one old guy who depicted as some nasty conspirator who does bad stuff. However toward the end of the show it’s reveal he’s actually a member of an ancient secret society that’s supposed to protect humans from these aliens.

Perhaps that is what the Grove’s original purpose was, but it has been hi-jacked by parasitical people. Sort of like the mystery schools of ancient times held all sorts of secret and used them sort the good of mankind, but it was infiltrated. The old story as in the movie Kung-Fu Panda.

I know, this is crazy stuff, but it’s a crazy world we live in.

Let’s end this with Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars:




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The same in original Russian: http://lit.lib.ru/h/hatybow_a_m/lunak.shtml

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Bohemian Grove: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohemian_Grove


15 thoughts on “Holohost, brain updates, Moon Matrix and all that”

  1. I’m currently translating this text for Crrow777 and finally came across this enigmatic word. The way this paper is written is very strange at times, but my Russian is more literary than scientific, so I can’t know for sure how well I’m translating.

      1. I’ve only translated the Moon paper, so I’m missing some context. Honestly, it makes little sense to me. I’ll send it to you if you want. I’m having trouble contacting Crrow777 for some reason.

      2. Hi hukipesukone – did you or Chad manage to post anything on line about the work of Haytbov? I have made progress on a few more works of his and found a ton of other material – just curious to compare notes with others out there. Thanks

  2. After racking my brain with the translation of this text, I came to the conclusion that “XOLOXOCT” is typo and should be “XOLOKOCT”, which is Holocaust. It makes sense in context of the what the author is saying.

  3. Hey there ! I too have been working through the Hatibow / Hatybov material and have been making some progress. I have a few articles posted at my site – if you need any material or links to more info, please let me know. I’m curious if you’ve made any more progress on his material. Thanks man

    1. I haven’t really made any progress with it. I’ve read some of his articles translated with Google, which just leaves me more confused. I’d be interesting in reading what you have on Hatybov.

    2. Sorry, I haven’t really looked any deeper into his works. Personally, it’s over my head.

    1. Sorry, I haven’t responded. I just listened to your interview with Crrow on Higherside Chats. It was pretty nice stuff. I’m looking at your blog now. Seems quite fascinating.

      I hadn’t really kept up with Hatibow stuff for a few months because it feels like fries my brain. But right now I feel inspired to delve a bit deeper.

  4. I wanted to print this out, that way it’s easier for me to further research. Is it possible you could send me a printable version? Thannks!

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